The clean iron from scale

Means for cleaning microwave ovens, perfect for removing iron fouling. Topperr Set for the care of the microwave of the two items worth a little expensive, but in the capacity of a pint bottle. Taking into account the convenient push sprinkler feel lucky just 400 rubles. If applied to the sole of a little money on a plastic bag even a little, putting the iron on the night of polyethylene, with morning take off the device clean. Allowed to use a variety of means. Most of the users in deciding what to clean the iron fouling, hard chemicals give preference to microwave ovens. Do not be afraid - not poisonous!

Tools for treatment

Be careful when cleaning irons. It is not always acceptable to use universal tools. Consider, for example, Descaler All Purpose by FM Group company. The company was founded in Poland in 2004, it has managed to capture a part of Europe and Russia. The exception, perhaps, shops France, Portugal and Ireland. About the family Trawiński heard already in 56 countries around the world. It is characteristic that most of the products distributed through MLM (network marketing), pyramids, from which dismiss experienced Internet users.

Burnt iron

The margin is 40%, one-third of the turnover goes to the intermediaries pocket. Given that for a single month of 2010 gross domestic product amounted to 15 million. dollars, everyone can figure out what it means to work with FM Group company. Constantly there are trainings, seminars and a lot of events. The composition of the product include:

  1. Cosmetics for humans and animals;
  2. perfume;
  3. personal hygiene;
  4. Detergents.

90 fragrances for women and 50 for men. Poles help to clean the soleplate of a deposit, in addition to attract a soul mate. The product range of complete imitation brands Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Lacoste, Chanel, Christian Dior and others. Already discussed, speaking of handbags that sometimes simulate taking profitable. The main thing is not to give out as true brands.

Flavors are not fake. Bought the rights to the smells, the name stamped on the FM Group. Evaluate products in terms of value of goods. In the absence of a difference - why pay more. Company FM Group presents its own name - the highest quality at affordable prices. Today, the company half a million distributors with an annual turnover of 300 million. dollars. Since 2010, the company received awards constantly. We wish success managed to offer similar quality at a price of up to 20%.

Now, if it comes to detergent Descaler All Purpose company FM Group, it is clear what to expect. Cleaner is suitable for all kinds of home appliances, there is a big limitation. Does not apply to:

  • brass, chrome and nehromirovannoy;
  • enamel;
  • aluminum;
  • stone;
  • certain types of plastics.

It turns out, irons with aluminum soleplate of a deposit does not get rid of, cookers with enamelled table not cleaned, even to wash stairs dangerous! Too bad it is not clear where to buy means. In the left column of the site is a MLM business advertising, but can not see a network of distributors, eager to throw off the suitable product. You need to call and specify the location of the nearest dealer.

Salt will fight Nagar

Use a liter bottle. 100 ml of the composition diluted in a tenfold volume of water. Then proceed to remove carbon deposits on the iron. Pour the solution into the container and boil. This clears the coil and the water container. If complete rod for protection against scale, process need only device. There is no need to pour into the solution. After cleaning iron rinsed with running water. How to do this is written in the manual specific product instructions.

Detergents Oust

The company is present Oust special Descaler for kettles, plus a multi-purpose, universal (for all purposes). Attention was drawn to a bottle for removal of rust and showers taps (tap & showerhead). It is designed as a tube with a brush on the end. This is similar to blacking for shoes, having a foam tip. That you just want to rub, turning upside down, and is squeezed between the bristles means. Now it is able to clean the iron deposit. You take the handle up and start soles. Convenient - no need gloves, water, brush. It is hygienic.

To protect the hand holding the shower head in the advertisement, the glove is needed. But when you clean the appliance difficult the spray on your own body. Be careful not to fall into his eyes. We recommend the use of goggles.

spoiled iron

It is better to soak the night with a deposit means, in the morning, perhaps, would go on their own. Take polyethylene stele in empty dry bowl. A little sprinkle means Oust, act similarly to the soleplate, set top device. You can not clean the water tank and a sole with holes after the treatment thereof. However, until it withered away, holes allowed water rinse. Happy bottle design.

The rest of the Oust means little different from the others. Does that get in Russia is almost unreal.

Pencils for cleaning from soot irons

Today pencil for cleaning irons of a deposit are divided into two classes:

  1. Natural wax, soap, and citric acid.
  2. Cheap urea and organic acids.

The first good harmless. At work they are not unpleasant smell. The second cheapest, but the couple arising from the cleaning of carbon deposits on the iron, it is better not to breathe. Diaz, typhoon, Zumman operate according to the same scheme:

  1. soleplate need to be heated to 140 ° C.
  2. Pencil to remove carbon deposits on the surface of smear, special attention is paid to a deposit.
  3. Composition erased dry linen cloth until complete purification.

Perfect iron

If the operation did not help the first time, carried out repeatedly until you get to remove carbon deposits from the iron up to the complete disappearance of the spots. Periodically, users complain that the pencils are weak, in fact, just need to smear a long period of time. The advertisement within 3 min. In practice, the number of multiply by 5 (min). Using urea pencils, sit closer to the window, removing soot from the iron. The resulting pair of caustic, sometimes poisonous color. Inhale is not recommended.

Cleaning iron from scale is best done with pencils. For this purpose suitable means for cleaning the microwave and chemicals called Descaler (descaling). Generally similar composition, again citric acid. Therefore, individual consumers, without thinking, using positive means, removing a deposit from the iron. It is better to use warm solution and start to clean the inside of the container, a spiral. Then move to the sole.

How and what you can not clean the iron from scale

Cleaning the iron of a deposit is not made:

  1. Files.
  2. Needle.
  3. Emery cloth.
  4. Abrasives.
  5. Soda.
  6. Tooth powder and toothpaste.

We continue to believe that the Soviet irons permissible clean sand. Their sole is not a mirror, and if you have already burnt, let's approach the most crucial. Sand is used if a deposit is really powerful and is a solid black bar.

Modern models such treatment will not be tolerated. In the latest soleplate tender, ceramics, steel or aluminum, the surface is easy to accidentally hurt. In addition, further elements is present a thin layer of the slip sole and cleaning (self-cleaning implied). Teflon, for example, has a non-stick properties. It happens, and special soles covered with a black crust. In this case, should not be used in the list of the above. May be used acetic acid, it actively promoted the instructions Garment Steamer as a neutral clearing agent unbranded, non-irritating competitors.

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