8 best Bosch irons according to buyers

  • What is the basis for the best Bosch irons?
  • bashSuch units are not only at home with people, but also at their workplace. This is quite easy to explain, because these devices are designed to facilitate human life. For example, now women do not need to wash clothes with their hands, because automatic washing machines have appeared, which even have an ironing function. The process of ironing is also greatly facilitated by modern irons, which are significantly lighter in weight and can even work without wires.

    If we talk about these devices, they are represented on the market in a large assortment, at different prices and from different manufacturers. The most popular device from the company Bosch, because the products of this brand combines parameters such as "price - quality".In this article, we have compiled a ranking of the best Bosch irons, so that you can make your choice and buy the best option for you.

    What is the basis for the best Bosch irons rating?

    When compiling the rankings, customer reviews were taken of the largest online stores specializing in the sale of household appliances. And also the following parameters were taken into account:

    1. Ease of use.
    2. The stated characteristics and functionality is true.
    3. The use of high-quality components.
    4. Reliability of iron.
    5. Availability of additional options.
    6. pricing policy of the manufacturer.

    One of the best and well-known manufacturers of household appliances is the company from Germany Bosch. Developers are focusing on the production of not only the design and quality of the apparatus, but also its safety, in order to avoid accidental ignition. Irons of this brand are represented on the market in a large assortment to satisfy any, even the most demanding customer, and are designed for a different budget. Also, buyers note that the quality of this product is fully consistent with the declared value.

    The list of the best irons from the German manufacturer Bosch includes eight models that are in demand from buyers.

    Bosch TDS 2251

    This model is in great demand among buyers due to its many advantages:

    • Power - 3.1 kW⋅h.
    • Sole Ceranium Glissee.
    • Vertical Steam Option.
    • Steam generator - the highest pressure of 5.5 bar.
    • Capacity capacity for water - 1300 milliliters.

    Among the shortcomings can be identified only the high cost of this model.

    Bosch TDA 3026110

    Among the advantages of this device are:

    1. Power - 2600 W.
    2. Lightweight.
    3. Well smoothes even very crumpled things.
    4. Attractive design.
    5. Sole Ceranium Glissee.
    6. There is a splashing option.
    7. Automatic shutdown.

    According to reviews, the cost of this iron is fully consistent with its quality.

    Bosch TDA 2680


    • Power - 2.3 kWh.
    • Outsole - Palladium-glissee.
    • Affordable price.
    • Presence of a spray function.
    • Heating occurs for a short time.
    • Self-disabling function.

    Bosch TDI 903231A

    Among the advantages of this model are:

    1. Power - 3.2 kWh.
    2. Long wire - 2.5 meters.
    3. Comfortable handle.
    4. Self-cleaning system.
    5. Sole - Ceranium Glissee.
    6. Capacity for water - 400 milliliters.
    7. Anti-scale protection.

    Bosch TDA 102411C

    This model from Bosch has the following characteristics:

    • Power - 2.4 kWh.
    • Interesting design.
    • Self-disabling feature.
    • Anti-scale protection.
    • Capacity for liquid - 300 milliliters.
    • Spray System.

    Bosch TDA 2325

    This iron is a standard option for home use, equipped with a steam function. There is nothing difficult to control this unit, so it will suit any user. Despite the low price, this iron is in demand among consumers and receives from them only positive reviews. The advantages of this model include:

    1. Simple design.
    2. Lightweight.
    3. Vertical Steam System.
    4. Acceptable cost.
    5. Metal-ceramic outsole.
    6. Cleaning Option.
    7. The power cord is equipped with a special design that prevents it from twisting.
    8. Steam control option.
    9. Thermostat.
    10. Spray System.
    11. On the handle there are buttons for spraying and steam.
    12. Durability - able to last more than one year.
    13. Fast heating.


    • Power - 1.8 kWh.
    • Absence Antikaplya system.
    • There is no auto power off system.

    Bosch TDI 902836A

    This iron has the functions of a steam station. Among its features can be identified:

    1. EasyComfort - this mode does not need temperature control, and underwear - in sorting by type of fabric.
    2. i-Temp program is suitable for any fabric due to a combination of temperature and steam.
    3. Sensor Steam - the steam is turned on and supplied when the iron handle is touched.


    • A strong steam blow.
    • Multiple Steam Modes.
    • Anti-scale protection.
    • Anti-drip protection.
    • Special spout smoothes wrinkles in hard-to-reach places( stitches and buttons).
    • Vertical Steam.

    The disadvantages include:

    1. Work is accompanied by noise.
    2. Cools for a long time.

    Bosch TDA 2610

    Experts recommend to pay attention to this model of iron from a German manufacturer, if the budget for the purchase is limited. Advantages of Bosch TDA 2610:

    • Affordable.
    • Interesting design.
    • Easy glide when ironing.
    • Anti-scale protection.
    • Self-cleaning system.


    1. There is no protection against leakage.
    2. Cannot iron flax and cotton.
    3. Water tank must be constantly filled.
    4. The package does not include a cup for topping up water.


    The top-best Bosch irons were made specifically for buyers who are faced with the choice of purchasing a new unit. Here are the devices for consumers with any material wealth and various functionalities. We hope that this review will be useful to you.

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