How to choose an electric stove with a ceramic hob

If you decide to change the old electric stove to a new one, consider the version with a glass-ceramic surface. This is a modern technique with a beautiful design, which has a lot of advantages. On the market there are many models of these plates, which differ in price, availability of functions, the principle of operation and other parameters. To choose the right stove with a glass-ceramic surface, you need to explore all the existing nuances.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The electric stove with a ceramic glass hob has a beautiful, perfectly smooth, even surface. Rings are indicated by contours, which may have a different configuration. The surface resembles glass in appearance, but is highly durable. Glass ceramics consists of a compound of oxides of aluminum, lithium and silicon. This material is able to withstand very high temperatures and is resistant to mechanical damage.

The stove with a glass-ceramic hob has a large number of advantages that allow you to choose it among other models:

  • High strength and reliability of the surface.
  • Increased thermal strength( withstands temperatures up to 600 degrees).
  • Anisotropic surface type. Special heat-conducting properties allow the burners to heat up very quickly, and when they are turned off, they also cool quickly. Another important point is that the surface outside the contour does not heat up, it keeps the room temperature.
  • Cost Effective. Electricity consumption in such plates is minimal. Rings can have several heating circuits that allow adjustment of the heating area. In this case, it will not include the entire surface, but only the part where the bottom of the dish is located.
  • Convenient touch control, which provides smooth control of temperature.
  • Has residual heat indicators. They provide information on which hotplates remain hot and to what extent.
  • Easy Care. Glass ceramics are easy to clean and care for.
  • Attractive futuristic design.
  • Multifunctional. Such equipment, as a rule, is equipped with a large number of functions that speed up and facilitate the process of cooking.

Such a number of advantages can convince any consumer to choose this type of equipment. However, in fairness, it is necessary to note several shortcomings of these types of plates.

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The properties of a glass-ceramic material are such that, possessing high resistance to mechanical damage, it is afraid of directional impacts of great strength. The surface of the plate can withstand the fall of a heavy pan, but if you strike a point impact, it can crack.

Since the burners are very sensitive and heat the bottom of the dishes when they are in contact with them, they can only be cooked in containers with a perfectly flat bottom. Old pans with a spoiled surface will not work.

Due to the fact that the coating of the hob is smooth and uniform over the entire area, liquid that has drained from the cookware can be poured over it. If milk runs away from you, it will spread all over the stove. In this case, the liquid easily gets on the floor and walls of the plate. You will have to wash the entire unit and the dirty floor.

Types of burners

Types of burners in glass-ceramic plates can be different. The view of the heating element inside influences the efficiency of the burner, as well as the price of the appliance. Heating elements can be: halogen, rapid and induction.

The halogen burners heat up very quickly, in about 3 seconds. Heating is carried out using a high-power halogen lamp connected to a spiral element. They are distinguished by a soft red glow during operation. A large amount of heat allows you to quickly boil water, fry the ingredients well. The disadvantage of these elements can be considered low life and increased power consumption.

Rapid type elements may heat up within 10-12 seconds. They have the form of a spiral of a fast-heating alloy. In more powerful models, the heating component is a corrugated tape, which allows you to reduce the heating time of the burner. This is a more economical model, in addition, the spiral is more reliable in operation.

Induction elements are considered advanced technology. The working component is an induction unit that propagates electromagnetic radiation. When turned on, it instantly heats up and begins to warm the bottom of the dish, which is located above it. In this case, the rest of the surface is heated. This is an economical type of burner, but special dishes are needed to use it.

Glass ceramic stove can have a different number of burners, from 2 to 6. They can be of different configurations: round and oval, for dishes with different bottom shapes. In many models there is the possibility of regulating the working area of ​​heating. This is due to the presence of contours of different diameters.

Choose a model with the function of expanding the heating zone. Then you will not need to choose the diameter of the pan under the circle of the burner. For pots with a small bottom, an internal heating component will turn on, and for larger ones, an external one.

The heating components on one cooking surface may have different capacities. This allows you to save electrical energy using the one you need at the moment. Some of them can work in turbo mode, allowing you to cook in an accelerated mode.


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All modern models of glass-ceramic plates, as a rule, are multifunctional. The number of options directly affects the cost of the device. To choose the best equipment option, pay attention to the following useful features.

For a better frying dish, the oven should be equipped with several heating elements. They are located above, below and on the sides of the cabinet, ensuring uniform heating.

A very useful option is the convection mode in the oven. Convection distributes the air flow inside the oven in such a way that the dish is simultaneously heated from all sides, preventing it from burning and drying out. Cooked food remains juicy inside and has a beautiful crispy crust outside.

This option allows you to cook pizza, defrost food, dry fruits, make kebabs. In some models you can cook several dishes at the same time. It is very convenient when the oven is equipped with a retractable slide, allowing you to push the baking sheet without touching it.

Many models are equipped with a timer and cooking indicator. The indicator allows you to accurately determine the degree of readiness of the dish, without removing it from the oven. More expensive equipment can be completed with an electronic unit with programs. You put the food in the closet and enter information about what dish you want to cook. Special sensors will monitor the temperature, cooking time and check the readiness of products.

When choosing a model of a plate, pay special attention to the method of its cleaning. There are devices with an automatic purification system, which is a very convenient and necessary option, which allows you to save your time and energy.

Additional features

The developers of home appliances pay due attention to ease of operation and safety. For this, the equipment is equipped with various additional options that facilitate the process of cooking and make it safe.

If you have small children, it is better to choose a stove with the function of locking buttons so that children cannot accidentally turn it on. Special heat-resistant materials from which the oven door is made and the walls of the case do not allow the appliance to heat up from the outside and protect you and your furniture from burns and damage.

A function such as lighting allows you to monitor the preparation of dishes. The heat indicator shows which parts of the stove remain hot. If there is an option to control the boiling water, the burner is automatically turned off, which prevents liquid from entering the cooking surface.

Using the touch control you can better regulate the cooking process, besides, it will be much easier to care for the stove. The booster function allows for a short-term increase in the power of one burner for accelerated heating.

Automatic recognition of the type of dishes allows you to turn on the stove only if there is a container of the appropriate type( metal) on it. In addition, this option does not heat the empty dishes or with a minimum amount of food.

Choice of cookware

A special feature of glass-ceramic plates is that they are very sensitive to the choice of cookware. Pots and pans should be made of a certain type of material, and also have a perfectly flat bottom.

Old dishes that were used on a conventional plate may not be suitable for glass ceramics. Containers with a curved bottom such rings will not heat. The bottom surface of some old saucepans may seem visually even, but in fact it may have bumps and drops.

The second important point is the material from which the dishes are made. Copper and aluminum are not suitable for use on a glass-ceramic surface. These metals are soft and, melting, can leave traces on the hob that will be very difficult to remove. In addition, you spoil the very dishes. It is possible to cook food in glass heat-resistant dishes, but because of the properties of glass, this will take a longer time.

The best option is stainless steel cookware with a thick bottom. Make sure that it does not have a variety of embossed inscriptions. It is better to choose the dishes, which will be marked "for glass ceramics".

Another requirement of the manufacturer of this technology is the exact correspondence of the diameter of the bottom of the pan to the size of the burner. If these indicators do not match, equipment may be damaged in one or the other direction. This will reduce the service life of the hob.

Plates with glass-ceramic coating are quite expensive equipment, so take seriously the choice of a suitable model. In order to choose the best option, consult with the seller-consultant and carefully examine all the nuances.

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