20 best air conditioners for home

  • The best monoblock models
  • The best split systems for people with allergies
  • The best multisplit systems
  • The best universal split systems
  • The best air conditioners for the bedroom

Air conditioning is one of the best ways to beat the heat. But how to choose the right air conditioner? HVAC stores offer such a variety of models and manufacturers that you can get confused. Today we will present to your attention a rating of the best air conditioners of 2018 for an apartment, house or office, consider the pros and cons of each model. The rating is based on customer reviews, specifications and the cost of each air conditioning system. Make money from school answers to Teachs.ru. Answers to questions about the school curriculum.

The best monoblock models

If you don't want to spoil your newly finished renovation, or want to have a mobile air conditioning unit at your disposal, the all-in-one is your best bet. To install this type of air conditioner, it is enough to equip just one hole. Through it through a special tube, hot air will be removed from the room.

Among the positive qualities of such a device, one can note its mobility. You will be able to move the unit to the desired location within the reach of the hose. And also it can be moved to another room or put into the pantry if it is no longer needed.

The candy bar also has disadvantages. Firstly, it works quite noisy, and secondly, it has not the most compact dimensions and takes up space.

Aeronik AP-09C

Our review opens with a fairly compact model capable of cooling a room with an area of ​​no more than 25 m2. It weighs quite little, so it will not be difficult to move it to another room. The device has 4 main modes of operation. The air conditioner can be controlled using a touch panel or a remote control.

One of its advantages is the absence of a condensate collection tank. There is simply no need for it. All moisture is simply removed outside using a special pump.


  • small size;
  • attractive design;
  • good service area;
  • system "night mode";
  • memorization function of settings;
  • mobility;
  • air dehumidification system;
  • autorestart system.


  • noisiness;
  • lack of heating mode;
  • quite high price.

Stadler Form SAM 12

An excellent monoblock air conditioner capable of operating in auto mode. Human intervention in this case will be minimal, the device itself will maintain the parameters set by the user. This model additionally provides for the possibility of using the device as a fan heater. So you can not only cool, but also warm up your house if necessary.


  • not too large;
  • air ionization function;
  • the ability to work in fan heater mode;
  • remote control;
  • the presence of a drainage mode.

Negative points:

  • the inability to establish a powerful air flow;
  • no air purification function;
  • not too affordable price.

Deloghi PAC AN110

Anyone who is familiar with technology from this manufacturer knows that it is not cheap. But then the Deloghi company supplies the market with reliable and highly technological models. This monoblock withstands tangible loads without any complaints and works without interruption. The system is able to automatically save the set mode and can operate without user intervention.

Main advantages:

  • economical class of energy consumption;
  • ambient air dehumidification function;
  • auto control system of work;
  • compactness and reliability;
  • ease of management;
  • the presence of a night mode, which significantly reduces the noise level.

Negative points:

  • noisy work;
  • substantial price;
  • lack of function of heating and air purification.

General Climate GCP-09ERC1N1

This model has a very nice appearance and is quite affordable. The package includes a large number of adapter plates that can facilitate the installation process. However, this model also has a very significant drawback - a rather short hose for removing warm air.


  • interesting design;
  • compact size;
  • automatic restart function;
  • system "night mode";
  • bactericidal cleaning system - anion generator;
  • attractive cost.


  • quite noisy work;
  • short branch pipe for exhausting warm air.

Timberk AC TIM 09H P4

Another small candy bar that takes up a minimum of space. Despite its diminutive size, it is able to cool an area of ​​about 26 m2 with ease.

Monoblock "Timberk" is distinguished by high build quality, unusual design and fast cooling system. Management is carried out using a "remote control".


  • ease of installation;
  • uncomplicated management;
  • interesting design;
  • compact size;
  • miniature control panel;
  • Motor Drive technology for fast cooling;
  • budget cost.


  • noisy work;
  • narrow range of modes;
  • short corrugation;
  • there is no choice of temperature parameters.

The best split systems for people with allergies

The main task of this type of air conditioner is additional air purification in the house. It is best to choose models in which the filter contains silver ions. In addition, you should pay attention to the convenience and the possibility of regular cleaning of the filters. After all, it is there that the allergen accumulates.

