How to get rid of the smell on the carpet improvised means

With all its external presentability, carpets have one significant disadvantage - they are periodically polluted and very strongly absorb odors. Surely every hostess knows the situation when you puzzled over how to remove the smell from the carpet, because it is not particularly pleasant to be in a room that does not smell very good.

Air baths and water procedures

Mostly unpleasant smells in the carpets appear, if the owners suddenly wanted to have a pet. While you teach a small kitten or puppy to the tray, a lot of time will pass, and the carpet starts to smell worse and worse from daily surprises. Little kids, too, do not always get on time to plant on the pot. It is not always possible to take the carpet to dry cleaning, and even this kind of trouble can happen several times a day. Repeated home blinking does not always help to get rid of the exuding "aromas".

What to do if there is no money for expensive funds, but it is just necessary to get rid of the smell? There is always a way out, and the most ordinary things that we use almost every day will be used. Cleaning the carpet from smell and dust is actually very simple.

The easiest and most affordable way is to thoroughly bat the carpet on the street, knock out all the dust from it and let it air out. To clean the product from dust in the winter, snow will help. It is necessary to put it directly on the snowdrift with the back side, cover it with snow on top and after a while sweep it with a hard broom. At home, the carpet is still better to wash and thoroughly dry.

In the summer, it is best to wash the carpet in the country, where there is running water, or on the shore of the reservoir. The place must be chosen dry and preferably with a pebble scattering or use some kind of flooring. Be sure to use detergent with abundant foam, because in the river you can rinse the carpet very well.

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The reason for the smell can be. .. Wash product. This is not a joke, because after a few days the damp carpet begins to exude a very unpleasant smell, and so that you do not have to dispose of it later, do not put the thing that does not dry out completely.

Another reason may be high humidity in the apartment and then all things absorb the smell of mold and dampness.

In this case, it is also useful to make the carpet “breathe” and ventilate, but this should be done after water procedures using carpet shampoos, since the smell will not disappear only from fresh air. Let it hang on the street for several days and dry well, just do not leave it in the open sun. Otherwise, the paint may fade.

My carpet in an apartment is

If the carpet is heavy, it will often not be possible to take it out on the street, it is not scary, at home you can also arrange a bath-laundry day. There are various ways that at home effectively help not only remove stains, but also get rid of dust and unpleasant odors.

  1. Baking soda will be used - an effective, multifunctional and, what is especially pleasant, inexpensive tool. It is necessary only to scatter it on the carpet in a relatively even layer. In places where you find "surprises", you can not skimp and sprinkle especially generously. It is better if you leave such a coating for the night - soda will absorb odors and remove contamination. In the morning, the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed. If the odor cannot be completely removed, try again using more soda and increasing the exposure time.
  2. An additional measure to any method of cleaning can be the irradiation of the surface of the product from both sides using a quartz lamp: in addition to eliminating odor, it effectively destroys microorganisms.
  3. Removing the smell of ammonia will help the surface treatment with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is added for greater effect soda and dishwashing detergent. Using the mixture obtained, the pile should be cleaned, then rinsed, preferably with running water and dried well. At home, a good hair dryer can serve as a good dryer.
  4. Treatment with vinegar or potassium permanganate is a good and effective means to eliminate odors. But they should be used carefully so as not to damage the surface of the product.9% vinegar ideally dissolves crystals of uric acid. Places that are a source of "flavor" should be sprayed with vinegar. The carpet must be well dried so that during the second stage the quenching reaction does not occur, since we will use soda. Spots copiously sprinkle with soda and spray a solution prepared from 100 ml of water and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide on top. As a result of the oxidation reaction that has occurred, the oxygen evaporates and takes the cause of the smell with it. After a few hours, the soda is collected with a broom, and the carpet is vacuumed. The carpet no longer smells.
  5. The following method is suitable only for coatings that have a dark color. Iodine( 20 drops) diluted in a 10-liter container of water and process the surface of the product.
  6. You can even get rid of the old smell by using a solution of potassium permanganate, a solution of a weak pink tint should be used. Since manganese is a strong oxidizing agent, it will kill the bacteria that cause odor by dissolving the remains of urine acid.

The chemical industry in the range produces special products that allow you to deal with odors of animal origin and children's urine. But if you decide to use such tools, you should know that they contain aggressive substances that can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Therefore, it is safer to use products that are not capable of causing harm.

Unpleasant odors are not the reason why carpets should be discarded. With the help of affordable and simple tools you can achieve perfect cleanliness and freshness in the apartment.

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