How to clean or wash a fur hat

The fur cap during the process of wearing can be exposed to quite heavy soiling. Dust and other dirty substances fall on it with wind and precipitation. Thick fur contributes to the accumulation of dirt inside the product. To keep your cap beautiful in appearance, it must be periodically cleaned.

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. There are several reliable ways to remove contamination from fur products at home. No matter what kind of fur your hat is made of, it’s pretty easy to clean. If there are no complicated old spots on the headgear, you can easily refresh a mouton, mink, raccoon or a fox cap.

There are two ways to clean the fur hat: mechanical and chemical. To get started, carefully inspect the surface of the product and determine what kind of cleaning fur needs. If it contains lumps of dirt, other contaminants, hairs are tangled, which is typical for fur with a long nap( fox, raccoon, fox), you must first carry out a mechanical cleaning.

To do this, you need to use a special brush for combing fur with stiff bristles. If the fur has undercoats, for example, like a fox, a small amount of cotton wool is wound onto the brush. This protects the hair from tearing and allows you to better clean the product. Thus lumps and other pollution are easier to comb out.

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To clean the mouton cap and other hats with short thick fur from dust at home, you can use the following method. It is necessary to wet the gauze with water and squeeze well. Then cover the hat with gauze and pat on the wrong side of the hand. Dust that has accumulated in the pile will break out and settle on a damp cloth.

Then thoroughly comb the mouton cap with a special brush. To add shine, you can treat the fur with a 3% solution of vinegar. Moisten a cotton swab in it and walk on the surface of the headdress.

After you have done a surface cleaning of the cap, you can begin to remove stains, as well as clean the lining of the product. At home, this can be done with the help of simple folk remedies:

  • shampoo and other mild detergent formulations;
  • salt and ammonia;
  • vinegar solution;
  • starch, talc;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • gasoline.

Peeling with folk methods

In order to clean the fur cap at home, you can use regular shampoo or other liquid detergent composition. Well suited for this purpose means for washing wool products.

In a container with warm water, dissolve a little shampoo before foaming. Take a sponge and apply soap on it. Carefully handle fur caps with light motions. Then rinse off the remaining foam with a sponge soaked in clean water.

Processing should be carried out carefully so that water does not fall on the base of the product. If the cap gets wet through, it can deform and lose shape.

You can clean the fur product at home from dirt with salt and alcohol. In 200 ml of water dissolve 80g of salt. There also pour 2 spoons of alcohol. Stir the solution until the salt is completely dissolved and soak a cotton swab in it. Lightly walk over the entire surface of the cap, removing pollution.

Well removes dirty substances from the surface of the fur ammonia solution with hydrogen peroxide. Mix a teaspoon of peroxide with a glass of warm water. Drip a few drops of ammonia and mix. Apply the product to the product with a swab or spray. After complete drying the fur is well combed.

Fatty and old stains from a fur hat can be removed by preparing a composition of gasoline and potato starch. Pour some gasoline into the starch container to make a mushy mass. Then apply the mixture on the stain. Wait a while until the mixture dries. After that, shake the product and remove the residue.

The Mouton Hat can be rid of shiny and scuffed plots at home by treating with gasoline. To do this, soak a cotton swab in gasoline and lightly wipe problem areas with it. To remove gasoline odor after processing, you can sprinkle these areas with starch. Lightly rub the powder into the pile, wait for it to dry, and then shake and comb the fur.

Cleaning light hats

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If your fur hat is of a light or white shade, yellowness appears on it. Muton, mink, and also a white fox hat can be rid of yellow bloom at home with the help of folk remedies. A proven effective way is to clean white fur with potato starch or talcum powder. These substances absorb dirt and clean the pile.

Apply powder to the entire surface of the headdress and rub it into the pile. Wait a few minutes, then shake the product well. Tap on the back of the product with your hand to dislodge the remaining powder. At the end brush the fur.

You can also return the white shade of the headdress, using hydrogen peroxide. Dilute it with water in proportions of 2: 1.Wet a cotton swab with this compound and carefully treat the surface of the pile with it. Hydrogen peroxide will remove the yellowish bloom and refresh the appearance of the cap.

Remember that the fur product should be dried only in a natural way without the use of electrical appliances. Exposure to heat will damage the headgear.

Shoe lining

Fur headwear is contaminated both outside and inside. If the inside of the cap is very dirty, the lining must be unpicked and washed separately. Carefully remove the lining fabric with small scissors or a blade so as not to damage the fur. You can wash the lining by hand in warm water. Then dry the fabric, iron and sew it back.

If the cap of the cap is not very dirty, it can be carefully treated with a sponge dipped in soapy water. Gently apply soap suds on the lining to prevent the base of the cap from getting wet. This will help eliminate not only pollution, but also an unpleasant smell.

In order not to damage the fur cap during the cleaning process, carefully read all the recommendations. Perform processing periodically to keep the thing fresh and beautiful. Timely remove dirty stains from the surface of the product.

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