What split system to buy

People are happy when the air inside is cold in the heat, but at the same time 90% of people - if they don’t know in advance - think that the indoor unit of the split system sucks the air from the street. This seems logical. The external unit of the split-system is outside, there is buzzing and spinning, therefore, sucks. Opinion is wrong. The fan in the external unit of the split system cools the condenser to accelerate the heat release. Carrier energy in the air conditioner works freon. We will discuss which split-system to buy, at the same time we will fill in the gaps in education.

. Why is a split-system the so-called

? A split-system has two blocks. Air conditioning is divided into:

  1. Exterior.
  2. Interior.

The main parts of the split

The name of the English word split occurs. The principle of operation is to transfer heat to the air conditioner. Moreover, modern air conditioners pumped heat in the summer heat and served from the winter cold. This is how split systems work. Inside the split system is compressed freon. In the cooling mode, the gas is compressed in the external unit of the air conditioner, where the fan stands, the gray coil-condenser of the split system heats up, almost reaching the boiling point of water. Due to what is happening in the heat we pump air conditioning heat to the street.

The temperature in the room due to the discharge of freon in the split-system evaporator is greatly reduced, it turns out that the energy of the air is taken in by the refrigerant. The principle of operation of the air conditioner is exactly as in the refrigerator, only the coils are spaced apart, for which the unit has been called split. Sometimes air conditioners are able to heat. In this case, the direction of movement of the split system freon changes. Street circuit takes heat. .. in winter.

Manufacturers are constantly fighting for the buyer. New and new technologies are coming out.

Installation Parameters for Split-Systems

We have repeatedly discussed how the power of split-systems is chosen, but we believe that we didn’t tell much about the non-standard installation. We remind you that the workers are ready to hang up the external unit of the air conditioner above the balcony, to nail the inside in the room, to punch the wall, to stretch the communications, then turn on the hung devices.


Difficulties arise when in a split system:

  1. The length of freon communications exceeds 5 meters. For every extra hundred centimeters will have to lay out a tidy sum, carefully select the device installation point.
  2. Not satisfied with the option of placing the outdoor unit above the balcony - after deciding which split system to buy, the task of choosing a climber will follow, raising the cost of the original service package one and a half times.
  3. It is difficult to hang the external unit of the split system on the insulated facade of the building. This is a paid job.

Key Benefits of Individual Split Systems

Captivates inverter control. Best of all voiced Mitsubishi fact. The motor is no longer controlled simply by the voltage from the network, at first the waveform is converted to direct current, and then the pulse bursts are formed. We make a brief conclusion: this technical course allowed us to create efficient and cost-effective systems. The efficiency of the air conditioner increased due to the design of the engine controlled by the sophistic inverter.

Split air filtration system

Today readers are interested in the air cleaning procedure. Stages of release of a stream from harmful factors:

  • The coarse filter is not HEPA, but the principle is similar. It is just a porous material that absorbs coarse dust. Stops down, hair, animal hair. Periodically, the coarse filter will need to be washed, cleaning is included in the procedure of periodic maintenance of the air conditioner.
  • The second stage is advanced and is based on the action of static electricity. Meaning: bypassing the anodes, the particles acquire a charge, therefore they are easily attracted to the plate of the opposite sign. Here settle. Metal plates should be washed periodically.
  • Third stage adsorption. A filter made from a special material takes aromatic molecules from the air. Such filters are often in the kitchen hoods, called coal, periodically they are thrown away, buying new ones for replacement.
  • Recently, the characteristics of split systems have been supplemented with catalytic filters. In ionizers, devices serve to accelerate the decomposition of molecules of harmful substances under the action of ultraviolet radiation from LEDs; in air conditioners, ozone molecules enter into battle.

Split system with cold plasma

Cold plasma kills microbes in the filters of the split system

I came across an article of co-authorship of several Russian and German scientists, link http: //jmm.sgmjournals.org/content/60/1/ 75.abstract( source text http: //www.membrana.ru/particle/ 4629).It turned out that back in 2010, when the stable Internet only appeared on the outskirts of our country, the cold plasma had already learned to kill microbes.

It is proved that argon gas under normal conditions is inert, will not have an effect on bacteria. It is necessary to turn it into a flame of an ionic torch, as in 10 minutes it cleans wounds from bacterial strains by 90% in 10 minutes. Moreover, microbes with rather thin shells are subjected to death, regardless of the resistance of organisms to penicillin.

A cold cutter of miniature size will become an indispensable thing for fighters: heals ulcers, wounds, and other skin damage. Many of these ailments are caused by excessive growth of bacteria. In the commercial for a weakly glowing plasma jet( temperature 40 ºС) a healthy finger was substituted, nothing happened. Unlike antibiotics, cold plasma does not have a damaging effect on the body.

A couple of years later, Mitsubishi started talking about plasma filters for air conditioners on the market. The meaning was as follows: with the help of high tension fields, they try to get cold ions.

For reference: air ionization begins at a temperature of a thousand degrees. Occurs when welding, during the discharge of lightning and a number of other cases. It is clear that inside the room air conditioner this technique is not applicable.

On the basis of PetrSU in 2001, they created a special installation for the generation of cold plasma. This is necessary for medical research. Mitsubishi Inverter Split Systems( or Toshiba) are equipped with filters that do the work previously assigned to the adsorption, static and photocatalytic stages of the filters. The meaning is in the ability of a charged gas to kill bacteria and remove other molecules from the air - unwanted to humans - molecules. This type of filter will be used to clean the exhaust in the automotive industry.

As for the split systems, plasma disinfecting properties are used to the full. Already repeatedly mentioned the benefits of negative charges, there is a clear application. For example, blood, passing through a diseased organ, is highly enriched with a positive sign. By introducing a plasma beam into the wound, we help the body. Something similar happens inside the air conditioner filters. Mitsubishi in the internal block of barrier stages two, not counting the rough cleaning. The first one is occupied entirely by microbes; the second is the task of removing odors and harmful compounds from the air. Combines both a similar principle.

We believe that it is good to choose a good split system that can cleanse itself. It is no secret that the disinfection procedure is a part of the air conditioning service. Mitsubishi split-systems themselves do the cleaning in an orderly manner. With the help of ions and ozone. The specific mechanism is not disclosed, we believe that, given the fact of studying the process of PetrSU, it is possible to already draw conclusions about the rationality of the acquisition of the described type of product.

The aforementioned split-system constantly renews the cleanliness of the air. Whether it is overflowing with negative ions is not indicated anywhere, but this is an additional plus. We believe many will want to buy a split system with a plasma filter.

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