5 best books on economics that will help become a good hostess

Not sure what mom taught right? Read 5 books for a good housewife!

will help you to understand yourself as a mess at home. Reading is a source of knowledge in any situation, even in the difficult task of running a household."Hozobzor" gathered all the most interesting and popular for those who embarked on the path of order and global clearing.

The art of living is simple.

Dominique Laro, a Frenchwoman who has lived in Japan for more than 20 years, shares her advice on how to make a home, life, relationship happier and more harmonious. The approach is based on Japanese minimalism, a conscious attitude towards consumption and the gradual breaking up of all walks of life.

In the beginning, the author tells about specific techniques, how to gradually clean up space from unnecessary things and garbage, how to organize the space of the house and interior. Logically continues the theme of the right attitude to your body. The message is the same: to raise awareness, to filter the unnecessary, to sift out the superfluous: thoughts, actions, relationships.

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The book will be useful to those who have long wanted to join the regular shredding and are looking for a theory on this topic( why) and practice( how) And also those who did not have enough determination to begin clearing their rubble. In addition to the finished algorithm, you will get a good portion of inspiration in order to start acting!

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School Flylady. How to clean up the house and in the life of

Marla Zelly was an ordinary American housewife from North Carolina who could not organize her life. To defeat her own disorganization, Marla created a unique system for maintaining the order of Flylady. In 1999, under this nickname, she e-mailed her first tips on restoring order. Today, the Flylady community has millions of hostesses around the world.

Household instruction has gradually grown into a real philosophy of a modern woman who wants to be successful in various fields, to find time for home, family and her hobbies.

At the heart of Flylady is a clear system: cleaning in zones on a timer, so as not to get tired and not lose the fuse, making lists of morning and evening affairs, so as not to waste time thinking, planning and fixing important points. No general cleaning up the seventh sweat, feats and forced marches: restoring order is divided into small daily steps.

The book is definitely for those who consider themselves not the most organized person, but would like to add order to their lives. Here you will find not only a step-by-step plan how to implement the system, but also learn how to make it take root.

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Magical cleaning. The Japanese art of tidying up at home and in the life of

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The sensational book from Maria Kondo, the world's most expensive tutorial expert.

If the Flylady system is dedicated to maintaining order, then Kondo offers his own way to organize the space at home, so that it is easy and comfortable to live in it, and it is easy and quick to get out of it.
In the center of attention is the same slandering, but with the inherent Japanese thoughtfulness and pedantry. Leave only what brings joy, listen to yourself, do not accumulate too much, treat things with gratitude for their service - in the book Con Marie a whole philosophy, based on respect for the world and attention to detail.

According to readers, the book gives not only an understanding of how to organize your house, but also a powerful incentive to start changes that have been postponed for a long time.

Fans of Maria Kondo admit that thanks to the book, they have order, not only in the house, but also in life.

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Complete order.

weekly plan to fight chaos at work, at home and in the head

Regina Leeds - a professional organizer with 20 years of experience in establishing space order - shares Zen-organization techniques, where time management techniques work in conjunction with the principles of space organization: categorizing things, storage systems, cleaning algorithms, phased introduction of correct habits and much more.

Despite the fact that the plan for the transformation of living space is designed for 12 months, the author is not advised to postpone familiarity with the system until the beginning of the year: all techniques are very specific and easily applicable without reference to any time period.

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Breathe freely.

will help you to understand yourself as a mess in the house. This book is unique in that it was written by people who have no relation to the environment of professional organization and progress.

Loren Rosenfield - Master of Spiritual Development and Melva Green - an experienced psychiatrist met at a well-known US TV show where they help people with hoarding syndrome.

The result of their collaboration was a unique book, where the disorder is viewed from a spiritual and scientific point of view.

“Man is like a house, hell is a reflection of our personality. And only you are able to make your home and your life open, bright and joyful, ”say the authors and tell us how to use a holistic approach in the fight against rubbish.

The exercises and tools they have gathered will help those who want to get rid of the disorder, but do not know where to start.

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We wish that these books inspire you as much as us!

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