Socket with a switch in a single package: the scheme and how to connect

Combining Power Point and devices, lighting control devices allow electricity efficiently organize residential or office space. Agree, it is much more convenient if the electrical fittings are grouped, rather than randomly "scattered" around the room.

In addition to compelling ergonomic advantages such solution has a mass of design advantages. However, it also raises questions about how the socket with the switch in one housing is connected to the mains. In this article you will find answers to simple and complex questions that arise during the installation of this unit.

We present detailed information on installation methods and methods to connect modular electrical devices. Subtleties and nuances covered in photos and video Clips, demonstrating the specificity of the job. So powerful information support to help "perfectly" to cope with the task.

The content of the article:

  • Connecting sockets with a switch on the 1-3 keys
    • # 1: How to connect the unit switch-socket
    • # 2: Connecting outlet and switching through the switch
    • # 3: The installation of the connection sockets with switch
    • # 4: outlet fitting with dvuhklavishnym switch
    • # 5: Mounting block with socket and switch the three-key
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Connecting sockets with a switch on the 1-3 keys

Since when do not understand the wires from the switch is connected to an electric circuit as well, in some cases, even at random, it was not long. It is noticed that in old houses and buildings of a sufficient number of devices have been attached to the violation of many security requirements.

Yes, on the performance of the components of such an approach is in no way affected. Everything is operating normally, only the safety of operation of such devices is questionable.

Using qualitative electroaccessories to emphasize design

Switching sockets via a switch - a popular way to safely manage appliances or tools that do not have their own power switch

Every year, saving money and space characters are the priority factors. That is why, in order to reduce the number of wires and used space on the wall, appliance manufacturers are combined in a single construct multiple devices.

Combining single and dvuhklavishnogo switch rosette increases marginal efficacy and comfortable use of such electronic equipment.

The socket and switch in the same housing

The combination of electric devices with each other, using the whole body, allows to save space and reduce the number of wires involved

It should be remembered that the connection block of wiring devices choose cable necessary in view of the maximum load.

# 1: How to connect the unit switch-socket

There are several ways to combine the block connection. This opportunity has become available only recently. Previously found in the house of various optional features electrical equipment in a single case was impossible.

EXAMPLE connect switch and sockets

Connected in a single housing with a switch on the socket more attractive appearance, it has no gaps and joints

A method of joining switch and outlet box carried by a wiring connection, but without mixing devices themselves. This method is used today and if for some reason can not be installed next to each other consumers.

At the same time, the option of an unpaired structure connection also has its advantages. Consider them as follows:

  1. Such devices are commonly available. Buying cheap even with the switch socket will make it possible to connect them to the same scheme.
  2. Works to connect these electrical appliances can be performed easily even with his own hands.
  3. The increased level of security when using a separately connected arrangements as posting them laid separately, reducing the likelihood of a short circuit.

So why, in recent years, in houses prefer special blocks, where the combination of sockets and switches laid supplier. And all because such a device connection plan is more facilitated.

Firstly, there is no need to run two separate cables to devices. Second, the advantages of this unit is much greater than that of separation.

Here are some of them:

  • Simple transfer of the block in a different place. Now the need for laying two separate postings there.
  • Twice measure the height of the installation process of the above devices is no longer necessary, since it is one block.
  • High-quality devices can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • The combined unit is easier to mount on the surface of concrete, stone, wood and drywall.

The main drawback of connected blocks - can not be replaced if damage to one part. Whether it's network jack or directly to the switch. Almost always require the full his replacement.

New blocks are made with one, two or three-button switch, which is aligned with the socket in the whole product.

