How to store pineapple at home

Pineapple is an amazingly tasty and healthy fruit, which contains many vitamins. However, in order for it to retain its useful qualities and not deteriorate, you need to know how to store pineapple properly at home. After all, only if properly stored, its consumption will benefit your body.

If the fruit is not quite ripe

If you purchased a not too ripe fruit in the market or in the supermarket, you should not eat it immediately. After all, he has not yet fully disclosed his taste.

To ripen the fruit, leave it to lie at room temperature for several days in the house. Completely, of course, at home the product will not ripen, but it will become more juicy, tasty and soft.

At the same time, make sure that the room has the optimum temperature and humidity, otherwise the fruit will not only ripen, but will deteriorate altogether, wither and become pale.

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How to store a ripe pineapple

Despite the fact that many fans of this exotic product claim that it is impossible to keep it in the refrigerator, because it does not lose its taste and beneficial properties, we are not always able to eat the whole fruit at once. Therefore, after a delicious dessert, the remnants of a ripe fruit should be:

  • folded in a paper bag with holes( this will ensure the safety of the flavor);
  • put in the refrigerator compartment, designed for fruit storage;
  • from time to time to turn in different directions.

In such conditions, the product will be able to lie at home for about 10-12 days.

Note: if brown spots appear on the peel of the fetus, it is not usable.

How to extend the shelf life of fruit

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Many people are interested in how to store pineapple correctly for a long time: for 2-3 months or longer. This is possible if the product is frozen. To do this:

  • peel the fruit off the fruit;
  • cut it into small pieces or cubes;
  • put on a plate and put in the freezer;
  • after some time, remove and transfer the frozen slices into a plastic bag;
  • hermetically pack and send in the freezer.

If it so happens that a large supply of pineapples has formed in your house, conservation is the best solution. Canned fruits are stored for a long time and allow you to enjoy their taste even in winter.

To preserve pineapples, you need:

  • peel them off, cut them into circles and fold them into enamelware;
  • pour sugar syrup at the rate of 250 g granulated sugar per half liter of water and let it brew for 12 hours at room temperature;
  • put on the fire and boil for 10 minutes,
  • pour into jars and roll up.

In an airtight form, the shelf life of canned fruit is about the same as any other jam, provided it is stored in a dark and cool place. And after opening, you should eat them in a few days, since oxidation of preservatives is going on.

Many people are interested in storing pineapples throughout the year. It can be dried. In the process of drying, of course, some of the useful components are lost. Nevertheless, even in dried form, it will remain tasty and will be an excellent dessert and a substitute for traditional unhealthy cakes and pastries.

To make candied fruits, the product must be soaked in sugar syrup first, then dried. In this case, the dried fruit will lie in the house for 6-12 months.

Basics of proper storage

Exotic fruit is very capricious and requires certain conditions to be met.


The ideal temperature for storing the fruit at home is 7.5-8 ° C.At lower temperatures, it will freeze and lose its amazing taste. If the temperature in the refrigerator is above 8 ° C, it will simply re-spell and spoil.


Humidity in the room where you are going to hold the product should not exceed 90%.Otherwise, fungi will start in it, which will inevitably lead to wilting of the product.

Shelf life

If the fruit is not ripe, it cannot be kept at room temperature for more than three days.

A ripe product that you keep in the fridge should be eaten in 1-1.5 weeks.

Exotic fruit can be stored in frozen form at home for three months.

Keep the pineapple right at home, and then its sweet taste and exquisite aroma will delight you for a long time!

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