How to choose a powerful juicer for large volumes of fruits and vegetables

Summer is the harvest season. Sometimes you no longer know what to do with the volumes that nature gives us so generously. Just right to think about purchasing a juicer for apples.

Choosing an

Juicer To choose the right machine, you need to answer the following questions:

  • where it will be used( at home, at the cottage);
  • how often you will use it;
  • what requirements you place on a drink;
  • what characteristics it must have;
  • how much are you willing to pay for it.

By answering these questions, you can find the juicer of the required characteristics. After clarifying the first item, it will become clear: you need an electric or manual unit. In the country very often there is no light, and therefore many craftsmen make juicers with their own hands. True, such a device takes up a lot of space, and the process of processing apples is extremely laborious and long. But if there are no options, then the manual juicer is very helpful.

Juice extractors by the principle of action are divided into 2 types:

. ..
  • auger;
  • centrifugal.

The first one works on the principle of a manual meat grinder: a spiral auger moves the raw materials to the pressure section, where the grinding and squeezing of juice take place. In the process of juice production, the pulverized pulp does not come into contact with air, and therefore does not oxidize. The drink turns out beautiful and transparent, and there are more vitamins, as the device does not heat up.

Centrifugal juice squeezer grinds raw materials on a grating, spinning at high speed and presses the consumable material to the walls of the machine, due to which the juice is squeezed out. It is more difficult to care for such a machine than for auger, since each time it is necessary to clean and wash the sieve. By changing the size of the holes in the sieve, you can adjust the thickness of the resulting juice, but it will not become transparent. In addition, during the processing of raw materials, heating occurs, which leads to the destruction of vitamins.

Centrifugal juicer is quite quiet, but its performance is lower than the auger, as can be seen from the resulting wet cake. These devices are distinguished by the favorable price and high speed of work.

Of course, for processing a really large amount of apples, it is worth choosing a centrifugal option, because:

  1. Although the juice after the auger juicer retains more vitamins, but with further processing( heating when rolling cans) it will still lose its benefits.
  2. Centrifugal apparatus is cheaper. For the same money you can buy a screw, but it will be mechanical, which means squeezing the juice will take you too much effort and time.

Having decided on the type of juicer, you can proceed to the choice of technical characteristics. Pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Lid Tray. This device has a protective function against various contaminants, and it is not necessary to constantly rinse the device before a new use.
  2. The quality of the material parts. The design of the juicer involves the use of parts made of stainless material. Otherwise, the juice will oxidize when interacting with the metal and lose its beneficial properties.
  3. Availability of guide tray. Without it, you will have to monitor the supply of products, as they can slip past the neck.
  4. Separator selection. Today you can find juicers with two types of separators: conical and cylindrical. The latter allows you to get about 95% of the finished drink, but after scrolling a certain number of apples, you will have to clear the juice from the product mixed in it. But conical does not require such work. It allows you to get pure juice, but its effectiveness is lower - only 70% of the drink.
  5. Availability of a container for receiving fluid. This is an extremely convenient thing when you need to process a large number of apples, because the side barrel for collecting juice will quickly fill up.
  6. Duration of continuous operation. How long the device will be able to work, effectively processing raw materials and not being afraid of overheating or breakage.
  7. Engine Specifications. From its power depends on the speed of the machine and its capabilities.
  8. Work Item Specifications. For processing apples, carrots or other fruits, high speed is required for good performance.
  9. The presence of the automatic reset of the cake. The presence of such an option will make spinning much more convenient.
  10. filter features. Depending on the size and number of holes, the density of the juice varies. Therefore, determine what concentration of juice you would like to receive.
  11. Ability to recycle raw materials without prior purification and dividing. Really powerful juicers can squeeze the juice from whole fruits.
  12. Presence of foam separator. Very useful, as in the production of juice is constantly formed foam, which is removed by this option.
It is very important to ensure the proper operation of the wiring for a powerful juicer, since damages in the power supply system can quickly destroy the device.

Review of popular models

Powerful juicers are produced in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, as we have the need to handle apples in large quantities. Europe and the United States produce much less powerful juicers, which are more suitable for a small amount of product to drink a glass of juice for breakfast, rather than prepare a drink for the winter.


Juicer has a centrifugal system with a cylindrical separator. Engine power - 180 watts. It weighs relatively little - 10.5 kg. It can process as much as 70 kg of apples per hour, which is a very good indicator.

The body is made of plastic. The loading compartment is quite roomy. The cake comes out semi-dry. Duty cycle lasts 10 minutes. Allows you to load apples whole.

The main drawback of the device is the accumulation of oil cake due to the lack of an automatic reset function. Approximately after each bucket of apples, the grid should be cleaned, otherwise it degrades the performance and also creates a vibration of the juicer.

Judging by the reviews, this model does an excellent job with its functions. True, the juice is not quite clean, sometimes it gets bones from apples. But this is not very significant, since otherwise the device is good, and it is not expensive at all.

"Woman Resident"

Similar to the previous model. The working cycle lasts 20 minutes, but for 5 minutes from this time the device needs to rest. Also allows you to download the entire product and is great for large volumes of apples. Weight - 10.5 kg.

The grid of this model must be cleaned of oilcake, but this is not very convenient, as for this you need to remove the centrifuge and unscrew the screw each time.

The juice drain tube is not located on the side, as in the Rossoshanka, but from the bottom, which is less convenient and implies low packaging.

Nevertheless, the performance of “Dachnitsa” is less good and it copes very well with squeezing the juice of apples, carrots and other vegetables and fruits.


Such a juicer weighs only 8 kg. Very powerful model( 320 W).It can process up to 120 kg of apples, carrots, beets and other fruits in just one hour. Takes fruits without processing.

is noticeably different from previous models in the shape of the separator. Due to the fact that it is conical, the cake is removed automatically to a special department, which must be periodically released.

The quality of the juice is satisfactory, in many reviews he is given only a “top three” on a five-point scale.

The high duration of the working cycle allows the device to work all day without stopping, though the processing will be long. The manufacturers of this device represent it as a processor of hard fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, pears, etc. Models are equipped with additional features, among which should be allocated shredder. They are also equipped with an automatic system of discharge of the cake. And in Zhuravinka there is a lever for simple waste disposal. It is made in accordance with GOST 27570.0 - 87 and can serve for 12-15 years.

The Sadovaya Juicer is slightly larger than the Zhuravinka. She has a more powerful engine and noise louder. But in general, very similar to the previous model.

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