Yeast as a fertilizer for plants: how to apply

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Familiar said that for dressings it uses yeast( both in the garden and in the garden), and that after such irrigation everything is good. Tell me how to make fertilizer for plants from yeast and can you water the seedlings?

Most gardeners, gardeners and gardeners use natural remedies to fertilize their “wards”, giving them preference over the so-called chemistry. One such product is ordinary baker's yeast. Due to its rich composition and the presence of active yeast after the introduction of such fertilizer into the soil, the decomposition of organic matter is accelerated. In turn, the soil is faster saturated with nutrients necessary for the growth of crops.

The effect of yeast fertilizers on plants.

Yeast is a great alternative to mineral fertilizers, and they are also much cheaper, and the effect is the same. So, under the influence of yeast dressings:

  • potassium, nitrogen and other elements that play an important role in the development of plants enter the soil;
  • accelerates the growth of deciduous and root mass of crops;
  • in adult plants increases resistance to disease;
  • cultures tolerate climatic conditions more easily, for example, lack of lighting in the winter;
  • seedlings are more durable and grows faster;
  • is activated rooting cuttings during reproduction.

Yeast can be used for top dressing of practically all types of crops( from garden plants to flower plants), regardless of whether they are grown in open ground or indoors. The exceptions are potatoes, onions and garlic, because this leads to the fact that the crop becomes loose, and poorly stored.

Methods of using yeast

How to prepare fertilizer for plants from yeast and how often can they be watered with plants? For nutritional infusion, you can use yeast in any form:

  1. Dry yeast .Pour 10 g of yeast and sugar( 60 g) into a bucket of water( slightly warmed).Mix well and let stand in a warm place for about two hours. Before use, dilute the liquid in a ratio of 1: 5.
  2. Fresh Yeast .To prepare a concentrated solution of yeast diluted in water at a ratio of 1: 5.Dilute the finished concentrate with water( 10 parts) before use.
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Yeast solution needs to be watered at the root, stepping back from the stem. The land around should be still wet after the previous watering. It can also be used for rooting cuttings( withstand cuttings day).

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When treating seedlings of plants, the first watering must be done 7 days after planting on the bed, and the second - before flowering.

Yeast top dressings in open ground should be done only after it has warmed up well, since in the cold earth the yeast loses activity.

It is enough to use such a fertilizer once a month, that is, a maximum of 2-3 additional feedings per season. This amount is enough to provide plants with useful elements. However, it is worth considering that during fermentation, potassium and calcium leave the soil, so after watering with yeast solution, ash should be removed.

Yeast plant nutrition - video

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