The storage time of jelly in the refrigerator and freezer

Chicken - a nutritious, tasty and very popular dish. It is prepared for the New Year, Christmas and other holidays, when you need to feed a lot of guests, and pamper yourself. Sometimes the pots and bowls with jelly remain after the holidays. How long can they be stored?

What affects the shelf life of

Recommendations on how much to store jelly or aspic, are very different. This is due to the different ingredients that make up the dish. Although meat is the basis, various additives are present, ranging from garlic and ending with decorations of eggs and green peas.

Any thermally uncooked vegetable in chilled meat reduces its shelf life. The only preservative is considered raw horseradish. It is crushed and spread over the surface, then cover the container with foil or cling film. This trick allows you to keep food in the refrigerator for 1-2 days longer.

Adding carrots and parsley results in shorter shelf lives. Jelly should be eaten 3-4 days after preparation and no later. On average, the shelf life is 4-5 days, and if the liquid is oily, the safety is prolonged to 7 days, because the layer of fat on top prevents air from entering.

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If you have lost count and do not remember how much the product has been in the refrigerator, its freshness can be determined by smell and appearance. At the spoiled jelly water flows away. If you leave it for a while on a table in a warm room, you will feel an unpleasant odor. Finally, gray mold appears on the long-stored bouillon jelly.


If you have some cold stew and you are afraid that it will spoil, freeze the dish. If possible, choose a quick freeze so that the cooling is even.

What do you think, how many days can you keep the jelly frozen? It turns out 1-2 months, and there are recommendations and up to 5-6 months. It is an excellent preparation for soup and borscht. When you decide to use it, remove, defrost and boil it.

If you add water, you get meat broth. Long storage over 3 months is not advisable. During this time, the liquid will evaporate greatly, and the taste of the product will change for the worse.

How to increase the shelf life of

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There are several ways to increase the shelf life of brawn up to 10 days. They can be used if you prepare the dish in advance to free up the day before the holiday for other tasks.

  • The containers in which the product will harden must be perfectly clean. To be sure they can be sterilized.
  • Disassemble meat in sterile gloves.
  • Do not add raw vegetables. It is better to add the spices in the broth when cooking, and at the table, serve mustard, horseradish and other seasonings to the brawn.
  • Pour broth into small containers. This will allow not to get extra portions unnecessarily from the refrigerator.
  • Cover the top of the container in which you are going to store the dish with lids, cling film or foil.

There is an opinion that the addition of pepper and garlic also increases the shelf life, but it is not. No matter how many spices you add, it will not be possible to significantly affect the processes inside the frozen jelly.

Do not store jelly more than 7 days at temperatures above 0 °.The container is not sealed, and over time, the protein begins to oxidize, bacteria multiply. On the old stale brass can be seen mold. Such a product should be thrown out without hesitation.

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