Consider stepwise replacement process block system switch-socket:

image gallery

Photo of

Step 1: Removing the bad blocks

Step 1: The main cause of socket / switch unit is setting failure of the exploited similar devices

Step 2: Extract the key switch

The work produced by a scheme similar to standard processes elekroustanovochnyh manufacturing installation. First we dismantle the external parts

Step 3: Remove the fixing frame

After removing the key, remove the frame, fixed gear switch in the nest

Step 4: Remove the rosette frame mechanism

Unscrews bolts metal frame holding mechanism receptacle

Step 5: Re-verification of absence of voltage

In order to make sure that the wiring work is really safe, once again check the presence of voltage on this part of the network

Step 6: Separation of wires from the rosette mechanism

chance to avoid damaging the old wiring, which is not planned to change, carefully unscrew the fixing screws

Step 7: Remove the switch mechanism

Free the wire connected to the light line, from the corrupt mechanism

Step 8: Cutting and wire stripping of insulation

Wire cut edges which have been used in the previous connection, and again remove approximately 1 cm of insulation from each conductor

Step 1: Removing the bad blocks

Step 1: Removing the bad blocks

Step 2: Extract the key switch

Step 2: Extract the key switch

Step 3: Remove the fixing frame

Step 3: Remove the fixing frame

Step 4: Remove the rosette frame mechanism

Step 4: Remove the rosette frame mechanism

Step 5: Re-verification of absence of voltage

Step 5: Re-verification of absence of voltage

Step 6: Separation of wires from the rosette mechanism

Step 6: Separation of wires from the rosette mechanism

Step 7: Remove the switch mechanism

Step 7: Remove the switch mechanism

Step 8: Cutting and wire stripping of insulation

Step 8: Cutting and wire stripping of insulation

After completing the old device and dismantling preparing wiring, proceed to installing and connecting the new block from the socket with a switch.

image gallery

Photo of

Step 9: Installing the switch mechanism

Connecting the phase wire line illumination to the terminal marked on the back of the letter breaker mechanism "L"

Step 10: Connecting socket mechanism

Bare wire connected to terminal sockets, positioning and zero phase at the edges, and the grounding wire on the center

Step 11: Install the retaining frames

Mounted on the wall first common fixing frame, check its position building level, and then put the frame holding the switch mechanism inside and outside the key

Step 12: Attaching the front cover parts

Securing the switch button on the right place, fix the screw protective and decorative detail of the outlet and test device performance

Step 9: Installing the switch mechanism

Step 9: Installing the switch mechanism

Step 10: Connecting socket mechanism

Step 10: Connecting socket mechanism

Step 11: Install the retaining frames

Step 11: Install the retaining frames

Step 12: Attaching the front cover parts

Step 12: Attaching the front cover parts

# 2: Connecting outlet and switching through the switch

There is a specific sequence that determines how to connect the outlet with the switch in the whole structure. It should be remembered that the basis of its standard laid wiring connecting circuit devices iobyazatelnoe compliance with the EMP.

An elementary way of wiring the network is to connect them to a device for a clear plan in the switch box.

The following algorithm works suggest how to correctly connect the combined unit in the socket with a switch:

  1. For internal block prepared special opening in the wall, and to the outside - is selected suitable space for installation. For rooms in wooden buildings often used overhead twin mechanisms combined with electrical units. Such a method is used, for example, open wiring.
  2. The manifold has six (6) lived incoming electrical cables. One pair for the outlet, the second from the switch, and the third - to the electrical panel. Each pair - a phase and neutral conductors. Most often in houses can be seen extra ground wire.
  3. First of all, we define the phase that goes from the distribution panel, and de-energizes the room.
  4. The next step is to connect the cable with the phase of the power supply to the wire leading to the switch. It is necessary to clean up the phase wire ends, then twist them together and isolate. To do this, use electrical tape.
  5. Further, the zero conductor must be connected to the network cable from the wall outlet. They are also wrapped by insulating material.
  6. Unused edge wires from the integrated block is also twisted with each other and always rewound tape.
  7. This connection scheme will ensure the binding phase cable outlet through cutout. The effectiveness of this method is seen when the network jack is very rarely used, and connected devices must be constantly on / off.

Combined in a single body mechanism is relatively simple. At the outlet is fed through a switch in the phase when the switch is activated. This scheme is popular, for example, if you want to heat the water in the heater, which does not have its own button off / on, and pull the plug not constantly want.

