How to learn and adjust the water hardness for a dishwasher

The water hardness level for a dishwasher is very important. On this indicator depends on the period of operation of machinery, the quality of washing dishes, the amount of detergent. But how to determine this indicator yourself? We found out several ways how to measure the amount of impurities at home.

Water hardness affects the quality

Content of the material:

  • 1What water does a dishwasher need?
  • 2How to know the hardness of water
    • 2.1Approximate methods
    • 2.2Exact methods
  • 3How to adjust and adjust the water hardness sensor

What water does a dishwasher need?

Soft or hard water in your water pipe depends on the region of residence and the composition of the soil. This affects the amount of heavy impurities: calcium and magnesium cations. Getting into the dishwasher, stylalka or other household appliances together with water, the impurities precipitate in the form of calcareous plaque.

The more calcareous deposit settles on the details of the technique, the faster it turns to stone, turning into a scum.

Probably, you have often noticed scum on the bottom of a teapot or its heating element. For PMM elements, this is also dangerous. The layer that covered the heater does not give TEN a normal heat release. The element overheats and burns.

Scale spoils electrical appliances

Thus, scale enters the body, where it accumulates and causes various diseases, for example, kidney stones.

What should I do to soften the water? Manufacturers of dishwashers have already taken care of this by installing ion exchangers. These tanks are located in the lower part of the shell, under the pallet. They are filled with a special resin. Before entering the chamber of the machine, water passes through the ion exchanger, where the resin takes up heavy impurities, contributing to softening.

Over time, the ion exchanger is depleted, the resin is washed away. Then, to mitigate,special salt.

How to know the hardness of water

Check the amount of impurities can be with the help of tools or take advantage of everyday experience.

Approximate methods

  • pay attention tospeed of appearance of a depositon pipes, taps, mixers. Recently, the faucet was scraped from the scum, how did it again become overgrown with a gray coating? Hence, the calcium and magnesium salts exceed the norm.

Quickly wear plumbing

  • Mildness.Try to wash under the tap with soap. If it foams well, the water content is normal.
  • Turbidity. Fill the bottle from the tap, put it in a dark place for a day. If a sediment is formed below, and the film on the walls, the salt level exceeds the norm.
  • Taste. Some people can determine the difference in taste. It is believed that soft water is much tastier.
  • Difference. Fill the same containers from different sources. Weigh, which capacity is heavier, there are more impurities.

Hard water is sometimes seen

You can go the simpler way: call the water canal and find out the degree of rigidity in your region.

Of course, these methods are very subjective, so they will not give an accurate result.

Exact methods

  • Test strips- come complete with some models PMM. They are covered with a special compound. Simply lower the test in water, and after just one second, compare the indicator with the table.

Water samples indicator

Depending on the company, you need to immerse for 2-3 seconds, after which you need to wait half a minute and compare the result.

Indicators of water analysis

If the kit does not contain test strips, you can buy them in specialized or pet stores.

  • TDS-meters- this is a special device. With it, you determine the exact amount of impurities, as well as the electrical conductivity of water. A useful thing that can be used at any opportunity. Minus is a cheap tool.

TDA-meter analysis

How to adjust and adjust the water hardness sensor

The water supply filter (softener) for washing machines and dishwashers is installed on the faucet during connection. He delays heavy impurities, small debris, rust.

Install the filter on the water yourself. It is important not to forget to clean it periodically.

Ion-exchange water filter

As we wrote above, salt is loaded into the ion exchanger. Once you have determined the level of rigidity, proceed as follows:

  • Open the car door.
  • Take out the lower basket.
  • In the tray you will see a tank with a lid.

Filling with ion-exchange salt

  • Remove the cover.
  • Fill the hole with water.
  • Fill it with salt (what salt for the dishwasher to choose, read in one of the previous articles).

Next is the automatic installation and adjustment of water hardness:

  • On the door of the car there is a special regulator.
  • To adjust the operation, turn the arrow to the desired value. The more impurities the test showed, the higher the value on the sensor should be set. So the system determines how much salt to use for the optimal result.

Adjusting and adjusting the control panel

  • The indicator on the control panel will inform you that the salt will soon be finished.

Manufacturers of tablets and combined products state that their products replace detergent, salt and rinse. Therefore, you do not need to buy anything else.

And now let's turn to the logic: you put a pill in the compartment on the door, the tank in the pallet is empty. Water, getting into the system, passes through an empty ion exchanger, is heated by TEN and then gets into the chamber, where it cleans the detergent. It turns out that while the pill will work, the raid already settles on the details.

Of course, to understand this, you need to knowPMM device. Therefore, the average user "is" on advertising and persuasion of producers. Be vigilant and be sure to use salt for the dishwasher.

See the useful video:


We talked about adjusting the dishwasher and checking the hardness of the water. Use these tips and forget about the scum.

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