How to connect a two-button light switch

According to PES 7, the switch must break the phase. In addition, you need to carefully use the backlight keys. Despite the mediocre quality of the video, it is clear that the 95W LED lamp blinks periodically, despite the light turned off. The phase is fed to the cartridge, and vice versa is required. Blinking caused by a small leakage current through the backlight arrestor. Certain types of light bulbs do not flicker, looking ahead, we note that the day before the LED was checked elsewhere and did not perform any obscure gestures. Let's talk how to connect a two-button light switch correctly.

Double light switch

How to find out more about connecting two-button switches

In the video you can clearly see that the LED lamp blinks periodically, although it had to go out and wait for the switch contact to close. It is curious that only the indicated sensitive electronics - in a different way, the set of semiconductors with a power supply unit cannot be called a language - it reacts to incomprehensible pulses along the power supply circuit. But the circuit is not closed!

The effect is discussed in forums where the first say is fiction, and the second say about reality. Readers understand: not every LED light flickers. The phenomenon is eliminated by removing the backlight circuit or replacing the switch with another one. The wrong layout of the phase was left, apparently, by builders thirty years ago. Would remain unnoticed if the owners did not make a replacement with an economical light bulb on the occasion of updating the illumination system. Such effects are certainly harmful, it is important to break the phase with a switch. Where do such laws come from - for example, what should a neutral apply to a cartridge?

Required to read regulations. Paragraph 6.1.36 of OLC document indirectly speaks about the need to install a switch in the phase circuit. Partially, the document was approved in 2002 by the Ministry of Energy for execution. For this reason, the sockets of new and reconstructed houses are now supplied with a grounding circuit, not created in old buildings built on the TN-C system. Types of grounding are considered, for example, in standard 50571.2, which clearly shows how it is supposed to lay the wires. In the further parts of the document special cases are considered. This will allow you to understand how to do the wiring in a particular case.

Two-button switch of the old model

Let's save readers time. Let us emphasize in the documents the important points observed when installing two-key switches.

Installation of a switch in a bathroom or bathtub

Switches are not recommended to be installed in bathrooms and sanitary facilities. In this case, there are a number of requirements; the first is a distance of at least 60 cm from water sources. Moreover, in this case, the illumination cannot be connected directly to the 220 V network. Instead, one of the three protection systems is used, including: an individual isolation transformer, supply with a reduced safe voltage, a safety shut-off device with a differential current of 30 mA.

This is a mountain of equipment, it is expensive, long, and tiring. Additional requirements for the execution of the switch. Specifically, to the type of enclosure protection. Read in detail in GOST 50571.11.Remember that on the first face of a two-button switch is usually located a single contact, on the second - two. The division is carried out on the upper and lower faces, as a rule. On a single contact, the phase is fed from the panel, and the other two are used to dilute the signal from the cartridges.

There are direct instructions from OES 7( Section 6.5.13), where it is indicated that the switches of the showers and changing rooms are placed outside of them. But there is no indication of sinks and sinks( only recommendations).Finally, with the existing references in two laws, more stringent requirements are applied, and less stringent requirements are not to be followed. Good news: according to clause 7.1.52 in zones I and II according to GOST 50571, cord switches are allowed to be installed under the ceiling( double-key switches are prohibited).

Connection of the switch

Installation of the switch in the neutral and grounding conductors.

Such a switch installation is prohibited! This is interpreted as some kind of additional, general measures. Suppose a tenant breaks the ground circuit throughout the house by setting a switch. In fact, the principle concerns the installation of lighting devices. And directly indicates that the switch must break the phase. The aspect, as already mentioned, is discussed in OIE 7( clause 6.1.36).

Please note that these rules apply to newly constructed and reconstructed buildings. The standard contains references to circuits with a grounded neutral, called the neutral wire. The industry is not always in demand, there is no neutral at all. Machines and engines operate from three phase wires, and the current flows away in the direction where the potential is less at the specified time.

Residential buildings are built exclusively according to the scheme with a grounded neutral. The requirements of EIR 7 should be complied with in this case. There are separate instructions in paragraph 6.6.28.In addition, it is mentioned that it is possible to use two-button switches with simultaneous breaking of the phase and zero, but preventing the possibility of breaking only the neutral.

