Repair drainage pump with your hands: a step by step instruction

Drain pump on a suburban area - a kind of magic wand with unforeseen situations. By design, it resembles equipment for drinking water supply, but it has the ability to move contaminated with large inclusions.

But like any other technology, equipment may be damaged. Let's try to understand the weaknesses of the unit and to find out whether it is possible to repair the sump pump with your hands if necessary.

The content of the article:

  • Apparatus typical drain pump
  • Differences submersible and surface models
  • Reasons for failure of drainage pumps
  • Faults and remedies
    • Breakdown # 1 - faulty power cord
    • Breakdown # 2 - the water supply is stopped
    • Breakdown # 3 - the engine will not start
    • Breakdown # 4 - the pump switches itself off
    • Breakage # 5 - inclusion pump emboss electrician
  • Preventive measures and regular maintenance
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Apparatus typical drain pump

The ability to pump the water from the fine gravel, sand inclusion of large organic residues - very useful quality when it is necessary to pump water after flooding or draining pond. Drainage assemblies designed to operate under such conditions, but the excess load often leads to breakages.

Get acquainted with the inner filling unit, ideally immediately after purchase, to represent what parts can be damaged in the event of contamination or damage. It is not necessary to open the enclosure or disassemble - enough to examine the scheme, which is attached to the instructions for connecting and maintenance of the appliance.

How does the drain pump

The suction pump assembly hole may have a different location: at the submersible models it is located at the bottom and is provided with a mesh filter

Devices for private use in suburban areas do not differ much power or complex filling. Unlike the heavy industrial equipment, they are compact, relatively light (average weight - 3-7 kg) are composed of steel or plastic parts, although industrial production models and some household still use cast iron.

The main components of the immersion mechanism - the pump assembly, pumping water, and the motor rotating shaft with blades. The motor is located inside the pressure hull, which is made of stainless steel or of reinforced polypropylene and a double. Between the outer and inner walls of circulating water, preventing cooling.

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Drain pump during the performance of duties

Domestic drainage pumps used for draining basements and cellars, for pumping water from wells before cleaning of pits during stoitelstva

drenazhnikov modification for pumping water

Drainage units are available in a wide range, allowing precise to allow the pump characteristics and water pollution

Landmarks selection drainage machine

When choosing a sump pump should definitely take into account the maximum lift height and the maximum amount of pumped water

The material for the drain pump impeller

The more contaminated the water, the impeller must be reliable and the material from which it is made

Drain pump during the performance of duties

Drain pump during the performance of duties

drenazhnikov modification for pumping water

drenazhnikov modification for pumping water

Landmarks selection drainage machine

Landmarks selection drainage machine

The material for the drain pump impeller

The material for the drain pump impeller

Current models are equipped with thermal overload protection that is activated when the device is overloaded. By axial impeller shaft is attached - a screw device, feeding liquid into the housing. When the impeller starts to rotate the unit, to collect water from outside and push it along the walls of the outlet. In place of the first portion of water is coming next - and so on until the stop mechanism.

It adjusts the frequency of operation float switch. It monitors the liquid level in the tank or natural water by its sharp drop off the machine in automatic mode.

Scheme of the float

A diagram explaining the principle of operation of the float switch: the float by virtue of natural laws rests on the surface of the water that falls in the process of pumping out with him. When the lower limit of the float gives the command to turn off the unit

As you can see, drain pump apparatus simple enough, and if you ever disassemble and clean the submersible well pump, to the right, and with this category of equipment. Slightly different fecal unit having an additional node for crushing oversized particles.

Differences submersible and surface models

The submersible apparatus useful for cleaning deep reservoirs, for example, that only injected into the well operation. The first liquid that has accumulated in it, can not be called drinking, as there are many large inclusions of sand and clay. Throughout the day you need to pump out contaminated liquid to come in its place is clean, the water is suitable for consumption.

Pump Gardena Classic

Drain pump Gardena Classic is designed for pumping dirty water, has a capacity of 6 thousand. l / h at a maximum immersion depth of 7 m

Unlike immersion, surface pump do not use for deep tanks, it is more suitable for pumping water from the pool or the basement - with its flooding. At the bottom of the container was placed hose for receiving the dirty water, the second tube is used for sewage disposal.

