Urea - a drug with double action

Which drug is best used to protect the plant from pests / diseases and at the same time stimulate its growth? Of course, urea or carbamide. This is not to say that the tool is universal, since it has a specific purpose. However, treating their garden with such a solution three times a year, the owners of the dacha plots solve several problems overnight.

Such procedures are very necessary for plants, which last year suffered from the invasion of harmful insects and microorganisms.

Early spring - time for spraying

The procedure is recommended until the first buds appear. At the same time, the air temperature should be stable at the level of + 5 ° С.If it is higher, weevils / apple flower beetles will wake up, and therapy will become irrelevant. So, the solution is prepared according to the following recipe:

  • is poured into two buckets of 1 l of warm water;
  • in one dissolve 500 g of urea, and in the second - 50 g of copper sulphate;
  • stir the liquid until the drugs are completely dissolved;
  • add 4 liters of cold water to each container;
  • connect the contents of the tanks.
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The result is 10 liters of valuable substance, which should be drained through gauze. Filtration is necessary so that the nozzle of the apparatus does not clog. Then plentifully spray all parts of the trees. Especially carefully cracked. Many harmful spores and microorganisms settle in them. The resulting solution is recommended to use only on the day of preparation. Many gardeners point out a number of unique advantages of such therapy:

  • urea serves as nitrogen fertilizer, stimulating growth;
  • delays the growing season by 1.5-2 weeks, so the risk of frost inflorescence is reduced;
  • protects against pests.

Before starting prophylactic procedures, it is necessary to prepare woody plants as well as shrubs. Dry branches, lichens and frozen bark are removed from them.

Two other sessions of

. When the garden is fading, farmers begin the second spraying using urea. At this time, prepare a less concentrated solution: for 10 liters you need to take only 50 g of urea. Otherwise, the substance will damage the green plants.

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In the autumn, when the leaves begin to fall off and there is no half of the crown on the tree, they hold the last preventive therapy session. In this case, the concentration of the drug should be more than 50 g, but less than 500 g. The calculation goes to a 10-liter bucket of water. Because if the remedy turns out to be too strong, then the leaves will fall off early, and the culture will be left without nutrients. And these compounds help the plant to successfully survive the winter period.

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