Condensate in the air conditioner

By the summer, people want to know how to choose air conditioning. Technical characteristics of the devices are reduced to energy saving and cold power produced. In the article we want to discuss such a topic as condensate, how manufacturers of air conditioners solve this problem.

Split air-conditioning system

Condensate: where it comes from and what is harmful

Air conditioners are installed on the facades of houses, from which water drips onto the street. Air conditioners rarely worry about condensate drainage. According to the rules, when installing the air conditioner on the street through the corrugated hose channel is displayed. Then he descends into a special plastic pipe leading to the sewage system. In reality, such installations near air conditioners are not to be seen.

Controlling the operation of an air conditioner

Typically, installing an air conditioner comes down to three steps:

  1. Installing an indoor unit for an air conditioner.
  2. Installation of the external unit of the air conditioner.
  3. Combining the two components of communications( freon paths, electrical wiring).

This is interesting. Condensate suitable for the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

During the process of installing the air conditioner, the outer wall of the building makes its way through, condensate falls on the heads of passersby. To prevent the process from blocking in the winter, a special heating cable is embedded in the drainage system of the air conditioner.

Where does the condensate come from? The indoor unit of the air conditioner contains an evaporator. This is a coil, where the freon goes into a gaseous state. Very low temperature element. Therefore, the condensate falls in the air conditioner.

Even at low relative humidity, droplets form, drying the air. A person reduces his own immunity by applying air conditioning. Readers will ask how to avoid it. The only solution is to evaporate moisture from the air conditioner back into the room. Dirty drops should not fall on the heads of passers-by while simultaneously worsening the climatic conditions in the intruder’s own home.

The main functions of modern air conditioners do not provide for such an option. You can not buy an air conditioner that does not dry the air. So, when buying a conditioner you need to worry about the microclimate. We told readers about intelligent models that are able to automatically control conditions. But! It is usually about temperature, not humidity.

The harmful and dangerous condensation of air conditioners

On a hot summer night, many have heard water dripping. In the panel house air conditioner installed on the model project. The main goal of most firms is profit, and the masters have great conservatism. This means that changes to the project will not be considered by the installer. Most people lean towards simplicity, and in the overwhelming number of cases conservatism is justified.

Split-system wall-mounted

A typical project involves the installation of outdoor units strictly on top of each other. The external equipment block is protected from rain. There is a visor made of steel and plastic. The sound is heard from falling drops on it.

The shot volume depends on the height that separates the two outdoor units of air conditioners installed at the entrance neighbors, and time depends on the accumulation of moisture in the apartment of a neighbor who lives above the floor. The hood for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is not equipped with a sound insulating sheet and is not intended for condensate to get in there( windows are closed in the rain).As they said at the beginning, excess liquid must flow into the sewage system. Plastic pipes are being laid under the ventilated facade of the house for this purpose. But our high-rise buildings are not adapted in this regard.

In the advertisement of new buildings, the option( condensate drainage) is negotiated separately, as an advantage of business-class buildings. What suggests that the developer understands the difficulty, realizes. Soon, choose the air conditioner will be easier. Actions come down to estimating a few parameters:

Discharge pipe for condensate drain

  • British thermal units need to be converted to Watts. Information that a certain amount is required for a certain area is incorrect. Much depends on the conditions, or rather, the resistance of the wall to heat loss. In general, follow the simple rule: how much energy is lost in winter, so much in summer you need to make up. And the value is proportional to the temperature difference. In winter, the heat leaks outside, in the summer, on the contrary, tends to break into the house. Thermal insulation properties of the wall do not change. It is necessary to estimate what the temperature is outside in the summer, take room temperature from SNiP from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. Then calculate the difference. Suppose it is 25 degrees Celsius. After that, the power is directly proportional, assuming that the line of losses passes under a constant, known angle. For example, in winter, when the temperature outside the window is -25, 2.5 kW was spent on heating. In the room +20.Consequently, the temperature difference, street and room, was 45 degrees. Air conditioning should produce half the cold. And this is 1.25 kW.This is not consumption, but the British thermal units, reduced to Watts. An important indicator, solar radiation, is missed from the calculations. Many will have to take the outdoor temperature is not air and in the shade, and evaluate the state of the illuminated side of the ceiling. The difference is significant.
  • Installation options vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. This mainly concerns the maximum length of the communications and the height difference between the indoor and outdoor units. This fact is important when choosing installation locations for outdoor and indoor units. Well, if the outdoor unit is in the shade or on the north wall of the building: the temperature is lower, the efficiency of the air conditioner rises. It is ideal to lower the equipment into the basement at all, where the air is colder - we save electricity. Standard installation includes the specified communication length. If the value is exceeded, freon will need refueling.
  • Already discussed on the portal types of refrigerant. Today in fashion R22, in the country it is allowed. In the west, they are seriously worried - because of the leakage of this freon, ozone holes appear. They tend to trust this, but the cost of air conditioners on the R410 bites. As for refueling, experts say: the price is the same. Highly hygroscopic polyester oil is expensive. It has to be used by owners of air conditioners with R. The reasons lie in the working pressure. Air conditioners with R22 operate at 16 atm, while the R410 has operating parameters one and a half times higher. To transfer air conditioners from one type of freon to another is impossible.

Here are three basic parameters for choosing an air conditioner.

News in the world of modern air conditioners

Which company is better to make the choice of air conditioner: where there is little information about the products or where the site is replete with scientific and technical information. We proceed immediately to the second category of manufacturers.

Briefly about the functions of air conditioners Mitsubishi I Feel( I Feel).Using the keys more or less we set the desired temperature on sensations. And the air conditioner with the help of fuzzy logic algorithms supports the specified conditions. He works for days on end, for weeks. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the equipment can sense the temperature.