. Location of switching on and off.

. Among professionals, there are persistent rumors that switches should be set in order to light up the lights. There is no direct indication of this. This will be found in the guidelines for the arrangement of controls for computers and equipment.

There it is additionally prescribed that the position on must correspond to the movements up and to the right. As for the two-key switches, Makel releases copies, where, with proper readability of the inscriptions, the position is "closed" to the bottom. And for single-key, it is often the exact opposite. In other words, even within the products of a particular manufacturer, there are variations, unification is not observed.

Above we talked about the distribution of contacts, there is also no standardization. A single terminal is located below and now above. In this regard, prior to installation, in order not to redo the two-button switch, it is recommended to ring. The closed position of the button should be the top.

. Switch when illuminating.

. If there is a backlight, it is recommended to install a two-button switch so that the left button controls the lighting. In most models, the destination can be changed. And Makel once released the two-button switches, where this requirement was fulfilled, but the previous one was violated. And you can not change.

Luminaire control

Luminaires are controlled by local switches or built in the manner of central( ПУЭ 7, п. 6.5.18).It is allowed to use the plug and socket exclusively for voltages of less than 50 V. Therefore, if you put a sconce on a couple of light bulbs, be prepared to mount a two-button switch or click the built-in switch.

Installation of the switch

Switches for rooms with increased danger

In rooms with increased danger, it is strictly necessary to install only two-pole switches. This means that the phase and zero lines are broken at the same time. See EMP 7, clause 6.6.29.

The height of the location of the

A number of standards prescribes the height of the switches. According to clause 6.6.31 of ПУЭ, the distance from the floor is within the range of 0.8-1.7 meters( recommended according to clause 7.1.51, up to a meter from the floor).This is important, the minimum value in other standards, as a rule, is omitted. An exception to the above rule is considered to be facilities for children’s stay, which are territorially part of public( as a rule, educational) institutions. There, the installation of two-button switches is made not lower than 1.8 meters from the floor. Under the ceiling is allowed to put only models that are controlled with a cord.

Removal from the gas pipeline and the doors of the shower cabin

In one part, the ПУЭ 7 repeats the standard 50571.11.Clause 7.1.48 deals with the installation of switches and the removal of 0.6 meters from the doors of shower cabins. It is prohibited to install such elements closer than 0.5 meters to gas pipelines( clause 7.1.50).

Choosing a switch for

heating installations For heating installations, it is allowed to install double-button switches with arc extinction in combination with fuses( ПУЭ 7 p. 7.5.10).

How to put a two-button switch on a smooth wall

SP31-110 stipulates that it is prohibited to put sockets and switches on the same axis on opposite sides of the wall for two adjacent apartments. If it was necessary to connect a double light switch on the adjacent ceiling, first check the reverse side. We'll have to dock with a neighbor. Any changes to the electrical project are carried out by an organization that has an SRO approval. Such an operation can get into the redevelopment section. Be careful: according to the LCD RF( Art. 25), the reorganization is called the transfer of engineering networks, requiring changes to the apartment’s technical passport.

The absolute majority of people referred to the document does not include information about the electrician. Often marked sink, stove, toilet. All over the networks. Accordingly, such issues are resolved with the local government.

Regarding the installation, the sequence of actions:

  • When the place where the connection of the light switch with two keys is planned is determined, the diameter of the future hole is estimated, a necessary recess is made with the help of a crown. Typical size - 60 mm, but can vary depending on the design.
  • It is recommended to do the wiring hidden, it is allowed to lay lines in the cable channels. Bare wire on the wall is excluded, it is permissible to mount on standard ceramic insulators in the ceiling area. Strabs make grinder or a special tool. The work does not require a SRO license.
  • Then a double light switch is connected according to the instructions. According to the rules, the document includes information about the design of contacts and methods of use. In particular, how long to remove the insulation cores.

installation scheme We hope that now the reader will be able to connect a two-button light switch. To be sure, we are attaching a diagram in the figure. Here lucidly illustrated dogmas from the laws, the size and methods of installation. If you install a double light switch, difficulties with the use is not expected. For example, it is allowed to install equipment under the ceiling with cord management, an exception - if a gas pipe passes in the indicated place. The scheme clearly demonstrates this.

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