Fertilizer houseplants ash: methods and features of the application

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I have been using ashes for planting potatoes for a long time, and recently my neighbor advised us to use it for flowers. Tell me how to use the ashes to fertilize indoor plants? Can I put it directly in the soil in the pot?

As is known, organic fertilizers play one of the important roles in the development of various crops, including flowers. They provide the plants with the necessary supply of trace elements; they are also available and do not require significant financial investments.

Ash is one of such fertilizers for indoor plants. After spring or autumn pruning of garden trees and shrubs, many branches remain that are usually burned. The resulting ash is an excellent basis for organic fertilizing flowering and ornamental plants. After the introduction of the ash begins to be quickly absorbed, it has a rich mineral composition and is completely harmless to humans.

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How can ash be used to fertilize flowers?

Experienced growers recommend using ashes for fertilizing potted crops grown under indoor conditions, as follows:

  1. For the preparation of the nutrient solution. At 1 liter of water pour 2-3 tbsp.lash and soak for 7 days, stirring occasionally. Apply to root dressings.
  2. For direct soil application .Add to the substrate when planting( transplanting) flowers at the rate of 2 tbsp.lon 1 kg of soil mixture. For further fertilizing to make the top layer of the earth.
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Ash as a remedy for pests

As a preventative and control of small insects such as aphids, it is necessary to spray indoor plants with a solution based on ash. To enhance the sticking effect, soap is added to the solution. Large-leaf specimens can be processed on the sheet - gently wipe them with a piece of cloth dipped in solution. Flowers with small leaves just powder ash.

The procedure should be carried out in the evening, and then a few days to avoid exposure of sunlight to the leaves of plants, and not to spray them with water.

How does ash affect houseplants?

As a result of fertilizing flowers with ashes:

  • improves soil structure, which has a positive effect on crop growth;
  • activates photosynthesis, and nutrients enter the leaves and flower buds faster;
  • improved water balance;
  • increases resistance to disease and pest damage.
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In which cases it is impossible to treat the flowers with ash?

It is not recommended to fertilize indoor flowers with ashes, which like acidic soil( anthurium, azalea, cypress), because ash tends to lower acidity.

In addition, ash should not be used for additional fertilizing:

  • for plant diseases with interstitial chlorosis;
  • with an excess of potassium in the soil;
  • earlier than 3 weeks after fertilization with nitrogen preparations.

Do not use carbamide, manure and nitrate, as well as nitrogen-phosphate mineral supplements at the same time as ash.

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