General rules for proper storage of coffee beans

Good coffee for many was and remains a small joy in the morning, the taste of a freshly brewed drink cannot be compared with instant, they are strikingly different. There are differences in storage conditions: if we usually leave an instant drink in the package in which it was sold — a jar or plastic bag, then not everyone knows how to store coffee beans. The right conditions do not allow the grains to lose their flavor and taste, for which they are valued, so if you want to constantly enjoy a delicious, invigorating drink, you need to take into account some of the nuances.

What can be, if you store the coffee incorrectly

Not everyone can understand why this product should be stored at all, because store packaging will be suitable for permanent use. The need for its proper content is dictated by several reasons:

  1. Those who drink coffee rarely need to provide decent conditions for its content so that all its positive qualities will be maintained for a long time.
  2. In order to save a lot of people buy large packages, therefore, the surplus of the still unnecessary product must be protected from harmful effects.
  3. Connoisseurs who enjoy the process of making morning coffee, and not just want to cheer up, are very jealous of its taste and aroma, wanting to keep them unchanged.

Grain coffee - picky product, you can provide it with the necessary conditions very simply, but if you do not do this, you can pretty much harm your favorite drink. Among the changes that occur with it under the influence of air and moisture, the following can be noted:

  • contact with air adversely affects the taste qualities of the grains: they can change or even completely lose their taste;
  • for the same reason gradually weakens the flavor;
  • structure becomes denser, with the result that the grain gradually covers the plaque, which has an acidic odor and taste;
  • can cause mold when coffee is high;
  • whole grains can decay;
  • coffee absorbs all the smells of products that are in close proximity to the storage location, which greatly changes its color and aroma during cooking.

Storage Conditions

There are several general rules for the content of coffee beans that apply to all types of this drink. Firstly, it is better to store it in a separate container, which will be intended only for grains of the same grade. Each of them must be stored in different containers in order not to lose its original flavor and appearance. In addition, the site itself should be isolated from external detrimental factors, such as high temperature drops, drafts, moisture and strong odors of other products.


Capacity As the air negatively affects all the quality indicators of a drink, it is better to use vacuum packaging in which it was sold for its proper storage until the very first consumption, it is not necessary to open it. After the package has been opened, you will need to look for a more suitable container for storage. Perfectly fit a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. In it the structure, aroma and taste of the grains will remain unchanged during the month.

Storage time

A factory package with an appropriate check valve will keep your drink for 2 years, provided that the coffee is sealed. After opening the packaging shelf life is sharply reduced. Coffee should be consumed within two weeks from the moment of depressurization, although some experts stop at a figure of 10 days. Independently roasted grains should be consumed immediately, they are not subject to storage.

Where to store the grain

Knowledge of how to store coffee will be incomplete, if you do not take into account its storage location. There are several common options for such places, which are most often used by people in everyday life.

Open shelf

Inappropriate to store coffee in a place if it is in a bag and a transparent container. A kitchen is a place where temperature fluctuations, dampness and drafts during airing are common phenomena.

Indoor kitchen cabinet

One of the best storage options for your drink. The cabinet is protected from sunlight, in addition, it has a relatively constant temperature and humidity, it is good if it is located away from the sink and stove.

The coffee packaging itself should not be kept next to products that emit a strong smell: spices, dried herbs, scented candles, fruits, etc. For the neighborhood it is better to choose something neutral - cereals, pasta, which will be stored in banks.

Refrigerator and freezer

Many people say that the option of storing coffee in a refrigerator or freezer is very good, because the essential oils that are contained in coffee beans do not evaporate under the influence of low temperature. However, for the safety of the grains, oil evaporation is not as important as the oxidation process.

Oxygen is the fastest way to oxidize coffee beans. Opening the door of the refrigerator or freezer will not contribute to anything good. In addition, under the action of low temperature, the grain structure is broken, cracked, and as a result you can get a spoiled drink with an unpleasant taste and aroma.

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