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So it's time to get an assistant in the kitchen. It is a slow cooker modern miracle of technology, which is able to completely reduce the homework of cooking. Excellent tool for experiments, cooking each time other dishes. In addition, this is a significant saving of time and maintaining order in the kitchen. Eliminates the need to use different utensils and equipment. Instead of connecting the stove and oven, you are satisfied with only one device.

But when we came to the decision to buy this equipment, the question arises which one is the best. In order to understand which option is most suitable for you, we suggest considering the characteristics of the most popular manufacturers of multicookers, including Philips, Moulinex and Redmond.

In order to get better acquainted with the main characteristics and functions of each of them, we consider each company separately. This will allow you to compare and evaluate their main advantages and select the desired option. In particular, to answer the question which crock-pot is better - Redmond, Moulinex or Philips?

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Multicookers Redmond

The models of this company are very popular and are often elected by consumers. Provide a wide range of programs( at least 15), which allows you to cook any dish. Different models have a slightly different list of programs and functions. But, all of them, without exception, are endowed with standard functionality.

Let's look at an example of how one of the most popular models of reasonable price is characterized.

Redmond RMC-M30 with a capacity of 900 Wh. The device is equipped with a spacious bowl of 6 liters, made of aluminum alloy coated with a non-stick coating.

Among the main programs:

  • Cooking( soup, other).
  • Porridge( including milk).
  • Cooking cereals: buckwheat, rice.
  • Hot.
  • Extinguishing of various products.
  • Cooking pilaf.
  • Baking.
  • Making yogurt and dough.

Special features:

  • Maintain temperature. Great opportunity to keep the dish warm after cooking.
  • Big delay in the start of cooking( 24 hours).


Complete with the Redmond multicooker you will receive:

  • Steam cooking container.
  • Spoon and scoop.
  • measured capacity.
  • Collection of recipes.

The manufacturer constantly updates models, improves them with various functions. For the price, they are slightly inferior to the example of Philips, which has long been on the market for the brand. By comparison, Redmond is less well known, although it may be an advantage. After all, global brands are more exposed to counterfeiting than little-known ones.

Multivarki Philips

Technique of this company is famous all over the world for its quality and conscientious service. Multicooker models are improved every time. They incorporate the latest features, the models of this brand keep up with modern progress. Nevertheless, the device of this manufacturer is very convenient and clear to use.

Technique is made of high quality plastic. Externally laconic, with smooth completed lines. Equipped with electronic display. For convenience of movement has a built-in handle.

One of the most successful representatives of this technology is the Philips model HD3033, whose power is 980 watts.

Among the main advantages are:

  • Amazingly modern, in style they will fit into any interior.
  • Technology allows the preparation of highly complex dishes.
  • Are characterized by high reliability.

In this model, a very high-quality bowl made of Teflon with a volume of 4 liters. The manufacturer pays special attention to this. Bowl material is safe, does not allow deformation and release of harmful toxins.

Multivarka provides a standard set of functions that are suitable for the preparation of various types of products:

  • Cooking, in particular, cooking soup.
  • Cooking porridge.
  • Frying.
  • Cooking Spaghetti.
  • Baking.
  • Steaming.

That is, the main functions are able to provide cooking of all kinds of dishes. In addition, Philips multivarks are endowed with special and very necessary functions:

  • Countdown timer( you can delay the start of cooking up to 12 hours)
  • Heating, allows you to warm up the cooled food.
  • Auto Shutdown after program completion.
  • Timer, allows you to independently set the time for a particular function.
  • Uniform heating of the bowl.


Together with the multi-cooker, the kit will include:

  • Special capacity for steaming.
  • Two special spoons, the material of which does not damage the surface of the bowl while stirring.
  • Gloves made of silicone.
  • A collection of recipes for cooking with the help of multicooker functions.

Philips Multivarks are rated as high-quality and practical options. Well equipped with a good recipe assembly. And most importantly, for the price of this technique is quite acceptable.

Multicookers Moulinex

Multicookers of this company are positioned as durable and very practical. They are able to combine programs that are often performed by independent units of equipment. For example, it can be a bread maker at the same time, at the same time, you can cook yogurt in it.

In addition, it emphasizes the high level of program execution, which is simple and accessible even for beginners. The level of preparation is equivalent to the professional process.

A special feature of Mulex devices is tripartite heating. This allows you to cook complex dishes, and several times saves time on cooking.

Bowls are noted for their environmental friendliness, in all models they are made of ceramics. Consider the features of these units on the example of one of the best models.

Moulinex RMC-M4502, rated at 1000 watts, which speeds up the cooking process. Equipped with a large bowl of 6 liters, which is completely enough for both the family and for cooking for the company.

Main programs:

  • Pressure cooker( accelerated cooking process).
  • Frying, provides two levels: 140 degrees - an omelette, casserole;180 degrees is meat.
  • Express cooking.
  • Baking.
  • Cooking( soup).


Complete with a slow cooker comes:

  • Steam cooking container.
  • Spoon and scoop.
  • Measuring Cup.
  • Recipe Book.

The time-tested model is somewhat different in price for previous versions. It costs more and belongs to the "business class".

Which multicooker firm is better?

All multicookers are suitable for preparing any type of food from various foods. Almost in each of them the standard functions and applications are repeated. Although, each of them has its differences. One manufacturer or another lays the basis for their various features that are characteristic only of models of a particular company.

In particular, it can be noted that when choosing a multicooker, you should be guided by the basic functionality. Proceeding from this, one consumer is more inherent in the delayed start of preparation, the other is more important to have a program for preparing yogurt. That is, based on their own needs, you should choose one or another option. To summarize, the visual features of all three types are as follows.


Multivarki available at a price that is characterized by more complete functionality, provides the possibility of preparing various dishes. It has an improved cooking bowl.


Proven and reliable brand of multicooker. Includes standard functionality sufficient to prepare various dishes. A special feature is the function of cooking spaghetti.


Multivarka with high-quality ceramic bowl. Premium class, therefore more expensive for the price. Equipped with full functionality, providing cooking at a high level. This is facilitated by a three-stage heating, which ensures proper heating and rapid, high-quality cooking products.

All three examples are worthy candidates to choose from. Detailed characteristics will enable each consumer to correctly navigate and make a successful purchase.

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