Toshiba RAS-10SKVP2-E

One of the best models in the proposed category opens the rating. An excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory disorders. The system is equipped with a plasma two-level filter, can capture the smallest dust particles and various odors. If you use this appliance, bacteria, pollen, smoke, or mold spores will never appear in your home.

For additional cleaning, the plasma filter is equipped with special plates with silver ions. Thus, the air conditioner has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

There is a self-cleaning system with an ozonizer. This allows you to disinfect the air and ozonize the room.


  • excellent quality;
  • crazy functionality;
  • complete purification and filtration of air;
  • ergonomic control panel;
  • fashionable design;
  • innovative backlit liquid crystal display;
  • many speeds and modes;
  • possibility of performance regulation.


  • quite high cost.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK-25ZM-S

Popular inverter air conditioning system. This air conditioner has a fairly wide range of functions.


  • low noise level;
  • special antiallergenic filtration systems;
  • the presence of a photocatalytic filter to remove unpleasant odors;
  • self-cleaning of the indoor unit;
  • the ability to set a daily timer;
  • space heating system at an external temperature of -15 ° C;
  • reliability.


  • high price.


Stylish split-system inverter action of the middle price category. The air conditioner is equipped with an air ionizer that disinfects the room and eliminates odors. There is a built-in microfilter capable of attracting the smallest dust particles due to the generation of an electrostatic charge. Compressor warranty for 10 years.


  • stylish design;
  • night work mode;
  • durable plastic case.


  • slightly overstated noise level.

Panasonic CS-E7RKDW / CU-E7RKD

Excellent air conditioner in the middle price category. It has a deodorizing filter capable of trapping foreign odors and large amounts of dust particles. Possibility of additional air dehumidification without temperature reduction is provided.


  • high speed of room cooling;
  • regulation of humidity level;
  • stylish design;
  • self-diagnosis mode;
  • low noise level of work;
  • additional air purification filter.


  • it is better to entrust the installation to professionals.

The best multisplit systems

With such a cooling system, from 2 to 7 independent units are installed inside the room, while only one is located outside. These cooling units are ideal for office spaces, multi-room apartments or small shops. Their cost is slightly higher than that of conventional air conditioners. However, the ease of use neutralizes this disadvantage.

Aeronik ASO / ASI-21 (ASI-09 + 12) HD

This wall-mounted air conditioning system consists of one outdoor unit and a pair of indoor units. Great for installation on different floors in the house. Total cooling area approx. 60 m2. And each unit separately is capable of cooling rooms with an area of ​​25 and 35 m2, respectively. Indoor units are separate systems and can work both together and separately. The multi-conditioner has an intelligent defrosting system, is equipped with a self-diagnosis system and a "night mode" function.


  • the ability to replace two full-fledged air conditioners;
  • nice design;
  • high performance;
  • compact size.


  • additional costs during installation due to the lengthening of the route.


This device is capable of replacing three air conditioners at once. It has as many as three indoor units that can be installed in different rooms, which will be appreciated by the owners of large apartments or a country house. Each unit works autonomously, and all together provide reliable and uniform cooling over a fairly large area.


  • fairly affordable cost;
  • large cooling area;
  • serious power;
  • the ability to use in heating mode.


  • a massive outdoor unit can cause installation problems.

Dantex RK-2M21SEGE

One of the most budgetary multisystems of cooling on the HVAC market. Has 2 indoor units. A distinctive feature of this device is its high resistance to significant voltage drops in the mains. The multi-air conditioner will work perfectly even when the voltage drops to 185 V. The design has an additional deodorizing filter that significantly improves the quality characteristics of the air in the room. The possibility of air flow regulation is provided.


  • self-diagnosis system of malfunctions;
  • high power;
  • regulation of humidity levels;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • affordable cost.


  • slightly noisy operation at high blowing speeds;
  • unassuming design.

The best universal split systems

If you do not have any special requirements for the operation of the air conditioner, a universal split system, consisting of one external and one indoor unit, is best suited. It is these units that make up the assortment of any HVAC store. When choosing, you should pay attention to the power of the device and its equipment with additional functions.

