What are the benefits of a mikatermichesky heater

  • Design and principle of operation
  • Advantages of a microthermal heater
  • Review of minuses
  • What to look for when buying an

Today, fewer people rely on a central heating system and heat their apartments and houses with additional heaters. Fortunately, this segment of household appliances is constantly updated with all sorts of new products and more and more effective devices for every taste and budget. However, is it worth to trust the loud assurances of manufacturers? Are the heaters that appear on store shelves so perfect and functional? Let's take a closer look at another innovation and find out: what is a mikatermichesky heater?

Device and principle of operation

Micatermic heaters do not “squander” heat - they heat not the air, but objects within the radius of their action. From the heated surfaces and bodies begins to warm up and the air in the room. No wonder they are called "indoor suns", because the principle of their work is similar to how the sun warms the earth. That is why, even on a frosty winter day, if you stand in direct sunlight, we will feel warm.

Of their advantages, it is worth noting that the heating of the room is felt almost immediately after switching on. But the traditional devices - oil radiators or fan heaters for this will have to work out in a row.

The first heaters, working on this principle, radiated heat in both directions, so they were recommended to be installed in the middle of the room. Constant engineering research and development made it possible to create mikatermicheskie heaters with one-sided heating - they can be put or even hung on the wall.

The device mikatermicheskogo heater is significantly different from how its predecessors are designed. In the heater of a new generation there are no heating elements or coolant, it is not able to burn a person. The instrument is based on a non-metallic multi-layer plate coated with mica. It does not heat up, but simply distributes infrared rays, so even if you touch the heater, you will not get burns or any damage. This makes the use of such a device quite safe, even in homes where small children grow up. And since there are no heating elements and coolant, then expenses for the replacement of these parts are excluded. Manufacturers of home appliances proudly declare that this technology has long been successfully implemented and operated in the field of astronautics and innovative medicine. And now these advanced technologies are designed to provide ordinary houses and apartments with warmth and comfort.

Advantages of an

mikatermichesky heater Like any new product, they immediately attracted the attention of consumers. Many are interested in the question - what makes such a device better than traditional heat sources? Let's find out!

  • Energy Efficiency. Consumption of an average mikatermichesky heater - about 1.5 kWh. Fan heaters and radiators "eat" a little more - from 2 kWh. In addition, traditional instruments need to work for 3-4 hours, so that the present could feel the heat in the room. A mikatermichesky heater immediately manifests itself, you only need to be in the zone of infrared radiation. In addition, such a heater does not need time to warm up itself or the air around it - therefore, its efficiency is several times higher.
  • Compact and light weight. Floor-mounted micatermic heaters can be easily moved around the room. Wall models have less compactness, but their radius of action is somewhat wider than that of floor standing appliances.
  • Security. The device itself does not heat up, but only distributes thermal energy and transfers it to surrounding objects. That is why, even if accidentally touched, the owner of the mikatermichesky heater or his household will not receive burns or other damage.
  • Maintaining a healthy microclimate. The mikatermichesky heater does not heat, so - and does not dry air. That is, the level of oxygen in the air during operation of the heater is not reduced. You can use such a device to heat any premises, including children's rooms, where it is important to maintain a certain level of humidity.
  • Silent device operation. Due to the features of the device, during operation, the device makes absolutely no sounds. No engine running, no crackling or tapping of warming elements - absolute silence.
  • Modern, elegant design. The appearance of the device fits perfectly into any interior and is able to complement any room.

Review Cons

Let's see, is this the case in practice? And are the pluses of a mikatermichesky heater in real conditions so convincing?

On the one hand, the power consumption of popular models of such heaters is indeed in the range of 1–1.5 kWh. On the other hand, if you take any heating device, then all the power consumed by them is converted into heat. So, the efficiency of conventional heaters and mikatermicheskih - the same. The only difference is in the amount of time the device spends on heating the room. But, users note an interesting fact - if you leave the infrared radiation zone of the mikatermichesky heater, it will not be too warm. And if you turn off the device, then the heating of objects, surfaces and people will instantly stop. So, there is no particular difference between the work of a conventional heater and a mikatermichesky.

It is really impossible to get burned on a mikatermichesky heater. The device still warms a little, however, this temperature does not exceed 60 °.However, you should still observe certain security measures - do not cover the device, put it away from flammable decorative elements( curtains, drapes, screens, partitions made of plastic) and furniture.

Another nuance - the mikatermichesky device becomes easy prey for dust particles, which literally clogs all the available holes. After a long idle heater, you have to either turn it on in a non-residential area, or "enjoy" the smell of burning dust.

As with any modern appliance, a mikatermichesky heater, depending on the model, can be supplemented with various functions - remote control, electronic informative display, climate control, various operating modes, etc.

What to look for when buying an

Is it worth it to spend money on an updated mikatermichesky heater - you choose, because the advantages of the device are quite convincing, and you can easily accept the drawbacks and learn to fight. If you decide to install a device of this type in your home or apartment, it would be good to find out about several important criteria for choosing an effective microthermic heater.

First of all, you should understand that the power of 1 kWh is enough for heating 12 m².In a large room it is worth picking up a more powerful device.

According to the type of mounting and installation, they are divided into floor, wall and ceiling. The higher the device is installed, the greater the coverage radius. However, wall and floor can not boast the mobility of floor models, which can be heated by a sector or even carry or transport a heater.

When buying a heater, pay attention to additional functionality. In a family where children grow up, it will not be superfluous to block control. If you need to heat the bathroom - pay attention to protection from water and moisture. For unheated cottages, you can buy a device that periodically turns on and warms up the room to a certain temperature, and then turns off again.

In general, mikatermichesky heaters allow you to quickly create a comfortable environment in any room. They are convenient to use, they are durable and very effective. As with any device, these heaters have certain operational nuances, but if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can get maximum pleasure and effect from using mikatermicheskie heating devices.

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