If the pump is used in an emergency situation, it is appropriate to use a float device that will monitor critical water level rise. The advantage is that the design allows the mechanism to pump liquid from large pieces of dirt - to 5 cm (at least - 10 cm).

It is understood that the unit surface type is different in structure. Inside the metal housing mounted actuating shaft and the wheel and the motor may be different: at centrifugal products - single-phase external ventilation, y self-priming - asynchronous two-pole.

Despite the pollution to pump, do not allow the pump to the liquid in which dissolved gasoline, kerosene or other petroleum products and chemicals.

Reasons for failure of drainage pumps

Can break as new hardware and will last more than one year. Just bought the machine can be damaged due to manufacturing defects in the assembly: piston damaged or improperly connected valve.

breakages often occur due to incompetent installation if:

  • lowered to insufficient assembly depth;
  • prevented air from entering the compartment for water intake;
  • water intake opening is located above the water and is not covered by liquid.

These flaws easy to fix a simple test, but it is better to avoid them.

Pump installation - scheme

In Scheme drain installation of the submersible pump, except the location of the main equipment, one can see standpipe assembly with a check valve and a gate valve

Most often, problems arise in the course of operation of the equipment. Manufacturer specified control parameters, within which is necessary to operate (they are stated in the technical data sheet). If the equipment is improperly used, not on purpose, it simply will not sustain the load.

For example, for a drainage device is the norm pumping dirty water. This means that problems can occur if you start to move the clean drinking water (for which are Borehole and Pit model). On the contrary, too large contaminants clog the filters, so that the pump operation is suspended.

Also, expect trouble, if the equipment is idle, in "dry" mode - will happen to overheat, which can not be corrected independently. As a result of inadvertence business can end expensive repair service.

Lack of prevention, rare technical inspections may also cause damage. A lot of trouble can be avoided, warning them by replacing one of the parts or cleaning the unit.

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Impeller - main working pump organ

The impeller - drain impeller centrifugal pump commits water capture and transfer it into the standpipe

Condition of the pump impeller

From the state of the fan unit capacity depends on the terms of his service. Impellers drenazhnikov suffer increased load

Disassembly pumping part drenazhnika

By reducing the performance of the pump must be disassembled and cleaned of its pumping part, view the status of the impeller

Replacing the impeller, if necessary

If necessary, the impeller (or multiple pieces depending on the model) should be changed. If there are no original parts, it machined to order

Substitution fasteners pump

When repairing the pump and replace the impeller close attention should be paid to the state of fasteners and gaskets

Shoe impeller

If there is no reason to replace the impeller centrifugal pump enough to clean from deposits and rust buildup. Acceptable application of chemicals to dissolve Fat

Restoring the technical qualities of the impeller

To restore the specifications of the impeller and protect it from further damage during transfer it is recommended to cover the polymer composition

The output of the protection of the impeller

Coated protective structure impeller is significantly longer than an unprotected part. After two years of intensive work on the surface no defects and rust

Impeller - main working pump organ

Impeller - main working pump organ

Condition of the pump impeller

Condition of the pump impeller

Disassembly pumping part drenazhnika

Disassembly pumping part drenazhnika

Replacing the impeller, if necessary

Replacing the impeller, if necessary

Substitution fasteners pump

Substitution fasteners pump

Shoe impeller

Shoe impeller

Restoring the technical qualities of the impeller

Restoring the technical qualities of the impeller

The output of the protection of the impeller

The output of the protection of the impeller

Faults and remedies

There are a number of opportunities to repair the equipment with his own hands, provided that the broken part can be replaced with a new or make a simple technical procedure (eg, cleaning). For this it is necessary to disassemble the cabinet, diagnose, identify the problem and find the identical item.

Drainage pumps Caliber

If you rarely use the drainage equipment, or plan to use it only in case of emergency (flooding), then do not rush to buy an expensive pump - the cheapest model is much easier to replace. Pumps Caliber - from 2500 rubles

By the available actions include replacing the condenser, the impeller or the float, electric cable repairs, fixing of the shock absorber, removing large pieces of clay and sand stuck inside the case.

