High Pressure Water Pump: Views Overview and Selection Tips

Residents of suburban settlements, whose territories are not connected to the central water supply lines, solve the issue of water supply by arranging autonomous systems. In the implementation of the task, a high-pressure water pump plays a key role. His main job is to stabilize the pressure in the system.

We will tell you what range of water pumps offers the market and by what criteria to choose the equipment. Let's get acquainted with the leading manufacturers in the segment. Here you will learn about the design features of the technology underlying the division into species.

For visual perception of information, we supplemented the text with useful diagrams, photo collections and video tutorials.

The content of the article:

  • Purpose and types of units
    • When do you need a high pressure pump?
    • Alternative pressure boosting measures
  • Types and action of high pressure pumps
    • Dry Rotor Units
    • Wet rotor devices
  • The division by the method of creating a vacuum chamber
    • Centrifugal Devices
    • Vibrating Electromagnetic Pumps
    • Swirl pump models
  • Leading manufacturers and popular models
  • Features of equipment selection
    • Unit performance measurement
    • Recommended device head
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Purpose and types of units

Regardless of where the water is taken from - from the nearest reservoir, an equipped well, a well, it can be automatically fed to the site using ordinary pump.

But for the normal operation of household appliances system water pressure must be at least 2.5 atmospheres and not exceed 6 atmospheres. And this parameter can be achieved only by setting up a system for maintaining constant pressure. For this purpose, use a variety of options for high-pressure pumps for water.

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Purpose of using high pressure pumps

Pumps that increase the pressure in the water circuit, are used with insufficient pressure in the network, with no or a small amount of water at the far points of the pumping

Where high pressure pumps are used

The scope of application of high-pressure pumps is not limited to water supply systems, they are used in almost all areas that require pumping fluids

Model of plunger pump for water

At the core of the plunger pump action lies the piston principle. However, instead of a piston, water is captured not by a piston, but by a plunger — a hollow cylinder.

Work to increase the pressure in the water supply

The water captured by the plunger through the suction pipe is hydraulically pushed out of the pump and moves into the discharge line

Purpose of using high pressure pumps

Purpose of using high pressure pumps

Where high pressure pumps are used

Where high pressure pumps are used

Model of plunger pump for water

Model of plunger pump for water

Work to increase the pressure in the water supply

Work to increase the pressure in the water supply

When do you need a high pressure pump?

Device for enhancement and support autonomous water pressure apply when the pressure is so low that it is not possible to use water for household appliances.

Installation of the pump is permissible, but not particularly recommended for stabilizing the pressure parameters in the apartment circuit, if tenants experience a real water shortage.

Pressure maintenance device

This type of water pumps is designed to increase the pressure in the individually equipped water supply system, if there is a shortage of power for the normal lift of the water pump.

Use of the device will be relevant if system pressure is not higher than 1 - 1.5 atmospheres. A small-sized appliance can be installed both on the common piping and on the outlet to a separate household unit. For example, by connecting to a pipe that supplies water to a boiler or a washing machine.

In the first case, you will have to purchase a powerful device with good performance; in the second, you can get by installing a small low-power automatic pump.

The operation of the unit can be carried out by:

  • Manual control - assumes continuous operation of the device regardless of whether the water supply is currently performed, but under the condition that the device is turned off by force manually. Used in the arrangement of "warm floors", where the maintenance of pressure in the heating circuits at the right level is required constantly.
  • Auto mode - the device is turned on by the automation system, for example, when opening a valve. The work is regulated by a special flow sensor: when the valve is closed, the pump stops functioning.

The main function of the adjustment system is to turn on the unit when the pressure drops and switch off when it reaches the specified parameter. After all, lowering the pressure in the line and its excessive increase destroys the pipe joints and has a detrimental effect on the operation of household appliances.

Alternative pressure boosting measures

However, installing a pump designed to stimulate pressure will be completely useless if the source has a small flow rate. It does not help, and if the system from time to time overlap. The best solution in this situation would be to use a self-priming pumping station.

The pumping station is completed on the basis of the same category of pumps, equipped with or without injectors. Besides supplemented by a hydroaccumulatordesigned for water storage. It looks like an ordinary tank, only inside is a rubber membrane with air. Manages a set of equipment and accessories of the water pressure switch.