Mitsubishi's curious feature is I See( I see).Special 3D-sensor monitors the situation in the room and directs the stream in the right direction. Heats or cools certain parts of the room. Now we will analyze brief advertising statements that are listed on the official website of the Thai manufacturer of air conditioners:

  1. Firstly, the company's quality policy provides for testing at an air conditioner stand for at least 20 minutes, with some of the devices undergoing selective rigorous testing. Information about the team that passed the conditioner, according to the serial numbers, has been stored in the company's database for several years. This will allow customers to find those responsible for the release of poor-quality products.
  2. Mitsubishi smart air conditioner functions have already been listed, we will not dwell in detail.
  3. Mitsubishi household air conditioners contain an on / off timer with a limit of up to 24 hours and a discreteness of 10 minutes. We believe that some models will allow you to set a schedule for the days of the week, which is convenient for large companies: the mode of operation is set, excluding weekends.

    Stylish air conditioning

  4. Household air conditioners are equipped with a restart function. Information about the mode is stored in memory, where it is stored for decades. Convenient for corporations. Mode is stored until Monday. By the beginning of the week Mitsubishi air conditioner will resume.
  5. Intelligent power supply eliminates the malfunction of the controller of the indoor unit during power surges.

These are general notes; you will see the following information on the Mitsubishi air conditioning product cards:

  • A special 3D sensor monitors the situation in the room, monitors the appearance of people and adjusts equipment operation in an optimal way. Well, about a three-dimensional sensor, rather, a slight exaggeration is allowed, infrared photodiodes capture radiation mainly from bodies, not air, but a flat picture can be drawn and adjusted as necessary. We believe that gradually Mitsubishi air conditioners pour cold air into the walls, not the walls, but the people. When the room is empty, and the temperature is already established, the equipment is resting. So Mitsubishi air conditioners further save energy.
  • For a special review on plasma air purification systems, see the early reviews. Plasma Quad filters kill bacteria, smells, and remove dust from the room. It causes sympathy.
  • The controller controls the flaps of the indoor unit so as to give naturalness to the air movement. This creates gradually the best atmosphere for work. Consider, the wind does not blow smoothly. Draft constantly annoying. An ordinary conditioner creates the conditions to get sick, and products from Thailand best fights for their well-being.

    Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

  • Several controlled dampers of the indoor unit are able to distribute the flow in several directions at once. This will allow to blow a group of people separately. It is clear that this is better than the power to direct in a single azimuth.
  • By using advanced inverter motor control technology, record-breaking low power consumption has been achieved. This is relevant to the relevant series. We mean inverter control. Read more in previous reviews.
  • Record low noise will not disturb the inhabitants of the room even at night - 20 dB.This is below the permissible volume at night according to the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation. This is an internal block, for an external figure seems out of reach. Before buying, specify, and if the conversation was about the street module, then when working at night, the neighbors will not file a lawsuit.

    Household Air Conditioner MITSUBISHI

  • Already there have been ample opportunities for laying Mitsubishi air conditioners. This applies to elevation differences and the length of the path of movement of freon. As a result, the designer has complete freedom of action. We get the most convenient location of air conditioning units. What looks advantageous in comparison with the conditions of other manufacturers.
  • Mitsubishi air conditioners remain compatible with older models. The path of movement of freon can not be re-run if R22 was used. You can independently reinstall the equipment with a vacuum pump on hand. It is necessary to collect freon in the external unit of the old air conditioner, then dismantle it. New equipment is put in place, the highway is already stretched. It remains to carry out the evacuation, and begin the launch of the newly purchased air conditioner. No rinsing or additional cleaning is required. We believe that there is no moisture inside, but the evacuation of the vast majority of water from the system will remove. The installation cost often exceeds the purchase price, which allows you to make a choice of air conditioner in favor of such a convenient option.

You see that the Mitsubishi concern does not hide the advantages of air conditioners, and we are pleased to convey this information to readers. Controller failure is an important detail, but the other advantages of the equipment are obvious. We add that the company's website has a convenient table of model selection, the equipment is sorted according to three signs:

Home air conditioner on the wall

  1. The cooling power is given in watts, which is more common with Russian ears than British thermal units. SNiP advises to choose the power of the boiler based on the latitude of Moscow 120 W per 1 m2.In the summer, the calculation is carried out similarly, knowing that heat loss through the wall depends on the temperature difference on both sides. If all year round in a room is 20 degrees Celsius, and in winter at a temperature of minus 20 outside the window, 15 kW of power are spent, in the summer with forty-degree heat it will take two thirds of the amount, i.e.10 kW.Computing is convenient. Of course, I want to know how the Mitsubishi external air conditioner unit is going to provide indicators in any weather.
  2. The presence of inverter control in almost all series of internal air conditioners Mitsubishi. Without this option, the equipment doesn’t look so attractive without the amazing features of I Feel and I See. These are just dead boxes that can't blow a person. But in the class of air conditioners, devoid of inverter control, Mitsubishi products occupy a leading position in terms of energy consumption.
  3. Mitsubishi company produces several types of air conditioning systems with a different indoor unit. This will allow you to select the desired technical solution. Cassette are more suitable for office, and floor-mounted, resembling convectors will become a universal solution. In this sense, Mitsubishi air conditioners really fit anyway.

Where to get conditioners

The manufacturer, supplying scientific information instead of bare phrases, looks more convincing in the market, no matter how much money is invested in product promotion. That is why Mitsubishi air conditioners are so interesting, which is not the case with many famous brands.

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