Which stove to choose - induction or electric

Cooking should bring joy - with this appeal, manufacturers of kitchen goods are pushing more and more new products to the market. Indeed, every year it becomes faster and more pleasant to cook food. And the stove plays a significant role in this process.

Types of electric stoves

All types of electric stoves can be divided according to the type of hob:

  • classic electric stove with "cast iron pancakes";
  • glass ceramics;
  • induction cooker.

The electric stove is no longer something unusual for us, but progress does not stand still, and all new inventions appear on the market, one of the latest innovations is induction stove.

But you should not blindly chase fashion trends; it is better to study all the pros and cons of new types of appliances and determine which cooking surface best meets your requirements.

Let's compare what advantages and disadvantages new types of cooking surfaces have and see which one is better.

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Glass ceramics: the main features of the

The electric stove of this type has already been widely distributed on the Russian market and there are a number of reasons for this.

First, glass ceramics can significantly save energy consumption. This is due to the fact that the surface heats up instantly and slowly cools down, while the “classic” electric stove spends almost 30% of its energy into empty. Very soon, you will be convinced that by spending a little more on a glass-ceramic stove, you will secure a benefit in the future.

Secondly, it is possible to choose the size of some burners depending on the size of the dishes. You can turn on a circle of small diameter or completely the whole ring, which also saves energy consumption. Moreover, some models have autofocus( denoted by AF symbols), which allows to heat only the surface directly under the dishes.

Also, “smart equipment” is equipped with a special identifier, which makes it clear that residual heat is still stored on the surface. Glass ceramics of the new generation will please their owners with a temperature sensor and a boiling sensor that produces automatic power reduction when heated to 100 degrees. And although glass ceramics is a rather durable type of surface, manufacturers advise framing it when installing to avoid chipping at the interface between the panel and the table top. It should also be noted that for such a surface it is better to use stainless steel utensils, as from aluminum and copper utensils may remain difficult to remove traces.

Induction electric cooker

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And finally, the latest technology word is induction cooker. The mechanism of its work is fundamentally different from the usual ways of heating us - the surface is heated by creating an electromagnetic field that drives the atoms of the crystal lattice of the dishes. Thanks to this unusual method of heating, the stove remains cold and only the bottom of the cooker heats up, which makes this type of hob safer.

The flip side of the coin is that the induction cooker has one feature - you can use only special dishes with a magnetized bottom with it.

If it is not possible to change all the dishes, manufacturers offer to use special magnetic stickers on the bottom.

Induction electric stove can also be combined with the usual electric surface - the so-called “2 + 2” model, in this case the main thing to remember is that the induction zone will work only in tandem with “its” dishes. It should also be noted that the glass-ceramic needs special care - the surface is cleaned with the help of special detergents, which, after applying it dry, wipe, so a special protective film is formed. It is better to spend a little more on the purchase of specialized tools than to eliminate the consequences of improper care in the future.

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