How to wash a jacket in a washing machine in fluff

Jackets with down are common modern outerwear. They are very warm and light, and in addition, they have a stylish and fashionable design. In the process of everyday wear, down jackets are exposed to quite heavy soiling, especially if they are light in color. Each owner of such a thing begins to think about how to properly clean the down jacket at home, so as not to spoil it.

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. The complexity of down jacket care is that its filling is natural down. Duck or goose down and feather, used for the manufacture of outerwear, retain heat well and allow air to circulate inside the clothing. But besides these useful qualities, this filler has other properties.

Pooh, which has many small lint, contributes to the accumulation of dust, so it is desirable to clean not only the outer covering of the jacket, but also its filler. The main difficulty is that when the lint gets wet, the down fluff stick together and form a clump, and it is subsequently difficult to bring it into its original form. In addition, hairs tend to absorb detergents that are hard to wash out of them.

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Due to these factors, it is necessary to know how to properly clean and dry the down jacket at home so that it does not lose its valuable qualities. To begin with, determine whether you can wash your down jacket by hand, or a machine - machine comes to the rescue. Find the label and see what kind of care the manufacturer offers. He can recommend:

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  • hand wash;
  • processing in the washing machine with an indication of the possibility of spinning;
  • dry cleaning.

There are downy items for which only dry cleaning is allowed. In this case, it is necessary to hand over clothes to a specialized institution in order to clean it. But mostly modern manufacturers do things that can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

In order to properly wash the jacket on the down at home, you need to follow some rules. The temperature for washing both types should not exceed 30 degrees. It is recommended to apply mild detergent formulations with a liquid or gel consistency. They sparingly act on the cover of the jacket and do not leave streaks. Normal powder is best not to use.

Before you start washing a down jacket in a washing machine or by hand, you need to clean the outer coating from stains and heavy dirt. Due to the fact that the down does not give away detergents that are absorbed during the washing process, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the down jacket in plenty of water at least two times. In the machine it is recommended to put an extra rinse.

Since the down and feather are lumped during processing, in order to properly wash such clothes in a washing machine, you need to use special balls. Some manufacturers sell them along with down jackets. They are laid in the drum with clothes and washed and dried with it. The balls beat the thing during the wash and do not allow the fluff to clump together.

If you could not find on sale special balls for washing down products, you can use regular soft tennis balls for tennis. It is better to buy light balls that will not paint clothes in the process of its processing.

How to wash by hand

If the manufacturer allows washing only by hand, it will be easy to clean the down jacket at home. Carefully inspect the clothing and determine the degree of contamination. Not very dirty thing can be cleaned by hanging it on a hanger, focusing on particularly contaminated places.

Pour warm water into the container and dissolve the detergent into it. You can use laundry soap. Foam the solution and wet the sponge in it. Scrub the sponge first with the sponge until it is completely cleansed, and then begin to coat the jacket, making movements from top to bottom.

Wash the entire down jacket this way. After that, turn on the shower and wash off the foam with a strong jet. Rinse the product well so that no detergent is left in it.

If the thing is heavily soiled, it is better to wash it in the bath. Put in there cool water( about 30 degrees) and pour in detergent. Stir to dissolve the substance and put the jacket in the water. Cover dirty places and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Then wash the product, change the water and rinse it well. Rinse operation is better to repeat again. Gently squeeze the thing and hang it to dry on a hanger.

Machine washable

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Make sure that the manufacturer permits the treatment of down products in the washing machine. To properly wash a down jacket at home, follow these rules:

  • put in the drum only one thing with downy filler;
  • use a special product or liquid soap for washing;
  • perform processing in delicate mode;
  • wash in cool water.

Before you put the product in the machine, prepare it. Unfasten the fur, remove the extraneous things from the pockets. Dirty places and stains must first be rubbed with a sponge dipped in soapy water or soap. Zip all the zippers and turn the thing on the wrong side. Do not forget to use special balls for washing.

Put the down jacket in the drum with balls, select the delicate mode, set the temperature to 30 degrees. Pour detergent composition into the powder compartment and turn on the machine. After the wash cycle, rinse the process twice. Pressing the product should be at low revs. If there is an appropriate mode in your typewriter, then you need to dry your jacket with fluff together with balls in a gentle drying mode.

Removing stains

If there are dirty stains on the down-padded coat, they must be removed before the washing process. Spots of dirt can be removed with a soap solution or simply by rubbing with soap. In the case when the pollution is more complex, use a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Take a small amount of both drugs and mix in equal amounts. Rub the problem areas with this compound. Leave for a while, then rinse these places with clean water.

Fatty stains can be removed using gasoline or saline. Rub the problem area with a sponge dipped in gasoline. You can make a slurry of salt with the addition of water and apply it to the stain. Wait about 30-40 minutes and rinse off any residue.

Drying of the Down Jacket

In order for the down jacket to get its original shape, it must be properly dried. Wet down jacket should be gently squeezed without twisting the coating, and hang on the hanger. Dry clothes should be in fresh air or at room temperature.

During the drying process, it is necessary to periodically approach the product and shake it well to distribute the fluff over the inside of the jacket. This must be done constantly, otherwise not to avoid the formation of lumps.

Down jacket dries for a long time, so be patient. Do not dry such things near electric heaters and stoves. This can adversely affect down properties.

If at the end of the process in some places of the clothes there are still lumps, do not be discouraged. Fing these places with your fingers to break up lumps. After that, shake this part of the jacket very vigorously. Continue until you see that the fluff is evenly distributed.

Washing Fur

Many down jackets are equipped with a fur edge. If it is white, then it may be visible pollution. In this case, it also needs to be cleaned. The edge is detachable and cleaned separately from the twist.

You can clean the fur using dry and wet methods. The first is that potato starch or semolina is applied to the nap. Rub the powder into the fur and wait a while. These substances absorb dirt and clean the pile.

Then shake off the powder from the edge and comb it with a comb or a brush to remove any residues. In addition to the described means, you can use talc as a cleaner.

You can clean dirty fur with soapy water. Dissolve some liquid detergent in warm water. Foam and apply it on a sponge. Carefully process all the fur, avoiding getting wet to the base.

Then wash off the remnants of the drug with a sponge dipped in clean water and wait for it to dry. After that, comb the pile with a fur brush or a large comb.

Using all the recommendations, you can properly wash your down jacket yourself. Wash clothes in a timely manner, do not bring to heavy dirt and stubborn stains. Then your thing will stay beautiful and fresh for a long time.

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