Can I wash bamboo pillows at home

Bamboo pillows and blankets - light and airy. However, natural filler requires special care. How to wash pillows from bamboo, you will learn from this article.

Preparing for washing

First make sure that there are no stubborn stains on the material. If they are present, solve this problem with an acetic solution or a piece of laundry soap, and then proceed with the wash.

Also inspect the material for damage. If there are holes, diverging seams, or a filler sticking out of the edges, it is forbidden to erase such a thing. First fix it, and then send it to the machine.

When choosing a mode and detergent, pay attention to the material label. There may be a ban on bleach. In this case, do not use liquids or gels that contain chlorine.

Wash bamboo cushions can be both manually and in a typewriter. The second method is considered more preferable, because the machine rinses the detergent residues better, squeezes the fabric well and cleans it more efficiently.

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How to wash bamboo

Select one of the methods for washing bamboo pillows according to the directions on the label.


The use of ordinary washing powder is undesirable. It has large particles that penetrate deep into the structure of the material and are poorly rinsed out. This can lead to the formation of stubborn stains on the fabric and the appearance of allergies in people. It is better to take a special gel in capsules or liquid.

Set the manual or delicate mode, the temperature is 30 degrees, and the number of revolutions during the spin cycle should not exceed 400-500.Do not forget to put an extra rinse program to wash the detergent from the fabric to the end.

To prevent the filler from becoming lumpy during washing, purchase special balls. If this is not possible, take 4 regular tennis balls.


You can use only liquid detergents, and choose a low temperature, not more than 40 degrees. In hot water, the material deteriorates and loses its original shape, which is almost impossible to return.

Dissolve the selected agent in a basin of water or bath, then put a pillow in it and soak for 60 minutes. If there is noticeable dirt on the case, gently rub them with a brush. Do not forget to rinse the material several times so that the remaining soap will completely disappear.

Washing is allowed to be used every 3-4 months of use.

We straighten and dry

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If you washed by hand, you are not allowed to wring out the pillow and unscrew the fabric. It is better to place it in the bathroom and wait until the excess moisture drains itself. After that, place the item in a horizontal position, straighten it with your hands and wait for it to dry.

The ideal option would be to put a pillow on a special dryer with metal bars. This will provide the material with a constant supply of fresh air from all sides and speed up the process. Bottom under the dryer substitute an empty bowl or put a piece of material so that it collects excess liquid.

If it is not possible to use the grill, leave the thing on the floor or on the table, and every 30-60 minutes, turn it upside down and shake it so that the filler is evenly distributed.

To improve the effect, you can turn on the fan and direct fresh air to the fabric. But to use heating devices or place a pillow in direct sunlight is prohibited. To check if the thing is dry, wrinkle it with your hands. If wet spots appear on the pillowcase, wait a few more hours.

After drying, place the pillows on an open balcony or on the street, if possible. This will allow the material to finally straighten itself, enrich themselves with oxygen and acquire softness and pomp.

It is strictly forbidden to hang bamboo pads on a rope or to iron them.

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