Daikin ATYN25L

If you don't plan on spending a lot of money on an air conditioner, this model will do just fine. The unit can easily cool up to 25 m2 area. Very high quality and reliable device. Although it is not equipped with additional "bells and whistles", it does its job perfectly well.


  • proven eminent brand;
  • simple construction;
  • low noise level, especially in night mode;
  • nice value.


  • lack of "bells and whistles" and additional filters.

Airwell HKD 012

Another practical model that does not amaze with the numbers on the price tag. Equipped with an inverter system with smooth operation control. Despite the affordable cost, it differs in the quality of assembly and component materials. Supports winter operation at outdoor temperatures down to -15 ° C. Equipped with an antibacterial photocatalytic filter, so it can easily be installed in rooms where people with allergies often visit.


  • self-diagnosis system of malfunctions;
  • programmable timer;
  • high power;
  • good functionality;
  • Freon leak detection system.


  • unassuming design.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF25VE / MUZ-SF25VE

Very powerful unit for fast cooling of large spaces. With a fairly high energy efficiency, the air conditioner is capable of passing more than 10 cubic meters of air per minute. So you don't have to wait long for the refreshing coolness.


  • energy efficiency;
  • additional air drying mode;
  • high performance;
  • self-diagnosis system;
  • the ability to work in heating mode;
  • ample installation possibilities due to the length of communications.


  • lack of fine filters;
  • price.

Aeronik ASO / ASI-07HP1

You won't spend a lot of money on this device, but you will get a device equipped with all modern functions.


  • high class of energy consumption;
  • the possibility of using in heating mode;
  • pleasant cost;
  • the presence of a filter drier;
  • reduced noise level;
  • convenient control by means of the remote control;
  • self-diagnosis system of malfunctions.


  • not very high air flow power;
  • there is no additional fine filter;
  • there is no auto mode.

The best air conditioners for the bedroom

For a full and comfortable sleep, you need not only clean cool air, but also the absence of extraneous noise. A split system with a reduced noise level will help to provide such conditions. The installed additional filters and ionizers will help make your sleep even more pleasant.


This model is perfect for installation in a nursery. The cheerful design will especially appeal to girls. Adults will appreciate the quiet operation and additional filters.


  • fast cooling of the room;
  • fine air filter;
  • additional deodorizing filter;
  • an anion generator that attracts dust particles;
  • special technology capable of monitoring the temperature near the object;
  • not too scary price tag.


  • the design is not likely to please boys.

Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C

Super economical inverter model with very low noise level. Suitable for rooms up to 20 m2. Able to work in heating, cooling and hygienic ventilation modes. Equipped with a timer for easy programming.


  • low noise level;
  • profitability;
  • humidity control function;
  • convenient control.


  • slightly bulky indoor unit;
  • control from the remote control is accompanied by a rather loud sound signal.

Panasonic CS-E7RKDW / CU-E7RKD

This unit will also delight those who do not like noise. Designed for an area of ​​up to 21 m², it is equipped with a fairly wide range of various functions. Dust, viruses and allergens are eliminated with nanoe-G technology. Inverter control contributes to smooth regulation and comfortable maintenance of the set temperature.


  • interesting design;
  • quiet work;
  • the presence of a large number of additional functions;
  • additional filtration system.


  • the inability to apply the heating mode at temperatures below -10 C.

Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G

Inexpensive and reliable inverter air conditioner with wide functionality. The outdoor unit has a double insulated compressor, which ensures quiet operation of the unit. The system has a photocatalytic and antibacterial "silver" filter. There is also a conventional double filtration system.


  • really quiet work;
  • pleasant cost;
  • stylish appearance;
  • anti-freeze system;
  • the presence of an anion generator and a deodorizing filter;
  • there is a function for memorizing settings;
  • ventilation mode.


  • the control panel does not display the current position of the blinds;
  • the remote control screen is "recessed" into the body, which makes viewing a little difficult;
  • in heating mode, it may emit a low squeak.

In our review, we did not award places or hand out "medals". You can do it yourself if you want. Of course, our rating of the best air conditioners for an apartment, home or office is not final. You can add other decent models to it.

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