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Oral hygiene occupies a very important position among all the procedures, programs that are necessary, and, if you need to, also allow you to have options. However, in the everyday rush, we often pay little attention to her, relying on the fact that brushing your teeth with a good toothbrush and toothpaste is enough.

According to dentists, up to 50% of bacteria in the oral cavity can remain there after brushing, especially if it is not carried out according to the rules, that is, if we brush our teeth for less than two minutes or incorrectly carry out the process itself.

As a result, small particles of food remain between the teeth, being fertile ground for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, which then lead to the development of caries and inflammation of the gums.

In order to avoid this and bring the care of teeth and gums to a new level, and an irrigator for the oral cavity was created. It can be both stationary and portable.

Model Revyline RL 300

The stationary irrigator Revyline RL 300 was developed by leading technologists to improve the quality of hygiene procedures for the care of the oral cavity.

It allows you to easily and reliably clean the space between the teeth from plaque and food debris, while also having a gum massage session. The last point is very important for those who have the problem of bleeding gums.

It has been proven that continuous use of the irrigator can solve this problem.

The appearance of this device is very modern and laconic, so it will fit well into the bathroom interior.

The small dimensions of the irrigator will allow it to be placed on a shelf in the bathroom or in any convenient place, and a long cord will make use convenient.

Unlike portable models, it works on the network, so you do not have to constantly monitor the level of charge.

Also worth noting is a spacious water tank with a capacity of 800 ml. This is enough for long-term use without the need to constantly add water.

The powerful engine with which the Revyline RL 300 is equipped allows you to choose the power of the jet that is necessary for you, which allows you to get the water jet to the most inaccessible areas. However, with high sensitivity of the gums, it is still worth starting from the very bottom and then increasing as needed. The device has as many as 10 modes, so you can definitely choose the one that suits not only you, but also your family members.

The ergonomic design of the nozzle for hygiene makes its use convenient and easy, and the tank itself, despite its volume, looks more compact than its counterparts on the market today.

Revyline RL 300 irrigator package

When buying a Revyline RL 300 irrigator, you get everything you need for quality and proper care of the oral cavity.

  • Irrigator Revyline RL 300
  • 3 standard replaceable nozzle
  • 1 periodontal attachment
  • 1 nozzle for cleaning
  • language network adapter
  • Operating Instructions

standard nozzles, reaching complete help deal effectively with stained teeth, remove stuck food residue and eliminate pathogensbacteria. Depending on the chosen power mode, gum massage can also be performed.

The kit of nozzles allows the irrigator to be used by all family members, since it is a subject of individual hygiene and cannot be used with one unit.

A periodontal attachment is designed to care for and remedy problems in special cases, such as fixed dentures or bridges. This is due to its special design, which differs in that the end of the tube has a soft tip and a narrower opening. This form allows you to direct the stream only on the edge of the gums or in the pocket for better hygiene.

Please note that before using it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Nozzle for cleaning the tongue effectively removes the accumulated plaque both on the tongue itself and on the inside of the cheeks and palate. Note that often it is accumulated plaque on the tongue that serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and causes bad breath.

Features of the Revyline RL 300

  • irrigator Effectively fights plaque and bacteria on the teeth and in the oral cavity as a whole. Preserves teeth from caries development and maintains breath freshness.
  • . Optimum reservoir volume.
  • . Long cord.

. Pros and cons of the irrigator. Revyline RL 300


  • Spacious tank for
  • fluid Working from the
  • network Stylish appearance
  • Adjusting jet power
  • Suitable for the whole family


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