Installing and connecting the outlet with the switch in the same housing

Weighty block mounting socket-breaker advantage is to reduce the work on the layout, the formation of "seats" leveling block position

Another way - to connect the lighting in the back room of an extension cord. Then turn it off, you can just using the one-button switch.

# 3: The installation of the connection sockets with switch

Blocks of wiring devices combined in a single body, are in great demand. The main factor is that both devices be used separately.

To install such a socket and switch on the lamp is carried out a number of simple steps:

  1. From the main panel cables are routed to the zero and phase to the distribution boxes.
  2. The box should contain five (5) wires - two (2) of the lamp, and three (3) of the block, combining the individual devices.
  3. Phase conductor of the shield must be connected to a wire from the wall outlet. Using a jumper to combine the outlet to the terminal on the switch.
  4. Zero wire from the power supply should be connected to a wire with zero from the lamp and the wall socket.
  5. Phase cables from the cartridge to the switch, you need to twist and be sure to insulate.
  6. Grounding is also connected by a suitable cable.

Such scheme united in a single body outlet and the switch will operate separately from the switch. A major function of one-button-switch (on / off the electric lamp) will also be performed independently.

Wiring switch unit with a socket

Observing the correct wiring diagram of each wire can protect itself from the next patch, as well as unforeseen situations

Those who wish to learn how to connect a double switch that controls two lights, you should pay attention to andFor information next articleWith which we encourage you to read.

# 4: outlet fitting with dvuhklavishnym switch

Most often, the unit that connects a power outlet and switch on the two keys, set between the entrance to the dressing room and bathroom. Alternatively, it can be installed in a large room, for supplying voltage to one or three of the light source.

Conclusion: With a single block, the user can control the light in several areas, as well as connect to socket any device that consumes electricity.

Consider a circuit connecting the combined unit made up of 7 steps:

  1. The first stage - laying from the distribution box to the dual power system of five (5) conductors.
  2. From the electrical panel cores with the neutral and ground are connected to an outlet.
  3. Due to the special bridge in the binding unit is fed to a dual phase tripping device.
  4. The two free strands are attached to the two binding sites of the main switch through which is fed to the phase of the lighting equipment in the bathroom and toilet.
  5. It is necessary to twist the cable with the phase (the switch) with free cores (from cartridges with lamps) in a lavatory and a bathroom.
  6. The sorting box cable with "0", and the ground wire from the outlet should be to braid with bare ends of the twists on the lighting.
  7. There are cases when the order of buttons on the switch you want to change. For this core on switching contacts, voltage is applied to the lamp in the bathroom and restroom, just reversed.

It follows that the connection scheme combined with single and outlet dvuhklavishnogo switch differs only by the amount of time spent and the number of wires. For the one-touch device is activated four (4) of the cable, and for dvuhklavishnogo switch - five (5) conductors. Both options include ground.

Driving connection combined with the socket switch dvuhklavishnogo

Do not worry, because the wiring diagrams of the combined unit with the socket and two-button switch is very little difference

# 5: Mounting block with socket and switch the three-key

Three-key switch with the socket is used for greater energy saving. In recent years, it is increasingly in demand from electricians, professionals and ordinary people.

Earlier, three-key switches to the socket installed only in prefabricated houses. Their main purpose was to control the light in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. But the network jack provided for domestic use - connect the hair dryer, electric shavers, vacuum cleaners and other appliances. Since then, it took a long time, most of them need to be replaced.

Modern planning and design features allow you to use the three-key off the unit as a main control link several light sources for a single room. Among them:

  • main;
  • additional sources of light;
  • decorative.

Such a method eliminates the need of a person in connection with the lighting fixtures shortage. On the other hand protects the individual against excessive amount of light in the room and allow him mute. Light control remains under complete your control, thanks to one, a single switch.

In addition to convenience, such three-key block decorate the room. Agree that a one-piece unit with the socket is more aesthetically pleasing than three separate. In addition, the amount of wasted time and effort to install it is much less.