Installation of pumping station

During the operation of the station during the uninterrupted supply of water, the pump fills the storage tank with water, from where it subsequently consumes

Installation of a self-priming pumping station is also effective when the pressure in the basement of the house is normal and in the ones located above it is not at all.

Accumulated water in the future can be spent regardless of whether there is water in the system, which is especially important with frequent interruptions in its supply. A significant drawback of such installations is the cumbersome design due to the presence of a hydraulic tank and the noise of the equipment during operation.

Instead of a hydraulic tank, you can use the usual cumulative capacity, in which water will accumulate during the delivery period with a normal pressure. You can install it on a high overpass or on the roof of the house, and during interruptions use stock.

How to do without high pressure water pump

One of the ways to eliminate the problem of lack of pressure is to install a storage tank. It is located at the highest possible point, most often in a warmed attic.

Types and action of high pressure pumps

Before deciding to install a stimulating pumping device, you should assess the condition of the pipeline. It is possible that the pressure deficit occurs due to clogged pipes. If you get out of a difficult situation only by installing the device, then you should familiarize yourself with their technical specifics in more detail.

The principle of operation of high-pressure pumps, regardless of the version of the working body and the type of design, is the same. The device during the operation of the working unit creates a vacuum inside the cavity, due to which water is sucked.

Vacuum equipment design

By creating a vacuum space, water is “drawn in” from the source to the chamber, and then pushed through the outlet by the action of high pressure.

Available in the model of a universal type, suitable for water of any temperature, and those that can be used only in cold or only in a hot environment.

Depending on the method of cooling a running motor, the units are of two types: with a dry and with a wet rotor.

Dry Rotor Units

Modifications with a dry rotor are difficult to confuse with wet counterparts. They have an asymmetrical shape with a clear margin in the direction of the power part of the device. The fact is that its engine is equipped with a wing cooling device, since it is not washed in the process of working with water.

Due to the asymmetrical shape and the displacement of the axis towards the motor, “dry” models are equipped with cantilever fixtures for additional fixation on the wall.

Dry rotor model

Pumping devices equipped with a dry rotor are renowned for their high performance and are used when large amounts of water are needed.

Due to the fact that the engine in such models is separated from the hydraulic part at the end of the axis by an omental seal, they serve much longer than the “wet” ones. True, the seal, as well as the rolling bearing, tends to wear out and needs to be replaced periodically.

For this reason, units equipped with a dry rotor require more frequent maintenance and regular lubrication of moving parts. Another minus - "dry" devices are noisy, because the place to install them should be carefully considered.

Wet rotor devices

Flow units imply cooling due to pumped water. In this case, the rotor of the device is placed in an aqueous medium and is isolated by a waterproof valve from the stator.

Units with a wet rotor have a low noise level. Circulation pumps with a wet rotor are designed for arranging heating systems, but are often used for water supply systems for heating residential premises.

Modular design with a wet rotor

Devices of this type have a modular design, so that they can easily be disassembled into multiple components when a separate element needs to be replaced.

Used in the assembly of the assembly bearings do not require additional maintenance. However, “wet” pumps serve less and lose to “dry” units in terms of the generated pressure. There are restrictions on the direction of installation - you can only horizontally.

A significant drawback of pumps of this type is the vulnerability when working with dirty water, foreign inclusions of which are able to disable the device.

The division by the method of creating a vacuum chamber

The mechanism of operation of this type of device is based on the displacement reaction. The pumping process is carried out under the action of changing the size of the working chamber. The magnitude of the resulting vacuum is directly dependent on the degree of tightness of the working chamber.

The magnitude of the vacuum can be adjusted. Due to this, the pressure in certain parts of the system may increase, or, conversely, decrease.

Cylindrical shape of the unit

Vacuum pumps in the majority of configurations have the form of a cylinder, inside which a shaft or impeller equipped with an impeller is built

The shaft is the leading working tool of the mechanism. Equipped with blades, the impeller performs rotational movements. Under the action of blades moving in a circle, the fluid in the working chamber is captured. As it rotates, centrifugal force is formed. It also leads to the formation of a liquid ring. The empty space formed inside the ring is a vacuum.

