Soil fertilizers when planting garlic: features of fertilizing for spring and summer garlic

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Garlic in our family is consumed in large quantities, so I always plant a lot of it. However, last year the harvest was poor - the heads were small, moreover, they quickly began to deteriorate and did not remain until spring. Neighbor advised to fertilize when planting. Tell me, what fertilizer is better to use for garlic when planting?
In order to grow high-quality garlic, and at the same time preserve it until the next season, it is necessary to ensure the culture supply of nutrients. As you know, the root system of garlic is poorly developed, so it needs additional feedings. It is important to carry them out not only during the growing season, but also in the very first stages - during the planting of cloves.
Choosing a fertilizer for garlic when planting depends on its type, and therefore directly on the time of planting. Many gardeners practice the parallel cultivation of garlic of two varieties:
  1. Spring .The variety is planted in early spring for eating.
  2. Winter .Planting is carried out under the winter( autumn), the variety is intended for long-term storage.

Regardless of the type of garlic for planting crops, you need to choose a well-lit area, which does not stand for moisture. Good to plant garlic after legumes, cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini. It is impossible - after potatoes and onions( they have common diseases).

Fertilizing when planting spring garlic

is recommended to prepare a site for planting summer garlic since autumn. To do this, in October, after harvesting, fertilize and dig up the beds. The composition of top dressing depends on the type of soil:

  1. For clay soil : 1 tsp.carbamide, 2 tbsp.lsuperphosphate. As well as sand, peat and humus in equal quantities( 5 kg each).
  2. For sandy soil : a mixture of clay soil humus( 1: 2) and urea with superphosphate in a ratio of 1: 3.
  3. For loamy ground: 2 tbsp.lsuperphosphate, 0.5 tbsp.lcarbamide and 3 kg of humus.
  4. For peat land : urea and superphosphate in quantity, as for loam, as well as 8 kg of sand.
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Garlic loves wood ash - sprinkle it over the soil surface at the rate of 1 liter jar per 1 square.m. and rake up. In early spring, the site must be once again dig or deep loosen.

To protect against pests, immediately before planting, shed beds with saline solution( 3 tbsp. Per bucket of water).

Fertilizing when planting winter garlic

You can start planting winter varieties from October. At least two weeks, and preferably a month before this time, the soil must be dug, at the same time adding 1 square meter.m site:

  • 15 g of potassium salt;
  • 7 kg of humus;
  • 20 g of superphosphate;
  • ash( about 2 tbsp.).
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Immediately before planting the beds, fertilize with rotten manure.

Preparation of beds for garlic - video

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