Three-key device is usually mounted in the premises of the type:

  • in a place where it is planned multilevel lighting;
  • in rooms with a large area and a complicated shape;
  • in rather narrow and long transition areas;

This cutout is also mounted for lighting control in several rooms, such as a toilet, a bathroom and an entrance, with a single location. Also it can be used in the working premises to illuminate a particular desktop.

Three-key switch with socket

As in the case of two-button switch, three-key unit with the socket has a simple circuit having only one difference

Configuration device outlet does not differ much from the conventional three-button switch. Zero wire going directly into the wall socket - this is the main difference.

Previously, such a structure could cause inconvenience. The passage of time has changed this rule. Since the location of the switch mode has changed significantly over the plinth mounting socket and switch in the region 800-900 mm from the floor, it becomes virtually unclaimed embodiment.

The circuit arrangement of sockets and switches in the dwelling

Such sockets and switches arrangement gradually recedes into the background, because the convenience and adherence to design a priority goal of modern planning

There are some rules when choosing a switch. Then it will last longer and do not cause discomfort. Here are the main ones:

  • keys do not sink;
  • do not produce unusual sounds when pressed;
  • the inner part comprises a circuit breaker it is connected;
  • smooth and level surface.

Special attention should be paid to the degree of security devices - is the IP code on the package. The first digit represents the level of protection against dust, the second - from moisture. Value and effectiveness is indicated by zero (0 - no protection) to six (6 - the highest security level).

For example, when the switch is in the bathroom or in the shower room, you need to buy a device with an IP 44. If it is a street - level of protection 65. When the switch is in the lounge - is IP 20 is sufficient value.

When introduced into the operation of the switch with the socket is difficult to do without certain tools, such as:

  • pliers for clamping and gripping parts;
  • a stripper for stripping the edge of the wire;
  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers.

The circuit breaker three-key assembly also differs little from the connection of a two- or one-touch device.

A set of tools for electrician

Comfortable in the installation / repair of combined units of sockets and switches is largely dependent not only on professional skills, but also on the tools used by them

Let us consider them one more time:

  1. Before starting work, it is necessary to ensure that the network is fully de-energized.
  2. Zero and phase cables to be distributed.
  3. Check special screwdriver phase indicator.
  4. Connect the cable to distribution boxes.
  5. Test compound.

An important skill for installation is considered to be searched, and the skill with zero phase. Usually, a certain Wire has its own color. Neutral conductor blue, and the phase - black or red.

Phase detection using a screwdriver indicator

The most successful tool to help novice electricians indicator is a screwdriver, which is especially sensitive sensor elements and reflector

To determine the phase exists several ways. Its presence will prompt indicator on the screwdriver or a simple light bulb. The first option is preferable, since it is easier. For the second method, you need to screw in the bulb into the socket and close alternately derived wire. When the cable is at zero phase, the light shines brighter.

Determination of phase by the lamp holder and

One of the methods for determining scrap phase is light and chuck use this option only if there is no indicator Screwdriver

Purchase one-, two-, three-key circuit breakers with the socket - the process is not complicated. But, in practice, to understand in terms of connectivity, not everyone can. Therefore, this article appeared. Now carry out the installation yourself, let alone replace the switch with the socket has become much easier.

Finally some recommendations. In the process of dismantling the old block is better sign each switchable wire. This will greatly save your time on the connection and immediately figure out where some connecting wire.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Carrying out data manipulation can also be viewed in video format. They are experienced professionals will explain and show the correct connection of all of the above units.

Clip # 1. How to connect the outlet and switch:

Clip # 2. Reliable electrician in your home or apartment: how to connect properly:

Clip # 3. Repair unit with dvuhklavishnym switches and sockets:

Remember, if the article and the video does not give you a clear idea on how to connect switches, or you have never experienced with electrical equipment, especially if you have to spend electrical work in the bathroom, Contact a licensed electrician to avoid cases of electric shock or short circuit.

There is a desire to share their own experiences electrician, found flaws in the article, I have questions? Please comment placed below the text box.

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