How to wash pants with arrows

Trousers are a constant element of clothing in the wardrobe of a business person. For their tailoring in our time, different fabrics are used, for which careful care is needed. Every week, it is troublesome and expensive to dry clean, so every economical mistress thinks about how to wash the pants at home so that they look perfect.

How to determine the method of washing

The label on the label is the main criterion by which it is determined whether it is possible to wash pants at all and how to do it correctly. If on the label the sign of washing is crossed out, wet care is prohibited for such clothes. You can only use dry cleaning with the help of specialized products, and even then areas.

The “capacity and hand” icon prohibits automatic washing. The thing is very carefully washed with hands in water with a temperature not exceeding 35 ° C.If there is such a designation, you can not squeeze pants and twist them.

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If automatic washing is allowed, the allowable treatment temperature and the possibility of using spin mode must be considered.

Proper washing of pants by hand.

A gentle hand wash is probably the best way to care for your trousers. It is important to know how to wash pants by hand, otherwise you can spoil the material. Here are the important recommendations:

  • Lay out all the items from your pockets, zip and buttons.
  • Straighten your pants with arrows and moisten them with water.
  • Separately dissolve detergent or a little soap.
  • Using a brush, distribute the soapy water over the fabric, paying particular attention to greasy areas. For all contaminated areas to dissolve, pants should lie down for at least half an hour.
  • Clean the clothes again with a brush and rinse the shower head thoroughly.
  • After washing, men's pants with arrows can not be squeezed so that there are no jammed places and creases. To make the glass water, hang the clothes on a hanger with the belt up.

The hand wash of the pants from the suit is very gentle, so ironing the arrows during ironing will be easy.

Washing the pants in the

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In order to keep the fabric of the product in the washing machine from spoiling, you need to select the correct washing mode. Wash pants with arrows can only be in the mode of delicate or hand wash. For a gentle wash in a washing machine, put the item in a special bag, just pre-fold it along the arrows and fold it 3 times. To make the powder better washed, you can set the additional rinsing mode.

Drying pants in the washing machine is not desirable. After washing, they must be removed from the drum, gently hang on the hangers and hang over the bath. When water runs out, dry your clothes on the balcony in the shade or on the dryer.

How to care for trousers from different materials

When choosing a method of washing, you need to take into account the type of material of the product, because it can react differently to washing facilities and water temperature. Wool clothes should not be washed in hot water( more than 40 ° C), as the material may sit down. Fabric pants with wool, for example, mohair, cashmere, is not easy to wash, so at home it is better not to do it.

For trousers that are made of linen and cotton, the washing method is the same, but these products should not be rinsed in cool water, as with a sudden change in water temperature, the material may sit down.

It is very easy to wipe stains on linen and cotton pants, as many stain removers take this fabric well. The greasy stain is easily removed with the help of dishwashing liquid, the ink stains disappear when treated with alcohol, and the contamination from tomato juice with hydrogen peroxide. But the stain on the trousers made of wool is not easy to wash, since this material is very capricious.

Velvet pants can be washed only by hand, after turning inside out. Gently wash your pants in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Corduroy pants should not be compressed and rubbed too much.

With minor contamination, pants that are sewn from velvet can be cleaned:

  • spread clothes on a hard surface;
  • add a little powder to warm water and dip a sponge into the solution;
  • wet velvet pants with a damp sponge, without rubbing water into the fabric;
  • sponge rinse and again walk on the fabric.

Viscose pants need to be washed very carefully, as the fabric loses durability when wet. Polyester clothes can be washed in a machine at a water temperature not exceeding 40 ° C.

Leather pants should be soaked in warm water for half an hour before washing, so that they are soaked. It is necessary to wash such clothes very carefully, and to dry in a room near the heater or battery, but not on the appliance itself. To hide all the imperfections, you need to completely dry leather trousers smear with a special cream.

You can try to wash off all the pollution in the washing machine, setting it to a delicate mode at a water temperature not higher than 30 ° C.If the leather pants are just dusty, it is better to simply wipe them with a damp sponge dipped in a solution of soap. When the clothes are dry, apply a special agent or cream to keep the skin shiny and moist.

Light leather pants are washed in warm water with the addition of baby soap or shampoo and a couple of drops of ammonia.

How to Wash the Corrector

Today, almost every office worker and student uses a bar-corrector. A stroke in a second will correct errors in the text, but sometimes in a hurry a white drop falls on clothes.

If the pants were smeared with a corrective agent, you should act according to the following algorithm:

  • blot a spot from the bar-corrector with a napkin, but do not rub it into the fabric;
  • to pay attention to the composition of the funds, which it has the basis;
  • immediately wash the stain, taking into account the type of stationery.

For sale is a bar-proofers with a solvent, funds for alcohol, water or emulsion base. It is easiest to wipe the water and solid touch manually or in a washing machine, you only need to soak the pants in a cold soapy solution.

Barcode on alcohol removes vodka or cologne. Moisten cotton wool in alcohol-containing product, wipe the stain, and then wash the thing in the usual way. After processing, the concentration of alcohol in the dried drop will increase, and the fabric can be quickly and easily washed.

The solvent bar is the hardest to remove from the fabric of the trousers. This problem can be eliminated in the following way:

  1. Turn the pants inside out.
  2. Dampen a cloth or cotton wool in white alcohol, thinner or nail polish remover.
  3. Try to process a small section of trousers first on the seamy side. If the material of the trousers has not changed, treat the soiled spot on the front side, moving from the edge of the pollution to the center.
  4. Wash the pants in the washing machine in the permitted mode.

Even an inexperienced hostess will be able to quickly and easily wash pants from a suit at home if she follows all the above recommendations.

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