Depending on the ways in which a vacuum chamber is created, high-pressure pumps for water are centrifugal, vibratory and vortex.

Centrifugal Devices

Centrifugal pumping pumps - the most common type of pumping device capable of providing high pressure in the system. They pump water through the rotation of the impeller mounted inside the spiral housing. The impeller consists of two bonded discs, between which the blades are fixed in the direction opposite to the flow of the incoming fluid.

Centrifugal pumping station

Centrifugal stations are equipped with hydraulic boxes providing water supply in case of shortage and pressure drops, and automatic control devices

In the process of rotation, a centrifugal force is formed, which stimulates the displacement of water flows from the center of the chamber, pushing it to distant areas. Due to this, the pressure level in the center of the rotating impeller decreases, and water begins to flow into the interior of the housing.

In most versions, centrifugal devices are supplied with hydraulic accumulators. They are connected to pressure pipelines with the help of nozzles of different diameters.

Centrifugal pumps to increase water pressure

If the volume of the hydraulic tank of the pumping station is not enough, it can be used as a unit that supplies water to the storage tank.

The equipment of centrifugal type is able to provide uninterrupted supply of water at high pressure. The only condition of operation - when starting the unit, it is necessary to fill the case with water. The centrifugal variety has limitations: they cannot pump water from a depth of more than 8 m, but as an addition to the pressure boosting system of several pumps and accumulators are quite suitable.

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Pressure pump for clean water

Pressure pumps are used in pumping well, rain and well water. Suitable for both fixed installation and mobile use.

Pressure boost pump

In an autonomous water supply system, a pressure unit can be used to supply water from a hydraulic tank to sanitary customers.

Technical equipment of pressure pumps

The latest models are equipped with overheat protection, devices that prevent operation without pumped water, a system warning of brewing breakdowns

Rules of operation of the pressure pump

Before starting, the pressure pump as any surface pump must be filled with water. To facilitate this procedure, a wide throat is provided.

Pressure pump for clean water

Pressure pump for clean water

Pressure boost pump

Pressure boost pump

Technical equipment of pressure pumps

Technical equipment of pressure pumps

Rules of operation of the pressure pump

Rules of operation of the pressure pump

Vibrating Electromagnetic Pumps

The principle of operation of vibration pumps is based on the ability of the magnet due to the action of alternating current to alternately attract to itself, and then release the tandem anchor-piston. Changing the polarity of the anchor makes alternating movements. Within one second, the position of the anchor can change several dozen times.

Vibrating Electromagnetic Pump

Due to the absence in the electromagnetic devices of the vibration type of rotating parts, they are considered the most reliable and durable

As a result of vibrational vibrations, water is first sucked into the working chamber, and then pushed out through the valve into the discharge port. The vibration unit can be operated in a pair by a centrifugal counterpart or inject a supply of water into a storage tank.

Swirl pump models

In the body cavity of such units there is a flat disk equipped with radially fixed vanes. The rotation of the wheel with peripheral blades and creates a vacuum.

Device vortex model

Under the action of the rotation of the disk, the liquid enters a specially equipped cavity of the housing, and then, passing through the chamber, is pushed out

Vortex devices are famous for their high suction power. They are not afraid of the presence of air bubbles in the water. But they are vulnerable to the presence of suspended particles in a liquid and therefore have limited scope. Since the vortex devices quickly break down when pumping dirty water, they are not recommended for use when setting up sand wells and wells.

Leading manufacturers and popular models

Among the proven world brands that are most popular, it is worth highlighting:

  • "Grundfos" - The Danish company relies on pumps that have a circulation system of work, which differ in small volumes.
  • "CatPums" - a feature of the equipment manufactured under this brand is the low pulsation of mechanisms at the highest possible pressure.
  • "Wilo" - German concern specializes in the production of small pumping stations, equipped with built-in hydraulic accumulators.
  • "Sprut" - a feature of pumps for increasing the pressure of this brand is the requirement for water purity and temperature.

