Refrigerator compressor apparatus

A person familiar with the principle of operation of the internal combustion engine easily imagine what is happening inside the compressor. There, too, there is a piston valve system. The evaporated freon goes and immediately heated by compression, then thrown to the side of the condenser pressure. Therefore easily it becomes liquid and energy to the room to go to the next cycle through the capillary expander. It requires that Freon is constantly circulating the blood through the vessels. For this reason, the compressor is often called the heart of a modern refrigerator. Talk about a refrigerator compressor unit in more detail.

classification of compressors

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The typical household refrigerator compressor piston. You think Koreans, opened in 1981, the principle of work-screw juicer, to create something new? This is a profound mistake! Screw compressors have been known since 1878, there used rotors, rotating in opposite directions to create pressure. Vain considered archaic described principle. In screw compressors, piston before a number of advantages:

  1. Constant speed shaft rotation regardless of system pressure. This gives the parameters of a two-rotor screw compressor, high stability in all conditions.
  2. High compression ratio is determined by the build quality, surface treatment parts, delay specified tolerances, landings and sizes. It requires high technology.
  3. Design features: no parts carrying a high load, the device turns durable. In the steam chamber (the space between the two rotors) is injected oil.
  4. Possibility of smooth adjustment of productivity by simply changing rotor speed. This is useful in the inverter control circuits.


Regarding industry, noted a number of key advantages of double-rotor screw compressors, piston front:

  1. Small vibration. It does not require a heavy and lasting foundation.
  2. The comparatively low level of noise, which avoids the sometimes difficulties with the placement of the equipment.
  3. The smaller size of the compressor.

The lack of a single:

  • Low efficiency in the case of the transfer of freon from one state to the other right inside the housing. This is due to the constant rotation speed of shafts and varying the compression ratio for this reason. The piston is a moving, until enough forces and screws grind and grind, if you have enough power.

Viewed class equipment can be divided into types and subtypes:

The kingdom of compressors:

  • Subkingdom dynamic:
  1. Class centrifugal,
  2. Class axle.
  • Subkingdom volume:

refrigerant compressor

1. Class Piston:

- Division forth.

- Division with the crankshaft.

2. Class rotative.

- Division Rotary:

A) The family of two-rotor.

B) The family-rotor.

- Division with a rolling rotor.

- Division spiral.

- Division plate.

- Division of rotary-piston (trochoid).

Let readers will excuse the authors modest knowledge in biology, but it was enough to classify compressors. We see - in the light of the many devices, and most are used. For example, the spiral is often included in the heat pump.

dynamic compressors

In contrast to surround these compressors use "live" power blades. If the piston and similar burden falls on hard construction work is done by a fan here. A person familiar with the ventilation and air conditioning systems already noted the similarity in the names. It is not accidental, but intentional and reasonable: in dynamic compressors are actually two types of fans:

  • axial;
  • Centrifugal.

Compressor for the refrigerator

The meaning of what was said:

  1. Axial fans - familiar, are devices for blowing in hot weather. Only a device put inside the pipe (working chamber) to create a pressure in the desired direction. Medium is transported under the action of the rotating blades.
  2. Centrifugal work due to the fact that every body moving in a circle, tends to fly in a straight line with its own orbit. The satellites (including geostationary) are held only by gravitation of the earth, so Eutelsat are hanging above the equator at the same height. The speed of movement, the same!

Disadvantages of dynamic compressors are obvious: in the aggregates is impossible to obtain a high compression ratio, so difficult to create a high pressure. For example, refrigeration units freon is pumped up to 15 - 25 bar, some people argue that it is not the limit, in a strong performance. But the design of dynamic compressors are relatively simple, and the requirements are low.

Reciprocating compressors

The principle of operation of the refrigerator compressor resembles an internal combustion engine with a single cylinder. Inside the compressor should the crankshaft driven by an electric motor. Wherein known construction, economical and easy controlled pulse shaping inverter circuit. In this case we see a rod with a piston at the end of the wire within the coil. Passing an alternating current causes the system to perform a reciprocating motion, thereby running a refrigerator. These technologies are currently considered the best, the Koreans are actively implementing their products, provide excellent instructive videos.

The principle of operation of the compressor

In the working chamber, two valves - supply and consumable. It is located on the walls. If the compressor is once-through, the entrance is placed on the cylinder. The design is not very common. The valve at the bottom of the piston increases the mass of the moving parts, it is difficult to provide the desired flow areas. Today, the technique used in nepryamotochnye piston compressors.

rotary compressors

Twin-rotor compressors are considered a complete analog-screw juicer. Typically, the screw spirals are inadequate. The male rotor detects four projections with slightly rounded vertices under which the driven cut six depressions corresponding profile. Both shafts are placed in a double cylindrical body and are in contact along the length. The rotation is forward.

The intake and outlet for refrigerant are located diagonally:

  • Refrigerant enters at the beginning of the rotors from above;
  • the compressed gas is released into the bottom end of the spirals.

The design is created in such a way that the spiral rotors fit snugly to the body. The rotation is conducted to the intake air from the chamber portions diverge laterally (in opposite directions), are trapped by the moving shafts. On the first rotor portions of four, six in the second. Turning around, eventually spiraling downwards they occur. Further rotation leads to the shock compression of refrigerant, high pressure gas is discharged to the outside.

To understand the beauty of the design, remember that the twin-screw juicer maximum extraction rate, devices capable of grinding even bones if made of steel, without much damage. Such a device allows the refrigerator compressor to create impact pressure, it is difficult achievable otherwise.

Recall that in the space between the rollers (steam chamber) is injected oil to reduce friction. This is not the only reason. Obviously, the efficiency of the device depends on the tightness of the rotor cavity. Oil due to surface tension creates a plug between the spirals and the housing. Pressure rises without effort. So, it is possible to reduce the rotational speed to obtain predetermined characteristics, reduce power consumption, reduce processing requirements for assembly and quality items.

The principle of operation of the compressor of the refrigerator is far from a screw, possibly in vain. Do not think that everywhere prevail pistons. Already mentioned, that the heat pumps often have a scroll compressor, wherein the stator and rotor are present. Both - spirals vdet each other. When the circular motion of the rotor compresses freon stronger and discharged.

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