Growing petunia on the balcony, do not forget about the rules of care

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Please tell me how to care for a petunia on the balcony! It has long been a dream to grow them to get a beautiful view from the window, but they quickly lose flowers, and sometimes they just die. I have no idea what is causing this. Help! Thank you in advance!

Petunias - one of the most simple and unpretentious flowering plants. Although, their cultivation in a limited volume and space significantly complicates the task - you need to know how to care for your petunia on the balcony so that the flowers will delight you during the warm season.

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Removing old flowers and whips

In the middle and end of May, a petunia planted in good soil, regularly watered pleases its owners with numerous, large and bright colors. But after only a few weeks the colors become smaller, and their size significantly decreases.

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To prevent this from happening, regularly inspect the bushes and carefully tear off the faded flowers. It is easy to identify them - their petals become sluggish, weakly hold their shape.

But still, the plant spends a lot of nutrients to maintain them. So, healthy flowers and buds will get less. Removing old flowers at least two or three times a week will save moisture and minerals by getting beautiful, healthy flowers.

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In addition, over time, petunia bushes begin to throw out the lash, trying to grab a larger area. This is absolutely not necessary for the grower - the flowering becomes much less intense. Fortunately, the problem is solved by a regular haircut. Scourge can be shortened by 2/3 or completely removed. With good watering and fertilizing will take no more than a week or two, and the bushes will be covered with numerous, bright and beautiful flowers.

A few words about the

top dressing Petunia is a rather “voracious” plant - a large number of flowers quickly deplete the soil. Therefore, fertilizing is especially important for their health and beauty.

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potatoes Special mixtures containing a large amount of phosphorus - superphosphate or potassium monophosphate - are best suited. We should not forget about the nitrogen - it is needed to maintain the stems in perfect condition. However, you can use special fertilizers designed specifically for petunias.

In them the most important trace elements are combined in an optimal proportion, and special vitamins significantly increase efficiency.

These simple tips allow you to maintain the flowering of petunias until the first frost.

The video details the cultivation and care of petunias:

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