How to turn off the gas stove for the period of repair

The presence of a gas stove in the house is a big plus for the family budget. It is easy to use, the price for using natural gas is lower than electricity. In addition, buying a gas stove, you can not think about fast replacement, these devices are durable. It is important to observe safety precautions when using plates for domestic purposes, and even more so when carrying out repairs. The only caveat is that by installing a gas stove for a house project, you can move it to another place only when coordinated with public utilities and other services. This is an extra waste of time and money. When rearranging furniture in the kitchen or carrying out large-scale repairs, the gas stove will have to be turned off, observing all the norms and safety requirements.


First of all, it must be remembered that, according to Russian legislation, the owners and tenants of premises bear all responsibility for gas appliances, including the stove( Article 210 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).Therefore, you should decide which is better: contact the appropriate authorities to turn off the stove or do the work yourself. If you decide to turn off the gas stove on your own at the time of the repair, you should know that only specialists who have been certified and confirmed their qualifications are allowed to work under the law.

Safety regulations

Mixing air and gas at a certain percentage is explosive. Some of the gas contains substances that dull the feelings and consciousness of a person with psychotropic effects. Therefore, it is necessary to handle the gas very carefully in compliance with the rules:

  • The room must be de-energized, turn off the machines.
  • Remove phones, tablets, etc. from the room, turn off the UPS.
  • Open up the window.
  • Shut off the valve on the riser with gas, de-energize the stove by pulling the cord out of the socket.
  • Use tools suitable for this type of work.
  • Prepare a cap from a soaked rag, a cork from a wine bottle is suitable for a pipe.
  • Plug each open pipe before continuing.
  • After each new connection, apply gas and check with pre-prepared soapy water. If bubbles appear, immediately shut off the gas and create a good tightness.
  • In case of suspicious noise in the form of hissing sounds or the smell of gas, immediately call the emergency gas service.


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Gas fittings for this type of work is made of alloys or bronze, there is no spark from this, the material has good tightness. Saving on taps or hoses is definitely not worth it, you need to buy them only in certified departments and stores. For the hose it is better to choose tires, it will last longer. For insulation, a tow of flax impregnated with “Unipak”, teflon thread or FUM tape. From the tools fit the gas wrench number 1, number 2.For modern gas appliances, it is necessary to make an additional dielectric gasket between the hose and the valve, this is done to avoid electricity leaking onto the riser.

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Shut off the valve, immediately check it for a gas leak in the following way:

  1. The shut off valve is gripped with a wrench No. 2, the removal nut with a wrench is clamped and carefully turned.
  2. With a solution from the soap, check the outlet of the nozzle, nothing should swell and bubble. If you need to replace the faucet with a new one, it is better to contact the specialists, but if possible, it is better to leave the old one.

Turning off the gas stove

Now dismantle the nut on the rubber hose with a gas wrench. If then there is no replacement of the plate, then the nut must be left. The next step is to unscrew the clutch on the bottom. At the old plate, the clutch can stick, you can remove it if you cut the pipe with the grinder and remove the remains of the crane. The gas stove must be moved to a distance, the windows should be left open. A wetted piece of rag closes the hole after removing the old tap.

End Cap

Since the stove will be disconnected for the duration of the repair, it is necessary to install a plug on the gas pipe from the highway. Special cap for gas stoves are purchased in specialized departments and stores. After its installation, they are checked again for leaktightness of the pipe using a solution from soap. If no bubbles appear, the plug is installed correctly, otherwise it needs to be reinstalled. The crane should be wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent debris and dust from getting inside.

In any case, if you need to turn off the gas stove for repairs, you should be familiar with the norms and standards of SNiP 2.04.08-87, section "Gas supply".
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