Spring( autumn) planting peonies: how to fertilize the soil?

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It has long dreamed of breeding pions, and then the neighbor shared bushes and promised to give one variety in September. Tell me, do I need to make fertilizers for peonies when planting in spring or autumn? What drugs are better to use?

Peonies are plants that do not tolerate transplants, they are able to live in one place for up to 50 years. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the location of the bush before planting and create the necessary supply of nutrients for peonies for further development.

Flowering shrubs are not very demanding on the composition of the soil, but grow best on loams with neutral acidity. It is recommended to enrich poor soil by adding organic and mineral substances at the planting stage.

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Plants can be planted both in early spring( before the seedlings begin to develop buds), and in early autumn, but most florists practice August planting.

Spring planting of pions can be carried out not earlier than the air temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius.

Fertilizing in a planting pit

It is better to prepare a place for planting flowers in advance, at least 2 weeks before planting( in this case, the earth will have time to settle).To do this, dig a rather large recess, no less than 50 cm in diameter. This will allow the powerful root system to develop freely and provide an opportunity to make the necessary fertilizers.

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It is necessary to pour into each pit:

  • 15 kg of humus;
  • 250 g of bone meal;
  • 200 g of nitrogen-phosphate fertilizers;
  • 150 g of potash;
  • 35 g of copper sulfate.

When growing pions on soils with high acidity, it is also necessary to add lime( up to 200 g).

Feeding peonies after planting

Young bushes planted with nutrients for the whole season are provided with all the necessary microelements for development. Further feeding is necessary to do, starting with the second year of planting pions.

A total of 4 supplements will be needed for the entire vegetative period for the whole vegetative period:

  1. After the young shoots appear and reach 10 cm in height, .In early May, spray the growth with a solution of urea.
  2. Prior to budding. Water the plants with a solution of mineral components: add 2 tsp to the bucket of water.urea and 4 tsp.drug "Ideal".Consumption for watering - at least 6 liters under a bush. In a week to conduct root dressing with sodium humate.
  3. During the budding period of .Water the bushes with a solution consisting of nitrophoska and “Agricola for flowering plants”( 4 tsp each for a bucket of water).After a 5 day break, spray the peonies on the leaf with a “Bud”( 10 g for the same amount of water).
  4. After completion of flowering .Carry out root dressing with complex fertilizers, for example, Kemira-Autumn.
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Timely fertilization when growing peonies is the key to lush flowering, so do not neglect them.

Fertilizing when planting peonies - video

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