How to store things in the closet: put everything on the shelves

In the cabinet, you can also create patterns and other objects, and you can also apply to work patterns, and you can also create patterns and other little things you can do to make things out of the room.
  • ready to brag about the perfect order in your closet, where every thing has its strictly defined place, and you never have to look for anything. We sometimes do not notice how quickly things are being saved, because the purchases of clothes are made not only by necessity, but also simply in order to cheer ourselves up. As for restoring order in the closet, sometimes there just isn’t enough time, but you see, we spend much more time searching for the right thing, which is not in place at the right moment.

    Proper use of space

    How often do you conduct an audit in your closet, where clothes, shoes, bedding and other necessary things are stored? Looking in there from time to time, on the run, when, being late for work or for a party, are you trying to find suitable clothes? Then you should immediately conduct an audit!

    Pull all things out of the closet, disassemble everything thoroughly. Surely there will be clothes that you have not worn for a long time and are unlikely to ever wear. Such things are meaningless to keep and to part with them need without regret.

    For ten years, keep an old dress in the hope of ever changing it? Do not hope: if you did not do it right away, now it is unlikely that they will reach their hands.

    Spread the clothes in separate piles and begin to put things in order in your closet. Proper and accurate storage of things will allow you to keep them in pristine condition, at the right time to quickly find a suitable set for any occasion.

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    How to store things in drawers of a dresser or cabinet

    In order not to look for the necessary thing for a long time in a drawer of a dresser or cabinet, fold the laundry correctly:

    1. Most often this is done in neat piles sorting by type. Sorting, of course, is a good thing, but it would be much more effective to lay the laundry vertically with one layer. Such an organization is more optimal, because you do not have to constantly rummage through the box, every thing will be visible. It is especially convenient for underwear, T-shirts, home clothes. Underwear is better to sort by clothing.
    2. A very common way of folding socks like balls, putting them one on another, but experts advise a more gentle way to prevent stretching of the fabric. Socks should be folded in pairs, wrapping the elastic, so they will be bonded to each other, not deformed and not lost.
    3. Hosiery is best rolled up in the form of "sausages" and stored in separate boxes.
    4. The optimal arrangement of things in boxes on the basis of color: linen should be folded from light to dark shades, experts advise.
    5. Ties, belts, jewelry and other small things are also stored in boxes. It is very convenient to use for storing things in the drawers of dividers, which can be made independently, for example, from thick cardboard.
    6. Jewelry and other small things are best folded in boxes, which often remain from shoes or small household appliances.

    What and where to put

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    Any cabinet consists of three main parts:

    • mezzanine, where we often store seasonal items, shoes in boxes, bags, suitcases and everything that we rarely use or do not use at all;
    • main compartment, which houses a bar with hangers for casual clothes and numerous shelves for the same clothes, bed linen, towels and other necessary things;
    • the lower level is filled with all the same boxes with shoes, however, here you can find anything, starting with packages with wires from electrical appliances and ending with empty boxes from small household appliances.

    Cabinets differ from each other not only in the external design, but also in the internal content, dimensions, height and depth of the shelves. It is necessary to use the space in it as rationally as possible so as not only to accommodate as many things as possible, but also to ensure their careful maintenance.

    Choosing a closet, you should take care of its functionality and convenience, so that there is enough space to place clothes on hangers, and the shelves are spacious enough and in the required quantity.

    Sufficient cabinet depth will allow you to keep voluminous things in it: blankets, pillows, down jackets, fur coats and other winter clothes. On the other hand, if the shelves are too wide, a vertical partition-support should be provided below them so that the shelf does not bend under the weight of things.

    Using Shelves

    Bed linen, towels, spare sets of curtains, blankets, clothes that do not require ironing, etc. are usually stored on the shelves. Shelves can be either stationary or pull-out. Stationary is more familiar and convenient, but in some cases it is better to use retractable ones, for example, if the cabinet depth is too large. In this case, retractable shelves allow you to find the right thing faster.

    1. Many bed sheets are stacked: pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers separately. It is more convenient and more logical to fold the bed linen in sets to save time during his shift.
    2. Towels are also stacked in piles, sorted by functionality: bath, facial, foot, tableware.
    3. Plaids are stored separately, which can be removed on the mezzanine during the warm period, taking into account the seasonal nature of their use.
    4. If the family does not have separate cabinets for clothes, usually each family member has a personal shelf for personal belongings that do not require storage on the hangers and do not fit in the drawers of the dresser. These are sweaters, sweatshirts, tracksuits, dressing gowns and other items of clothing that do not require ironing. They need to gently fold on the shelves.
    5. Bottom shelves are usually occupied by shoes, it is best to store them in boxes to protect them from dust or accidental deformation.

    Storage of clothes on hangers-hangers

    Hangers-hangers have long become an indispensable attribute for both outerwear and trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses and other clothes. We are not trying to experiment with this item, placing it on the rod traditionally. The contents of the cabinet will look much neater if you turn the hangers on yourself with a hook.

    The clothes to be stored in a vertical position must be cleaned and smoothed before hanging on a hanger so that it is ready for use.

    For the rational use of space, it is possible to envisage the use of free space under the bar with hangers, where short garments are hung - blouses, skirts. Under them you can place additional shelves or place boxes or drawers for things.

    Be sure to get retractable trouser hangers, if you do not have them, this is a very convenient device, besides it allows you to save space.

    How to store bags and other small things in the closet

    For numerous handbags with a reasonable approach to the closet, you can also make room. To do this, use the S-shaped hooks, securing them on the rod.

    It is also possible to do with necklaces and chains, another place will fit on the door if you attach a kitchen railing to it.

    Colorful scarves and scarves need only be carefully tied to a hanger, so it will not be difficult to make a choice.

    You can talk a lot about the proper storage of things in the closet, the main thing is the order, convenience and safety of wardrobe items in perfect condition. Each hostess has her own rules, secrets and tricks, but there is no limit to perfection, and we are happy to use new chips and ideas for order and comfort.

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