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    • 1.1 Fresh oil stains
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Some men believe that oil stains - a decorationSome men believe that oil stains - a decoration

Many modern men never look under the hood of the car, trusting all repair and maintenance work masters car service. And their wives are not familiar anguish about how to wash clothes with machine oil. Me in this regard was not lucky: my faithful loves to dig in the art, not just repairing but also inventing it.

And inspiration can descend on him at any time, and then a man completely purple, what he wears. So we have from time to time not to save canvas overalls, and weekend pants and jackets. So some experience in this matter, I have, and to them I want to share with those who had the good fortune to marry this here "Kulibina".

It looks like a spot of engine oilIt looks like a spot of engine oil

home remedies

For the first time, I found a spot of engine oil on the shirt of her husband at the beginning of family life. It was a long time ago, when we still did not have access to the Internet and in stores - a good stain remover. I had to experiment with the means that were at hand.

Fresh oil stains

Well, everyone knows: the fresher the stain, the easier it is to bring. And the more time passes from the moment of his landing on the clothes, the less likely it save.

So, if we have just landed on the fabric, more sticky spot, the first thing is to try not to let it soak into the fabric. And for this cause it to something, in that the oil will be absorbed faster. This can be:

  1. Normal school chalk, preferably white. It should pound into a powder and sprinkle heavily affected area. After a few minutes to shake or whisk brush.
Colored chalk can leave a stain on the light-colored clothingColored chalk can leave a stain on the light-colored clothing
  1. Dentifrice. The method of using the same.
  2. Dry mustard powder.

As well as starch, talc and other fine particulate matterWell absorbs the engine oil and other fluids. You can try and blotter. The main thing - to remove what is not eaten into the fabric.

Paper napkins also nicePaper napkins also nice

Immediately after this:

  • soiled portion to soak in hot water: this hot, which can withstand the fabric (user on the label tells the maximum temperature);
  • Further this grate portion soap;
  • then rinse soap with a sponge or soft brush, apply the powder again. And so a few times;
Removing stains with mustardRemoving stains with mustard
  • then you need to wash the thing in the usual way in the washing machine.

Most often, this method works well, but only with fresh stains.

If no chalk, no mustard at hand is not, you can try to replace them with toothpaste. It squeezed on the spot, a little smear and allowed to dry. And then wetted with water and brushes brush.

Better to use white pasteBetter to use white paste

It is important to remember that no washing powder, even the best, is similar to such pollution can not cope. therefore send thing to wash only after remove most of the oil methods described above.

inveterate stains

Men are mostly being pretty sloppy. Even seeing the spot, they are unlikely to rush to take off their clothes and something to do with it. Anyway, I often have to wash out already Stubborn stains on the jacket - how to remove such beauty?

Difficult. But it is possible. But not with any fabric. And depending on the degree of neglect. What and how do I use?

  • Average dishwashing detergent. It has degreasing properties. Just pour on the spot, without rubbing, wait for 15-20 minutes, remove the paper towel. Then washed in hot water.
Best of all with the task spravlyaeytsya Fairy and LOC from AmwayBest of all with the task spravlyaeytsya Fairy and LOC from Amway
  • The solvent, clean kerosene or "vedeshku» (WD-40) - motorists familiar with this versatile tool. Any of these means is applied to the stained portion, then you need to take a soft cloth and start to drive its oil from the edges toward the center.

Then faded with soap manually in very hot water. But this is only half the battle. from clothes to withdraw lube you may succeed, but to get rid of sharp, unpleasant smell, the thing would have to wash and dry-airing several times.

Cleaning outerwear keroseneCleaning outerwear kerosene
  • The solvent in combination with a bleaching powder. This method can be applied in the case of white clothes. Damp stain chemistry, clean cloth, pour on top of the powder and sprinkled with water. Clean off his brush. Repeat until the desired result.
The powder can also be a little rub and holdThe powder can also be a little rub and hold
  • refined petrol. Not one that can be drained from the fuel tank, and a special. For example, for filling lighters. They need to moisten the two cloth napkins, one put under the spot, the other from the top to close it. After 30-40 minutes, when the gas absorbs oil, and dry, the procedure can be repeated.
Here's a gas, as in this photo, very fitHere's a gas, as in this photo, very fit
  • The mixture of ammonia with turpentine in equal proportions. Even more thermonuclear tool to help clean the clothing from oil. It is used in the same way as with the solvent or kerosene. And just disgusting smell.
Desirable to use a mixture of the fresh air or the outdoor windowDesirable to use a mixture of the fresh air or the outdoor window

All these methods are very aggressive, and they must be applied with caution. Listen to the following tips:

  • always Check the effect of money on the fabric in an inconspicuous placeTo make sure that it is not damaged or discolored.
  • use a brush you can only remove stains from jeans or other items of durable and dense material. Thin fabric can be completely spoil.
  • Be sure to wear glovesUsing solvents and other corrosive liquids.
Rubber gloves protect hands skinRubber gloves protect hands skin

Stain removers

Now I seldom use described in the previous chapter ways. Because it is long and dreary. It is much easier to wash off the engine oil with special, easy-to-use and effective means.

Of course, I can not judge about all medications that are sold in stores, but many have already tried. I'll tell you about those who were the most effective:

  • The product of Amway SA8 powder. He was superior to liquid and gel sprays and analogues of the same brand. The powder is applied to the water-wet the stain and left for several hours. Moreover, the hotter the water, the better. But here we must be guided by the recommendations of laundry articles.
Powder Stain Remover SA8Powder Stain Remover SA8
  • Pencil Stain Remover from Faberlik. It's such a tight chalk, which need to rub moistened with warm water contaminated area, that there was a white foam. It is recommended to leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. I keep longer, sometimes for several hours, depending on the degree of contamination. Excellent tool, one of the best, and the price pleases - about 120 rubles.
If you do not help the first time, then in the second or third from the right, even with the old spotIf you do not help the first time, then in the second or third from the right, even with the old spot
  • Soap with bile Udaliks. I use as normal soap: rubbed with a wet cloth, soak, wash off, if necessary - to repeat the result. Fresh stains copes well with the old - it depends.
universal pyatnoudaliteluniversal pyatnoudalitel
  • Frosch - gel pyatnovyvodyaschee means. Also contains bile. Conveniently, it is not necessary to rub the fabric with your hands - on the cover have sponzhik. And wash the thing can not at once, but leave the means to the tissue at any time - it will not hurt him.
Stain remover FroschStain remover Frosch

Most of all I like a pencil. He is the most efficient and compact, you can take a trip, it is convenient to use. But even he does not always save.

If I do not know how to wash off stains on the jacket or other clothing, then just carry it to the dry cleaners. If does not help, and it is, I try not to get upset as before. In the end - it's just a cloth, although not always cheap. Nerves and the relationship is more expensive.


If I missed something, you can watch the video in this article, and select the tool that suits you. Although the methods listed here quite often rescued me, saving the good stuff from the resettlement in the trash. In any case, even to try to bring such a difficult spot is always worth it.

I would be glad if someone helped. If so, describe your positive experience in the comments.

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