What is a carbon heater to buy

Carbon heaters are a family of infrared. This lamp, luminous even in the daytime, because the protective grille giving warmth. On carbon spiral current flows, much energy is released, which radiates outward. Easily passing through the glass, the rays reach the people and objects without touching the air. The point of the carboxylic thread. We believe that less coal nichrome and durable, in addition, the lamp is filled with an inert gas, which prevents the evaporation of the molecules from the surface of the heated material. In light of the above in the decision to purchase a carbon heater, remember that not all of the infrared lamp models belong to these families.

It is interesting. When designing the heating lamps models with carbon spiral offered more than once. Used similar technical solutions, and our scientists. Nichrome introduced later, at the beginning of the XX century.

carbon heater

carbon heater

Where to look for a carbon heater

We believe that what has been said of the readers have already submitted barred portals with heat lamps inside, with glowing red in the afternoon. Consider where to buy carbon infrared heater. Let's start with Yandex-market. We enter in the search box "heaters", set the type of infrared. It begins the selection process.

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The settings on the right side of the field stands infrared heater type. Tick ​​on Carbon, click Show. It opened about fifty models for further selection. Readers, scroll a couple pages of the catalog, the question arises: who to take, ceiling, floor or wall. We add to these two additional options - vertical and horizontal.

The radiation pattern of a carbon heater

Lamp conveniently constructed long, in the manner of the lamp "daylight". Infrared devices with a single emitter oblong. Such a lamp heats the rectangular area. Moreover, due to the reflector (metal sheet of the emitter) in the transverse direction of the lamp side is greater. Vertical element heats with a spread of azimuth and slightly greater height than actually takes place. Horizontal, on the contrary, it will warm (if you put a sufficient distance) wall from floor to ceiling, but a minor extent.

The heater is guided around the axis

The heater is guided around the axis

Knowing sounded fact, the user will select the infrared carbon heater and hang the unit on the ceiling to cover a given area. For readers vector is different. Will be able to cover the long room single lamp, if the length is slightly less than the width of the room.

Finally, the main question - how to assess the illuminated surface in advance. Rays propagate along the rails of the trapezoid, ask the dealer or manufacturer, which width (length) of the rectangle is obtained at a certain removal of the wall or floor. In terms there is no error. The shape and area of ​​the illuminated figures depend on the distance. And varies according to the power density. Will solidly illuminate a small area or weak - are much more extensive.

However, at home, at the choice of the apartment there is: set the ceiling height and the installation process (at what distance from the ceiling to hang up) given in the instructions. For this reason, the seller called reasonable room size and merchandiser already tell what area will be covered. Or call to the technical support team of the company-manufacturer carboxylic heaters for clarification. Buy a device and measure the area of ​​the illuminated thermometer (preferably remote), installing the equipment as instructed.

From the foregoing it is clear that the carbon heater is an important characteristic radiation pattern (mentioned rectangle). And about the option most often silent, resulting in a capacity (and not emitted, and consumption). Wise manufacturers carboxylic heaters disadvantage realize sites bring the right number.

Some models Peony designed to optimize the radiation pattern, which is a detailed essay on the manufacturer's website.

Power carboxylic infrared heaters

To fully take advantage of the carboxylic heaters, learn about the radiation pattern. It is believed that in the middle band of 1 square meter of space for 100 watts of power heaters. Need further depends on the season. Carbon heater power of 1300 W:

  1. Winter will warm an area of ​​13 square meters.
  2. In autumn and spring will warm 26 square meters.

Remember that heat will get illuminated surface. Other angles can not warm up, the result depends on the direction of the convection flows. Exceed the rate per square meter, the provisions of regulations, better not, is fraught with danger for health. Outside, too, will suffer. The calculation, for example, parquet, proving that the operating conditions will be acceptable for wood coatings. It is not necessary to cover too much expensive things, property deteriorate from heat overdose.

Carbon film heater

Carbon film heater

Let's say, we picked up a carbon infrared heater, to cover the area of ​​26 square meters in the spring and fall. Winter hang side by side on a similar adjustment additional, parallel to the first switch, both in the cold. This will give the set standards of energy distribution. To take full advantage of the benefit principle of the carbon heater, divide the room into sections, possibly rectangular, and the two types:

  • Where the heat is necessary to compulsorily: bed, chair, dining table.
  • Where to having no heat requirements: corners, cabinets.

Carboxylic Infrared heaters are hung to cover the first group. The second area will receive a warm indirectly, to a lesser extent. Nevertheless, spending most of their time on the territory of the first group of people do not feel much discomfort. Due to these characteristics of carbon fiber infrared heaters help save energy.

Other options carboxylic infrared heaters

We have already led the main points that need attention in addressing the need to purchase carbon heater, consider other options, varying on Yandex-market:

  1. Maximum power output of the device shows the full impact. In selected models, two lamps, when you turn on only the amount of heat received much less.
    bath heater

    bath heater

  2. heating area appears, but not necessarily to take note of the data. This is simply a number obtained by dividing the power in watts per 100. The specific value for the central part of Russia. Possible to make a preliminary selection of infrared carbon heater offhand.
  3. A number of models worth thermostat, standard sensor in the housing body. This is useful when you need to evenly heat the room, and the area exceeds the coverage area. Then choose a good carbon fiber heater with thermostat looks like the right decision.
  4. Wall mounting is convenient at times, if you want to highlight the sofa. Infrared carbon heater hang above the TV, the heat will warm the person sitting in the audience.
  5. type of management is not so important, but indirect evidence of the level of capability of infrared carbon heater. Touch control hints on intelligence apparatus. Kindly include similar technique through a network filter. Selected models are equipped with a remote control. Plus device: the spot will feel the effect. Remote infrared carbon fiber heater will be a good addition.

Disadvantages carboxylic heaters seen by users. Models contain relatively fragile lamp. Leakproof, gas will flow. The oxygen begins to oxidize carbon medium. This will negatively affect the operation of the device, the spiral burns. At the same time, thanks to this, carbon infrared heaters lungs. In the absence of a steel radiator. We discussed the pros and cons of the device, hope, and now readers will be able to choose a heater. By the way, home helper shines at night. Brightness depends on the temperature: the higher the watts, the brighter will be around. Negatives - if integrated thermostat, homemade sun can suddenly go out.

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