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I have heard a lot of positive comments about Polyphide, that they can process crops to improve the quality of the crop. Tell me, what area of ​​application does Polyfid fertilizer have, can it be used for gardening?

Polyphide refers to complex mineral fertilizers, which are widely used for the treatment of cultivated and ornamental plants at different stages of their development. The drug is the optimal ratio of nutrients in an accessible( chelate) form. It is designed for the implementation of leaf and root dressings of all types of crops grown in open ground, as well as for use in drip irrigation.

Benefits of

Polyfide Unlike similar preparations of this type, Polyphide has a cleaner composition and high solubility. It is worth noting a new series of Polyfide with the additive-bonus "Bonus", which enhances its absorption by plants and prevents the solution from the leaves quickly flowing off. A novelty is the addition of the Mar biostimulator to the complex of elements - it increases the number of beneficial organisms and boosts immunity against infectious and fungal diseases.

Polifid does not contain chlorine, sodium and other plant harmful elements, and is completely soluble in water.

Thanks to the processing of crops with Polyphide, the quality and quantity of the crop is improved, the resistance of crops to crops is increased and they develop more actively.

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Where is the drug used?

Fertilizer Polyphide has a wide range of application, which depends on the specific composition of the drug and its direct use. For the cultivation of horticultural and garden crops, the following Polyfides are used:

  • potato;
  • vegetable;
  • garden;
  • pumpkin.

Polyphide potato with formula 12-5-40 stimulates the establishment of a healthy root system, improves the quality of tubers and increases their shelf life. Potato bushes should be processed for the first time during the budding period, further feeding is done after the beginning of flowering every two weeks.

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Vegetable polypid stimulates the growth and growth of green mass, and also affects the formation of fruits:

  • formula 6-15-38 for tomatoes is used at the beginning of flowering bushes and moretimes at the maturation stage to speed it up;
  • formula 13-9-32 for cucumbers stimulates the development of the root system and the growth of culture, the bushes are processed during the fruiting period every 7 days;
  • formula 19-19-19 is used for young cabbage seedlings to improve their development, and for adult plants, Polifid 13-9-32 is used( two weeks before heading off to increase their keeping quality).

Polyphide 11-12-33 is used with drip irrigation for all vegetable crops at the rate of up to 1.5 g of the drug per liter of water.

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Spraying Polyfid apple and stone fruit crops allows you to increase the size of fruits and improves their taste, as well as prevents the ovary from falling off and balances the ratio of nutrients necessary for optimal development. It is advisable to spend at least 4 feedings:

  • first - by formula 19-19-19 in the phase of the disclosure of the kidneys;
  • second - the same composition after flowering;
  • third - formula 6-15-38 at the phase of formation of the fruit;
  • fourth - formula 6-15-38 in the fruit ripening phase.

When growing pumpkin crops, Polyphide 15-7-30 is used. The first treatment is carried out before the formation of the ovary, and the subsequent - until the beginning of flowering, which allows to fill the lack of boron.

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