What to do if the dish is not spinning in the microwave?

To ensure that the food in the microwave evenly warmed, a rotating plate was provided. You put a dish or other container with food on it, and when turned on, it starts spinning. But sometimes the mechanism responsible for the rotation breaks. What to do in this case? Can I make repairs on my own?

The problem with the wheels

Before worrying about and begin a serious repair, you need to check how the plate is installed. If she twisted, or the wheels came off the rails on which they move, then you can fix the situation in one minute.

See if there is food on the rails that may impede movement, or if fat has spilled down. Sometimes the plate does not spin because it is overloaded. In this case, it is enough to make a portion of smaller sizes, and everything will start to work.

How to get and check the engine

In the microwave can break the engine, which is responsible for the rotation of the pan. This is the most common technical malfunction, which, if desired, can be fixed by yourself. Before carrying out repairs, do not forget to disconnect the device from the network.

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  • First you need to get the engine through the hatch on the bottom of the microwave. The hatch cover has a convex shape, its attachments are bitten off with pliers.
  • Then you need to check the condition of the motor.
  • Consider whether you can fix the damage.
  • If you can not repair the engine, it must be replaced.

The part you need is enclosed in a round case with two terminals and eyelets for mounting. The case indicates the supply voltage, usually 220 volts.

To check whether the microwave motor is in good condition, measure the resistance of its winding by connecting an ohmmeter or universal tester to the terminals. The tester switch is set to 20 kΩ.If the winding is blown, then the tester will show infinite resistance.

It is even easier to test by connecting the motor to a 220 volt network. If it is in good condition, the shaft with the sleeve, which protrudes from the housing, will rotate quickly.

A blown part is replaced with a new one with the same parameters, having previously ordered it from a specialized store. Often these items are bought via the Internet.

It should be noted that a good master can replace a burned-out winding, but it is rather difficult to do so, therefore, they often simply install a new engine in repair shops.

How to fix a do-it-yourself failure

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If the pan is jerking, check that the motor terminals are tightly clamped. Sometimes weak contacts do not allow the shaft to rotate at maximum speed.

The cause of the breakdown may be the rotation of the gear, worn on the motor shaft.

Why is this happening? The gear wheel eventually gets unstuck and stops spinning or spinning in jerks. As a result, the rotational moment is not transmitted to the plate, although the motor winding is intact and the current passes.

To remedy the situation, you must open the engine cover with a flat screwdriver. Remove the cover carefully so as not to damage the gears located inside. In the middle is a magnet with gear. You need to get these two parts, wipe them with alcohol or purified gasoline, then glue the transfer gear to the magnet superglue and set everything in place. In the process, make sure that the glue does not get on the shaft.

When disassembling the gear mechanism, you can see that some gear is broken. In this case, it must be replaced, if it is impossible to do this, then buy a new engine.

Open circuit

When checking the motor, it may turn out that it is fully operational and the plate, meanwhile, is not spinning. This indicates an open circuit. The place of the break may be a blown bulb. To replace it, unscrew the screws on the back of the microwave and remove the cover.

The cartridge with the lamp is gently pulled in, unscrewed the blown lamp and set a new one. Then put on the casing.

If everything is in order with the lamp, then it is necessary to look for a break in another place. This can be done by checking the circuit with an electronic multimeter( tester).

All work is carried out with care, since there is a large-capacity condenser in the microwave. Those who have little knowledge of electronics, it is better to abandon such experiments.

Before repairing yourself, check if the warranty period has not expired. If the microwave oven is still subject to warranty repair, then take it to a service center. So you will save money and time, which is very important when it comes to such a useful device.

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