How to remove grease stains on the down jacket

No matter how carefully we wear things, we’ll get worn out of clothes, but we’ll make it look like apparel, so they appear on the garment, take on the garment, take on the clothes Take a note of And when outerwear gets dirty, it confuses us because it is not easy to clean it yourself, and it is expensive to dry clean. Let's figure out how to remove the fat stain from the down jacket. Oddly enough, but you can get rid of the traces of fat from the down jacket at home by quite affordable means. Any of the above must be found in the hostess’s arsenal and will help bring out the annoying spot, even if it is from engine oil or sunflower oil.

Liquid soap

If there are greasy traces on your jacket, then the well-known method of hand washing will help you to remove grease stains. To do this, mix a glass of warm water with some liquid soap( 2 tablespoons).Wet the sponge in the mixture and rub the spot. After the procedure, just wash the entire jacket with your hands as you usually do, and there will be no trace of the stain.


Ammonia well degreases the surface of the fabric and helps to remove contamination. If it is artificial, then just put a little alcohol on the oil stain and leave for 40 minutes. After that, thoroughly wash the down jacket and hang it in a ventilated room to get rid of the smell of ammonia. After washing the jacket will be as good as new.

In case the fabric of the down jacket is natural, in order to remove the trace of machine or kitchen oil, dilute a spoonful of alcohol in a glass of water so as not to spoil the appearance of the clothes and also apply the solution to the oil stain.

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If you didn’t manage to completely get rid of the pollution the first time, you can repeat the application of ammonia.

Chalk and Talc

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If the fabric of your jacket is linen or silk, then to remove contamination, it is best to use ordinary chalk and talc. For this, it is necessary to mix these components in equal proportions and sprinkle them to the place of pollution. Then simply cover this place with a clean sheet of paper and press down with some heavy object. After 24 hours, the oil stain will disappear, and after washing the jacket will look like new.


As you know, gasoline is an excellent fight against various types of stains, especially greasy. However, its use is not always appropriate, since it can dissolve not only dirt, but also paint. Therefore, before you clean the down jacket, you need to test gasoline on a secluded piece of cloth, invisible to others.

Gasoline to get rid of dirt from clothing should be purchased with a high degree of purification, it can be found in stores for home and repair.

After you are convinced of the safety of applying gasoline to your down jacket, you can proceed to the cleaning itself. To remove the dirt, wet a cotton pad in gasoline and start wiping the oil stain in a circle, leading from the edges of the dirt to the center. So you can avoid spreading fat halo. After this treatment, the jacket must be washed.


Salt is capable of absorbing pollution. Therefore, to remove stains with salt, it is necessary to dilute the salt with a small amount of water to a mushy consistency. Then you can safely apply the mixture to the place of pollution. After 50 minutes, the down jacket should be cleaned with a clothes brush, and it will look clean again like after washing.


If the trace of engine oil or other oily substance is no longer new and has dried, then you can try to get rid of it with dishwashing detergent without washing the clothes. After all, such substances can remove fat not only from dishes, but also from clothes.

Wet the sponge and pour a little detergent on it. In a circular motion, moving from the edge to the center of the pollution, rub the cleaning solution. It should make a good foam, which should be left on the down jacket for a few minutes to remove dirt.

Then wash off the soap solution with a clean water sponge. And so that there are no stains, blot the wet place with a dry cloth.


To clean a down jacket and achieve good results, it is recommended to follow these tips:

  1. Pre-examine the spot and scrape off external dirt if present.
  2. When cleaning stains, it is necessary to move from the edges of the pollution to the center.
  3. After removing the stain, you need to fill up the place of pollution, slightly increasing its area. So you can avoid divorces.
  4. Do not use coarse metal brushes to clean the jacket, as they may damage the fabric.
  5. Cleaners with cotton wool or a clean cloth, avoiding coarse materials.
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