How to bleach a white collar on a black dress

Black strict dress long ago became the favorite thing of many fashionistas. And recent collections of famous designers gave him a new life, adding white collars and cuffs that are quite difficult to wash. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to whiten a white collar in a black dress.

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mechanism. Washing of combined items is different from the usual one, since it is possible either to paint the white areas of the product, or to bleach colored fabric, so you need to proceed with caution. Here are some precautions:

  1. If it is possible to detach the white parts of the clothes from the colored ones, it is best to do this and wash them separately.
  2. You can not wash this kind of wardrobe items in a washing machine.
  3. Whiteness and other bleach options should not be used for washing; they can be applied to separate areas of white fabric if it is possible to wash them separately.

Based on the above, it can be concluded that parts of this kind of dresses should be washed separately from each other, and several options can help you with this. Let's talk about each separately.

Joint washing

In order not to spoil the appearance of the product, it is recommended to wash each of its parts separately. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of time on stripping its elements, then you can use this method:

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  1. To begin with, wash the thing manually at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees using powder without bleach.
  2. Wait for the item to dry.
  3. After that, proceed to bleaching the collar and cuffs, if any.
  4. Lay out the dress on a flat surface.
  5. Pour water into the dipper.
  6. Wet the collar and other necessary parts.
  7. Apply the product that you chose to whiten.
  8. Wait for it to work.
  9. Then rinse every white part in a scoop with clean water.

This method will help not only wash your favorite product, but also make it a snow-white collar!

Tip: Apply the bleaching agent gently so that it does not leave marks on the black canvas of the dress.

Separate washing

This method is more complicated and will require you to have a certain skill and a sewing machine. To not worry about the fact that a black dress can shed on a white collar, or bleach will leave traces on the main canvas - disassemble it in parts. That is, open the collar from the dress, as well as, if there is, the cuffs. In this case, each part can be washed separately. But remember, then you will need to stitch the pieces back together.

How to whiten

If we figured out how to wash the dress, we now have the following: how to wash? The fact is that the collar is the part that is most contaminated. The neck, like any other part of our body, sweats, and sweat quickly soaks the white tissue. But do not worry, it is easy to remove the spots and yellowness, tell us more about it!

Hydrogen peroxide

If the stains on the collar are fresh, then the pharmacy can save you - hydrogen peroxide. It will easily and quickly cope with pollution. To do this:

  1. Soak a cotton pad in solution.
  2. Wipe polluted sites.
  3. After that, stretch the product using one of the above methods.

The main thing to remember, this method is suitable only if the stain or pollution appeared very recently. In any other peroxide does not help you whiten the collar.

Dishwashing Liquid

It can also be an excellent way to get rid of the yellowness on the collar. But in order for dishwashing detergent to be more effective, one spoon should be mixed with three tablespoons of peroxide and two soda, after which:

  1. Stir the mixture.
  2. Apply the product to the soiled area of ​​the white collar.
  3. Wait for five minutes.
  4. Wash the product.

After this, the spots should disappear.

Tip: before using any of the methods described, check it on an inconspicuous area of ​​the product to avoid damage to the appearance of the dress or its parts.


This drug not only helps to get rid of headaches and fever, but also copes well with dirt on white things, including collars. To use it, you need:

  1. Two aspirin tablets should be dissolved in one hundred milliliters of warm water.
  2. Soak a cotton swab in the solution.
  3. Wipe contaminated places, paying more attention to the dirtiest areas and edges of the product.
  4. Then wash.

In this way, at no extra cost, you will be able to return the necessary whiteness and shine to things.


It must be used together with the liquid. This method was also used by our grandmothers when bleaching their daughters' collars to school. To follow their example, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Mix both ingredients in equal parts.
  2. Apply to cotton pad.
  3. Wipe the collar.
  4. Repeat until it turns white.
  5. After which the thing is washed.

Be careful and wear gloves when using these methods so as not to dry your skin. And it is also recommended to open the windows, as liquid ammonia has a rather sharp smell.


This method is suitable for silk fabrics. To do this, just stir the salt in a glass of water and apply to the fabric. The resulting liquid will not only whiten the yellowed collar, but also make it more brilliant.

With such simple and folk methods, you can easily whiten the yellowed collar and cuffs of the black dress. But if you trust more modern methods, then you can use the usual bleach or Vanish for white.

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