Is it possible to wash faux fur at home?

Things from faux fur entered our life tightly. No wonder, because such material is available, beautiful, it can be of any color or style, and it is excellent to retain heat. Therefore, more and more young ladies choose a fur coat made of faux fur, a hat and even things for home decor, like a white fluffy blanket. But sooner or later it is important for everyone to learn how to wash the faux fur at home, so that the fur coat, plaid, and hat can be returned to its original appearance.

Washing in a typewriter

The easiest way to wash a hat, fur coat, hood or rug made of faux fur at home is washing in a typewriter, which will do most of the work for you.

Be careful and attentive, first make sure that you can wash fake fur. To do this, check with the tag on clothing and note that usually washing in a typewriter is permissible for products made of material with a short and thick pile.

If you are absolutely sure that this method does not harm your things, it is important to take into account a few nuances:

  1. It is advisable if you use a washing machine that has a setting for washing and spinning mode, you can usually configure vertical-loaded models.
  2. Detergent choose the most delicate of the possible, best of all, if it is powders and concentrates for silk or wool.
  3. In order not to add problems to yourself, wash the artificial fur separately from the rest of the linen. Even if you need to wash only one cap. If there is an opportunity to unfasten fur parts, for example, a hood, from things, do it and wash them separately.
  4. Before washing, it is advisable to soak a fur product, such as a fur coat or blanket, and allow the agent to act on it for about 20 minutes. Do not leave the fur for more than half an hour to prevent damage to the fibers.
  5. After 20 minutes of soaking, wash the garment in the rinse mode for delicate fabrics at minimum speed, if any are not provided, gently squeeze the fur manually.
  6. If possible, hang a wrung thing on a hanger, wait until water stops dripping from it and send it to dry in a well ventilated place. It is important to protect the fur from direct sunlight.
  7. During or after drying, gently comb the fur with a soft brush.


How to wash faux fur by hand is important to know for those who wear a fur coat or other product made of it. Owners of faux-fur clothing with a long pile will have to wash their fur coat, coat or hat at home. To properly carry out this procedure, it is also important to consider the sequence and correctness of actions:

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  1. If you need to wash one or two specks from a product such as, for example, a bulky blanket, there is no need to moisten it all. Wipe the place of contamination with a cotton pad moistened in a delicate soap solution. Leave on for a while, not longer than 10 minutes and wash the solution with a cotton pad moistened with clean water. Untidy stains will no longer spoil your rug, but washing will not require much effort.
  2. To wash something small, such as a hat or hood, use a small tank. If you need to wash a thing that does not fit in any basin that is at your disposal, dilute the soap solution from laundry detergent or concentrate directly in the bathroom. Water solution should not be higher than 40 ° C.Soak in it clothes from faux fur and leave for half an hour.
  3. Before rinsing, you can lightly rub the fur with your fingers or a sponge in places where it especially needs washing. Rinse it must be very carefully so as not to pull out the pile from the base, first with warm water and then cold.
  4. Squeeze the thing must be gently by hand, soaking with absorbent towel or material. After that, clothes should be hung on the hangers and sent to dry away from heating appliances and direct sunlight.

How to wash a collar or hood

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Sometimes washing items of clothing becomes a serious problem, because of their appearance may depend on the appearance of things in general.

If you need to tidy up the hood at home, first unfasten it. Then wash with delicate materials.

If you need help with cleaning the collar, which looks greasy and untidy, treat it with a fairly thick mixture of alcohol and potato starch, leave for 10 minutes, and then remove the gruel with a brush. The collar will surely shine like new.

How to wash it is impossible

You can follow the rules of washing and change some details, but you should not do anything with artificial fur:

  • should be heated, because at high temperatures artificial fibers are subject to deformation;
  • washed fur can never be dried in a typewriter or dryer, it is likely to permanently ruin the texture of the material;
  • use bleach, stain removers and other detergents that are aggressive to the fibers.

Especially carefully it is necessary to wash white artificial fur. It can not only turn yellow due to incorrectly chosen detergents, but also the deformation of the fibers can turn your white blanket or fur coat into something sloppy.

These simple tips will tell you how to wash faux fur and cope with dirt at home. But the main thing to remember is that cleaning is not needed if you take care of things on time and regularly.

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