How to keep in the refrigerator sausage of different varieties

Not a single festive table can do without your favorite sliced ​​table. But the holidays are over, and the treat remains in the fridge for more than one day. And then the question arises how to store the sausage so that it does not lose its taste, remains fresh and juicy.

Variety of Varieties

Sausages come in different varieties, and each one differs not only in the cooking process, but also in terms of shelf life. For example:

  • Boiled can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days. In the process of cooking this type of product passes only the cooking stage at a temperature of about 80 degrees. The composition contains a large amount of water, which significantly reduces the shelf life after opening.
  • Cooked-smoked shelf life is longer, up to 15 days. There is less water in this product, as it first goes through the cooking process and only after that it is loaded into special climate chambers.
  • Smoked can be stored for up to 6 or even 9 months. However, you need to know that in the process of cooking this type is undergoing the process of fermentation and dehydration in special climate chambers, “ripening” can last up to 3 months. And the date of production is indicated at the time when the fermentation process has not yet passed the product.
  • Dry-cured are made both at home and in industrial conditions, as they are only dried and no more heat treatment is required for cooking. The shelf life of such a product can be up to 2 months.
  • Half-smoked - cooked, then smoked, and already the last stage is drying. Such a delicacy can be stored for only 10 days, as it contains enough water.

How sausage is prepared and why such expiration dates appeared, it became clear, but how to keep it at home after opening?

Different types of products need to be stored in different conditions. Some can be frozen, but for others it will be disastrous and can lead to damage. Even if you are sure that a delicacy packed in polyethylene is safe and stored in a refrigerator, test your knowledge.

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Since it has a rather short shelf life after opening the package, it needs to pay special attention:

  1. The optimum temperature range is from 2 to 4 degrees. From this the conclusion follows: the storage place is a refrigerator.
  2. It is better not to use a plastic bag for storing the product, as it negatively affects the quality. The best option would be to wrap the loaf either in baking foil or in a paper bag. Thus, the boiled product will not lose juiciness and will not deteriorate.
  3. Do not put boiled sausage in the freezer. Due to the high water content of the H2O molecule in the freezing process, the density of the product will be disturbed. This can lead to a violation of the structure of the treat, and, accordingly, the taste.
Tip: To keep boiled cuts longer, it’s best to place it in a vacuum container. In an oxygen-free environment, bacteria do not have the ability to multiply, which will not allow the product to spoil.

Thus, the loaf can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Boiled-smoked and half-smoked

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Such a product can be stored both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, because its water content is less than in boiled water, therefore, when frozen, the water molecules will not be able to split the structure of the same saveloy. It is also worth refraining from plastic bags. It is better to take a container or foil. Temperature range should be from 0 to 4 degrees.

Tip: if your refrigerator has a special compartment for storing sausages, it is best to put your favorite delicacy there.

Uncooked Smoked

Such meat delicacy can be stored without a refrigerator, since the temperature regime for it is from 5 to 15 degrees. Therefore, the stick can be hung in a well ventilated area. So she can hang for 2-3 weeks. However, remember that raw smoked products tend to dry out. So do not be surprised if after some time it becomes smaller in size.

As for the refrigerator, this type of product is best stored in paper or foil, as they will retain moisture and will not allow the delicacy to become dry. Under the described conditions, the meat product can be stored for three months.

Dry Cleaned

This product must be stored in a refrigerator, provided that the temperature does not exceed 6 degrees Celsius. In this case, the product may remain fresh for several months. Conditions are the same:

  • no cellophane;
  • wrapped either in plastic wrap or foil.

Homemade Sausage

Many of us try not to buy meat delicacies in stores, as it is believed that there is poor sanitation at the plants, and chemistry is used in the manufacture. Therefore, many have learned to cook homemade sausage, which in quality is not inferior to the store. This type of product also has its own storage conditions:

  1. . One of the simplest options is to put a delicacy in the freezer, after having dried it, so that it becomes less moist. This method is suitable for long-term storage and at the same time will not spoil the quality.
  2. And another way is to use special clay pots. In this case, stick or loaf must be put in a clay pot and completely fill with pork fat. After the fat hardens - put the pot in the fridge. In this form, homemade delicacy can please you with its taste for a long time, about a few months.
Tip: if after the holiday you have uncooked smoked cutting, put it in a vacuum container and put it in the freezer. To defrost it, simply put the container in the refrigerator for several hours.

Here you can keep both homemade and purchased sausage at home in the refrigerator using such simple methods. At the same time, favorite delicacies will not lose their appearance and taste.

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