What is the shelf life of peeled vegetables and potatoes - 4 reception and 2 tricks for the most resourceful


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Use pre-peeled potatoes is very convenientUse pre-peeled potatoes is very convenient

As it was cool if cooking potatoes do without his routine cleaning. It's possible! For example, once brushed potatoes can not throw, but keep for a while. I know how to keep cleaned potatoes, I'll tell you, too.

Methods for storage of treated tubers

We all know that the starchy vegetables can be stored for a long time in a dry, dark and cool place, but if it is in the skin, and moist. Some varieties can easily store all their quality for 10 months - in the cellar. But shelled potatoes kept much smaller.

According to the requirements of the terms and conditions of storage of vegetables, fruits, ready meals, products can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator for 18 hours.

Finished products are stored in the refrigerator for 18 hoursFinished products are stored in the refrigerator for 18 hours

Of course, at home we do not always abide by these rules, and in a day - others the same mashed potatoes seems quite edible.

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Methods, how to keep the peeled potatoes:

Picture instruction
table_pic_att15040373902 method 1

Cleaned tubers can be entirely dipped in cold water and placed in a refrigerator in a container with a sealed lid.

table_pic_att15040373913 method 2

Small potatoes whole or cut into slices can be frozen.

table_pic_att15040374024 method 3

In supermarkets peeled tubers are sold in vacuum packages, and they are stored for about 10 days and do not lose their fresh appearance.

All fault processing vegetable special preservatives salts with sodium bisulfite in the formulation.

table_pic_att15040374035 method 4

Like other peeled vegetables, e.g., carrots, beets, onions, herbs and the like. D. It can be folded in a dry plastic containers and tightly cover with a damp clean cloth.

As such, the vegetables may be stored from 3 to 12 hours, but no more.

Young shelled root, as well as other vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator under the wet cloth during the dayYoung shelled root, as well as other vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator under the wet cloth during the day

Water storage in the refrigerator

The shelf life of peeled potatoes in the refrigerator vary from a few hours to two days. The important point is to find the root vegetables in water, or a potato turns black during storage.

Optimal shelf life of raw peeled potatoes in water - a few hours. That is, it can be left for the night, if you do not have time to cook the evening meal.

Potatoes turn black if not properly stored and port soon enoughPotatoes turn black if not properly stored and port soon enough

To preserve the fruit for a long time, we will need:

  • enameled container or a plastic container with a lid;
  • cold water.
Picture Description
table_pic_att15040374118 Step 1

Wash the potatoes and place it in a container. It is important that the tubers remained intact, no need to cut them.

table_pic_att15040374149 step 2

Fill the vegetables so that the potatoes were completely in cold water and tightly close the container lid.

table_pic_att150403742110 step 3

Remove the contents of a refrigerator. If after 24 hours the fruits are not useful, they can leave for a maximum of twenty-four hours. But in this case it is essential to change the water.

To not blackened potatoes and retained its flavor quality to the maximum, the water can be added lemon juice or a small portion of citric acid. If there is a need for thermal processing of the product, for example, peeled tubers to cook, then make it better is to the water in which they were stored.

If the storage potatoes become slimy and the water formed gas bubbles, or it can have? From idea puree or potato pancakes with slimy tubers should be abandoned, because the price of the issue - health.

Blast Freezer

Excess, but already peeled potatoes can be frozen for future use, and to get at the next cooking. This embodiment allows to store food for a long time, it is important to maintain a constant temperature in the freezer.

Potatoes from browning in the case freeze does not protect needed, so in this case it's much easier. We will need:

  • freezer;
  • plastic bag.
The freezer can keep vegetables up to 3 monthsThe freezer can keep vegetables up to 3 months

Guide describes in detail the options for frozen potatoes:

Picture Description
table_pic_att150403744112 method 1

Raw potatoes can be frozen whole or cut into slices, dices.

table_pic_att150403744413 method 2

Fold the weight in a plastic bag and tie tightly. The sliced ​​potatoes is more convenient to store the food in the film: it is tight and reduces the amount of air inside (as pictured).

table_pic_att150403745114 method 3

Bag with purified potato to put in the freezer. It is important that the internal temperature did not rise above -18 ° C, and the optimum temperature is considered to -30 ° C.

Given the proper conditions, the product can be stored up to 3 months.

Defrost after such storage the potatoes do not need to, otherwise it will lose all its flavor. Cubes or whole tubers can be thrown into boiling water to cook or put on a frying pan with hot oil to fry or extinguished. Culinary products or frozen mashed potatoes is better not to cook.

In fact, you can freeze and boiled potatoes, and even in a state of semi when it lightly fried.


We found that the preparation of potato dishes are not always preceded by a routine cleaning and mountain rind. Own hands with the help of simple and affordable ways you can keep the taste quality of the purified product is already quite a long time.

To get acquainted with all the ways you can store vegetables, watching the video in this article. And leave questions in the comments.

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