Difference between Multicookers and Steamers

  • Cooking
  • Functionalitybut at the same time get on the exit delicious and healthy dishes. The real helpers in the kitchen consider such devices as a slow cooker and a double boiler. Housewives who value their time and work will willingly acquire at least one of these devices. Both are designed for direct cooking. However, what is better to buy a double boiler or a slow cooker? To do this, analyze their properties and principle of operation.

    Cooking method

    Multicooker is a multifunctional kitchen appliance, thanks to which you can cook different types of dishes. With it, you can quickly and easily prepare a dish by:

    • Cooking;
    • Frying;
    • Baking;
    • Baking;
    • Quenching;
    • Steamed.

    This increases the range of dishes that can be cooked with it. In fact, it is an opportunity to cook any meal, with a compact way and with savings in time.

    Steamer - a kitchen attribute, from the very name allows you to understand the way of cooking. Products are prepared by steaming - steamed. Therefore, at the output you will receive only healthy but monotonous food, in the sense of the method of preparation.


    It is clear that you can cook with the help of both devices. But still, how does a steamer differ from a multicooker?

    Different models of multicooker and steam cookers contain excellent features. However, each type has standard functions that actually help to choose between them.

    Multivarki contain embedded programs. Among them, there are functions indicating the method of cooking( roasting, frying, boiling) and specific programs that provide preparation of a particular dish. In particular:

    • Cooking buckwheat;
    • Omelet;
    • Yoghurt Preparation;
    • Cooking porridge;
    • cooking pilaf.

    That is, comprehensive programs that allow you to properly prepare this or that dish.

    Steamer is not marked multifunctional, since all products are prepared only with the help of steam. However, it also has the necessary and necessary functions for the cooking process:

    • Steaming;
    • Heated food;
    • Defrost food.

    With the help of the multicooker you can cook a lot of dishes of different types, but in turn. The difference between the double boiler is that it allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, but the only way.

    With the improvement of technology, new models appear that may contain additional functions. However, the main purpose of this kitchen appliance is steaming food. Such a kitchen set is a great helper in the kitchen of the hostess where there are children or people with diet food. Actually in this case, the presence of a double boiler really helps out and saves the time and effort expended.

    It should be noted that an alternative to the multicooker in the kitchen is a stove and an oven. If there is a need for constant steam cooking, then the double boiler simplifies the cooking process at times. Because its alternative is a long and complicated process in the kitchen for the hostess.

    Cooking time

    The cooking method in the slow cooker allows you to cook food fast enough. This is due to the fact that the functions allow the products to be brought up to standard by frying, baking and stewing using high temperatures. For example: “A chicken in a slow cooker can be cooked in 15 minutes, and in a double boiler, 50 minutes.”

    Cooking a dish using a double boiler will take longer. Because, only steam that is less rigid in other cooking methods will be used here. Of course, it directly depends on the products. Vegetables and fruits are cooked much faster than meat. Therefore, when cooking several dishes, it is recommended to place products in the lower boxes that require a long time to be prepared.

    Amount of prepared food

    Of course, any products lose their mass due to cooking.

    In a slow cooker with a standard bowl of five liters, at the exit you will receive food in proportion to the four liters in content.

    Steam cooking results in less loss of product volume. In addition, the double boiler allows you to simultaneously cook in multiple containers. That is, it is the possibility of cooking one dish in large quantities or cooking several dishes at the same time.

    Benefits of cooked products

    It is known that products prepared by grilling or stewing at high temperatures make them less useful. Therefore, the slow cooker in this regard will produce tasty, but to a certain extent less healthy food. However, it should be understood that small portions of dishes can be prepared thanks to the built-in function "steaming".

    Steamer, in this sense, is famous for the ability to maximize the preservation of all the useful properties of products. In fact, this is the main purpose of this device - the preparation of high-quality and healthy food.

    . Cost of

    appliances. Depending on the functionality and brand, prices are different for both kitchen appliances. But, for example, a double boiler of the same company as the slow cooker will cost less. This is directly related to the functionality of the devices.

    However, when making a choice, one should focus more on the needs and preferences of the family. For people who support a healthy lifestyle or for those who follow a strict diet, it is more appropriate to make a choice in favor of a steamer.

    At that moment when the family prefers colorful dishes and loves variety in the way of cooking, it is better to prefer the slow cooker.

    Pros and Cons of the Steamer and the Multicooker

    In order to understand in general terms how the Steamer differs from the multicooker, pay attention to their advantages and disadvantages.



    • Healthy food.
    • More food.
    • Ability to cook several dishes at the same time.


    • Long cooking time
    • Uniform cooking method



    • Fast cooking.
    • Various cooking methods.


    • Cooked dishes are less useful
    • The possibility of cooking only one dish at a time

    Operation and care

    Both devices are quite simple to use. All commands are set automatically. After cooking, the containers of both devices are easily removed and washed in the usual way or in the dishwasher.

    Regarding the multicooker, taking into account the use of oil and cooking methods, the bowl should be well washed. After cooking in a double boiler, in most cases, it is enough to rinse the containers under running water.

    Both devices are very practical in the kitchen of the hostess. Because it is not only time saving. This allows to some extent to abandon the use of other kitchen appliances( stove, oven) and leave them clean and tidy.

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