How to wash clothes from polyester in a washing machine and manually

Polyester is a type of synthetic fabric from which a variety of things and wardrobe items are sewn. Due to the fact that natural fabrics are becoming more scarce and more expensive every year, polyester clothing is steadily increasing its popularity. In addition, products made of polyester fibers are quite unpretentious in the wearing and processing, durable, wear-resistant, which makes this fabric indispensable when sewing sportswear. But any cloth sooner or later will require washing. Consider how to wash polyester properly and without damage to the fabric.

General tips for washing polyester fibers

For products made from such fabrics there are some general recommendations that must be strictly followed so that your thing does not deteriorate during the very first wash:

  • never boil itpolyester and do not wash in hot water, because you run the risk of getting a piece the size of a doll, and white linen may turn yellow;
  • do not use bleach for clothes made of polyester - this is the lot of cotton fibers;
  • Do not dry washed products in the sun, so you can spoil the structure of the fabric.

How to wash things from polyester in a washing machine and manually

First of all, you need to examine the label on the clothes that you are going to wash. Standardly, polyester items can be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees, but there are such blended fabrics, such as cotton, when the manufacturer specifies a 60-degree value for processing.

Follow all warnings on the label before scrolling polyester clothes in the washing machine.

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When all measures for safe washing are met,

  • select the delicate mode on the instrument panel, unless an alternative method is specified by the manufacturer;
  • choose spin not more than 600 revolutions, things from polyester dry quickly enough;
  • add a fabric softener in the "rinse" mode, because clothes from not too high-quality polyester fabric is often electrified.

To wash polyester manually, dial warm water into the basin. The optimum temperature is 30 degrees. Add detergent that matches the color group of the product and process it carefully.

We remove stains on synthetic clothes

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As a rule, polyester fibers are very resistant to dirt, but unexpected stains appear on them from time to time. Before using the stain remover, check its effect on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​fabric, then treat in the following ways:

  • apply a soft-action stain remover to the desired area and leave for a while, then lightly rub the surface of the product and wash it in the usual way by hand or in a washing machine;
  • if the stain remover did not have the necessary effect, then this area can be treated with ordinary table salt, applying it to the stain, and then washing it off;
  • resistant stains on colored things can be removed with a 10% borax solution, treating the stain with it, and then with lemon juice.

How to wash a jacket made of polyester

Sports and semi-sports clothing made of synthetics, including the top, is very popular in our rhythmic age because of its practicality and convenience. In order for things not to lose their attractiveness, it is necessary to properly care for them.

Bulk outerwear, especially with a filler, is best treated in a washing machine.

In order to properly wash a polyester jacket, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • turn the jacket inside out, having previously checked whether there are any other things in the pockets;
  • select manual or delicate processing mode at a temperature of 30-40 degrees;
  • If the clothes are filled with insulation, then use detergents to gently wash the liquid consistency for better rinsing and set the mode with additional rinsing;
  • be sure to add air conditioning, so that the thing after washing retains its volume and original shape, as well as dries quickly;
  • Select low spin speeds to simply remove excess water;
  • hang the thing on the "hangers" for further drying.

For washing the jacket from polyester by hand, pour a sufficient amount of warm water into the bath, dilute the appropriate detergent. Bright things handle special means for colored synthetics.

Polyester products, even outerwear, can be easily washed by rubbing heavily soiled areas with a soft brush. At the end, slightly squeeze the jacket and rinse several times in a large volume of clean water until the detergent is completely removed. Hang to dry on clothing "hangers" above the pelvis, and occasionally squeeze excess moisture flowing down.

How to dry and iron things after washing

If you properly dry your clothes from polyester after washing, you can do without ironing.

The washed jacket or dress should be hung on the hanger in buttoned form. We hang the skirt and trousers by the belt and carefully straighten it. From time to time, smooth the thing with your hands.

If, despite the measures taken, the folds still remain, do not wait until the thing dries completely. It should be ironed a little wet. Iron should not be heated to a high temperature - polyester frowns and may even melt under hot soles. For the same reason, it is not recommended to dry polyester clothes on a battery or heater.

Before you start ironing, study the information about it on the product label. It is usually recommended to select the temperature mode "silk" on the body of the iron.

Things from pure polyester must be ironed through a damp cloth. Jacket, coat ironed first from the inside out, and then, if necessary, from the front side.

To iron the pleated polyester skirt with iron, you have to work a little. Secure all the folds with English needles so that they do not deform when ironed.

The ironed thing should be hung on the hanger and let it hang so that it dries to the end, and then put into the closet.

If you have a steamer, then the smoothing procedure is simplified many times. Just hang the thing on the hanger, select the delicate mode on the device and steam the polyester product. Also, the steamer can help remove the stain and refresh clothes without washing.

Another option is to hang a piece of clothing on the hangers in the bathroom. It is the safest fabric, but a long way. Turn on the hot water, wait for the steam to fill the entire room, and leave the item in the steam room for half an hour. There will be no folds on the clothes. After this procedure, the thing needs to be hung in another room and wait for complete drying.

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