Tips for choosing a compact mini juicer

A juicer is considered small if about 500 ml of juice can be squeezed out at a time when buying. This volume is quite enough to provide you with useful vitamins for the day. Mini juicer is popular with people leading a healthy lifestyle. It weighs little, does not take up much space, so it can be used in a small apartment, dormitory, and with frequent moves. Another important factor is the price. Small appliances usually cost less.

For citrus fruits

The manual juicer for lemons and oranges can be considered the most compact. Other citrus fruits are not forbidden to be pressed on it. Such a small masher is a bowl with a cone-shaped nozzle, on which ribs are made. You need:

  • cut the fruit in half;
  • to put a half on a cone;
  • scroll through the fruit.

As a result, the juice will pour into the bowl. In some models, filters, delaying seeds and films are provided.

They also produce electric presses for citrus fruits. They significantly speed up the work, but take up a little more space. The power of a small Braun juicer is only 20 W, and in one go it can squeeze 1 liter of juice. A large range of electric models for citrus fruits is offered by Moulinex. There are numerous Chinese and Korean manufacturers, so those who like to drink a glass of fresh orange for breakfast will always find the right juicer.

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Centrifugal models

Compact centrifugal juicer perfectly crushes fruits and vegetables. It does not have a built-in container for collecting juice, so the liquid flows into a separately substituted glass.

Companies produce models with glasses and bowls of different capacities. If you need a small, not occupying a lot of space juicer, then pick up the capacity of about 500 ml. Do not forget to pay attention to the power of the device. The more it is, the better the juicer can squeeze the juice.

It should be borne in mind that the motor occupies a certain place in the device, so it is unlikely to find a very small model.

Small devices of the brands Vitek, Moulinex, Polaris and others are popular. Consider several models with a capacity of 200 W:

  • Polaris PEA 0205 is a very compact model, it processes any fruit, the juice is fed into a bogus glass.
  • Moulinex JU 2100 with a convenient round neck for feeding fruit. Works at 2 speeds. There is another universal model JU 380 with a power of 300 watts.
  • Zelmer 377 ED with one speed, according to the manufacturer, for any fruit. Products of this company are distinguished by reliability.

Firms are constantly developing and producing new models that differ in power, speed of rotation of the centrifuge and volume of the container. If you do not find these devices, you can choose alternative ones.

Press and auger juicer

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You can buy a juice extruder equipped with a press. In this case, you get a cold-pressed juice. It preserves the maximum vitamins, because there is no heating.

Pressing juicers can not be attributed to the cheapest, but they are reliable and will serve you for more than ten years. The juice in them is poured into a glass, which is substituted at the bottom.

An example of such a device could be a Oursson brand juicer model JM8002.Its width is 19.5 cm. And its depth( length) is 19 cm, so that it is rather compact. Power device of 200 watts. For comparison, the centrifugal models have a capacity of 2-3 times more.

JM8002 can squeeze juice from fruits, as well as berries and all kinds of vegetables. In addition, it crushes dry herbs, spices, can crush crackers and nuts, turning them into crumb. Capacities for juice and oilcake have the same volume equal to 0.8 l. It is more than a glass, but it is better to have a supply of possibilities than a disadvantage.

You can buy a vertical screw juicer, which is compact and gentle squeezing juice. Fruits are pushed and crushed by the movement of a special screw( auger).The device is easy to clean from the cake and wash. The engine was placed vertically, so on the table a vertical model does not take up much space.

Alternative to

It must be understood that any juicer will have to be washed immediately after use, because microorganisms can start in the residues of fruit sugar. If you want to buy a mini device only to wash it less often, then nothing good will come of it.

Many vendors are advised to choose an alternative, such as a compact and reliable juicer from Philips.

There are various modifications of it, but almost all received encouraging reviews. An example would be the HR1832 with a power of 500 W, squeezing 1.5 liters of juice at a time. She has a modern design, the cake is collected in the top container. The most pleasant thing is quick cleaning. The mesh is polished according to modern technologies, so you can wash it with a regular sponge.

Separately, you can mark the brand Zelmer, which released the model 476 600 watts. It has a self-cleaning filter function. With one press of the button, the cake is removed from the filter, and the work of squeezing the juice can be continued.

What to look for when buying an

First of all, decide for what you need a juicer. You can squeeze the juice from it:

  • soft fruits and berries with pits;Citrus fruits
  • ;
  • fruits, berries and vegetables;
  • from any fruit.

The harder the fruit, the more powerful the device must be to squeeze the juice out of it. Pay attention to the mesh material. High-quality mesh is made of durable stainless steel.

If the juicer is designed for processing fruits and berries, then it is desirable that it had two speeds. Slower speed is intended for berries, which allows you to extract more juice from them.

Juicer, designed for a small number of processed at one time fruit, has a cylindrical separator. This provides an excellent spin( almost 95%), but it is difficult to organize the rejection of pulp in such a device. After 2-3 glasses of juice, the separator is cleaned manually, and if the vegetable is solid, then one glass of juice may have twice as much cake, and the filling of the separator must be monitored carefully.

Take a look at the fruit feed opening. It should be wide enough to work comfortably. But if we are talking about a small and low-power device, then this is not necessary. You are likely to process a small amount of fruit at a time, and you will not be difficult to cut them into pieces.

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