The manufacturers listed above manufacture their products using proven technology that guarantees the reliability of pumping equipment. They are protected from overload, cycling and "dry running".

The price range of low-power pump models varies from 30-50 cu More productive samples equipped with automatic systems, can be purchased in the region of 70-100 cu Pumping stations will be priced within 80-150 USD

Compact size device

Compact and small in weight units are convenient to use as when arranging individual water supply, and for use in an apartment

Among the models of the average price segment, they have proven themselves well:

  • Sprut 15WBX-8 - the single design with a dry rotor has a capacity of 480 l / h with a power consumption of 90 watts. A small-sized small-sized device is placed directly on the pipe.
  • "Euroaqua 15WB-10" - the vortex electric unit easily copes with a liquid as a part of which there is air or gas.
  • "Cristal 15GRS-10" - the model is famous for low energy consumption and high efficiency, characterized by the ability to heat the water flow to the figure of 65 degrees.

Do not save and buy Chinese fakes. Repair their masters are not taken. Unscrupulous manufacturers assemble them in such a way that the failure of an individual element immediately leads to the need to completely replace the unit.

Features of equipment selection

When choosing pressure pump It is necessary to focus on a number of parameters.

Unit performance measurement

This parameter depends on the task assigned to the pump and the required water flow. When calculating the total water consumption, take into account household and domestic needs, focusing on the total indicators of maximum water consumption of all functioning consumption points for one temporary unit

Graph of performance and head

Determine the ratio of performance and head of the device will help the schedule that most manufacturers attach to the instructions for pumps

The performance of the pumps of the average price segment is enough to raise the pressure by at least 1-1.5 atmospheres. If this is not enough, the system is supplemented with booster pumps or pressure stabilizing gears.

Gearboxes - devices for increasing water pressure

Budget option to increase the pressure - installation at the point of entry of the system into the house or apartment of the gearbox. The device in automatic mode stabilizes the pressure in the circuit

When choosing a unit, it is necessary to take into account that the performance of the pumping device does not exceed the productivity of the well or well. Otherwise, if the source is quickly emptied and it is not timely replenished, the equipment will simply run dry. And this can lead to its breakdown.

Recommended device head

This parameter sets the height in meters to which the unit is capable of lifting water. When determining the required head, consider the horizontal distance of the water supply and the standard pressure loss during transportation through the pipeline.

If this parameter is calculated using a simplified formula, then its value is taken equal to one tenth of the total length of the horizontal highway. For example, a tenth of a hose is connected to watering pump green spaces.

For example, when setting up a well with a depth of 10 meters to supply water to a house located 12 meters from the water intake, with If it is placed on a height of 4 meters from the ground, the pressure of the aggregate is calculated by summing up the values: 10 + 4 + (12:10) = 15.2 meters.

But in order to obtain more accurate calculations, one should also take into account the diameter of the pipeline and the pressure loss when raising water through pipes, as well as passing it through turns and nodes. After all, with insufficient head pressure at the outlet will be low. For this reason, when arranging water intake systems, pumps are selected that are able to maintain the pressure in the system within 2-6 bar.

Pump for domestic use

It is not necessary for households to choose units with higher rates, since creating increased loads, they are able to provoke rapid wear of the pipeline and sanitary appliances

When choosing equipment, you should also consider:

  • Operating temperature range;
  • the noise level created in the course of work.

Electric models and liquid fuel units are on sale. The first is powered only by the electrical network. They can be two-and three-phase. The second - are equipped with an internal combustion engine. They use diesel or gasoline as fuel.

The presence of the automation system significantly increases the cost of equipment. But the high price of automated mechanisms having a high level of electrical protection is completely pays off, because devices of this type react more subtly to changing situations and consume less electricity.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video review of the pump to increase the pressure:

The option of the arrangement of the system using the installation that increases the water pressure:

The range of pumping equipment on the market in a wide range. But experts recommend purchasing it in retail stores. They will help you choose the best option depending on the technical conditions of the object and will provide warranty service, which is especially important when buying expensive equipment.

Want to talk about how to choose a high pressure pump, or about the application of this type of equipment in practice. Please write in the comments below. Here you can ask questions or report interesting facts.

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