If cracked cast iron body, the valve has failed or ceased to function coil, please contact the Service Center or to think about buying a new pump. Cheap Chinese-made drainage devices are inexpensive, so ordered a serious professional repair impractical.

Breakdown # 1 - faulty power cord

Flexible element - cable - is always at risk, because of regular twists and kinks (which often happens when transportation and reinstallation of equipment) wire under a layer of plastic or rubber protection are broken, resulting in stops pump power.

You need to find a place of rupture and complete the connection. This operation is easy to carry out, if breakage occurred around fork - you just need to clean up, and connect the wires, finally, carefully isolated place of work.

Pump Repair cable

During cable recovery try and remember to mark the site of attachment of each wire (it is a different color) to the reverse installation not mix "phase", "land", "zero"

broken cable in the connection area to the pump requires more time for repairs. You must first remove the equipment from the water, wipe and dry it, then disassembled to get to the internal terminal block. Ready for the fact that instead of hexagonal holes encounter triple, because of what occurs and complexity to the selection of a screwdriver.

The cover should be removed carefully, without jerks and effort. Unscrewing bolts, adhere to the tension element, you can consider the cable and determine the rupture site. Worn piece remove, install the cable in its place, fasten the tension element, fix the bolts.

Breakdown # 2 - the water supply is stopped

The engine is working properly, but the liquid or even ceased to flow, or enters fine uneven spurts.

The reasons for the strange phenomenon may be several:

  • Blocked part of the supply line. This transfer tube or feed tube. There was some kind of blockage of the beams of algae and clay pieces. Pipes must be disconnected and cleaned them. Perhaps the pipe length is longer than recommended by the manufacturer, and therefore the pressure is insufficient for the desired output pressure.
  • Impeller wear. Bent or damaged blade. It is necessary to disassemble the unit, replace parts, first visually (as far as possible) determine the cause of the fault.
  • Supersaturated fluid with dirt and debris. Therefore, the water has a thick consistency and hard pumped. We solve the problem of raising the suction port at some distance from the bottom, where sediment is collected.
  • Significantly reduced engine power. That you can even define the sound. There are problems in the supply of electricity, failure of bearings, depressurization of the oil compartment. Required demolition case to clarify the cause of failure and replace worn parts.

The most common problem is a clogged filter. To clean the grid, and the suction port, you can try to pass through the pump a certain amount of clean water. If this procedure does not help, you should disassemble the cabinet and clean all the cameras, removing stones, algae and wood chips.

Rusty bolt on housing

When disassembling you may encounter an unpleasant "surprise" - fusion of rusted bolts fixing the housing. The bolt heads must be carefully cut off the grinder and an old fixture location to install new screws

Analyzing the unit, be sure to use the schemes or the manufacturer's instructions. They help to remove part of the series, quickly find places bolts. In some cases, wear or loosening fasteners nuts causes displacement of parts, which also affects the performance of the device.

Breakdown # 3 - the engine will not start

You connect the power supply - and the pump does not work, it makes no noise and does not pump water. Get ready for what will have to examine all the equipment.

Here are the most common causes of engine failure:

  • Violation energizing due to wire breakage. We check the cable to the touch and find a place of discontinuity. If the emergency section in the connection area to the pump - act as described above.
  • Out of order, the stator winding. It happens because of work "dry". If you can not replace yourself, contact a specialist.
  • jammed bearing. We check the item on the suitability of diagnostic results be cleaned or replaced.
  • The suction device raised the debris. Cleans the blades and lattice check the integrity of operating elements and a grid.
  • I broke the float switch. To test its performance, it is necessary to close the relay. Perhaps the problem is in the wire connecting the float to the pump.

If faulty capacitor - to be replaced. In some models, special access is provided thereto, which is a separate opening in the housing.

Pump with macerator

If blockages occur quite frequently, read the instructions in the article to clarify the size fractions. Perhaps the pump is designed for pumping liquids with large particles of debris - is suitable for crushing only fecal pump

Breakdown # 4 - the pump switches itself off

When you turn on the pump to the network, he starts to work, but after a while, stops spontaneously. Rather, a protective mechanism is triggered due to the engine overheating.

Perhaps the reason is the heating cable. It is worth checking the mains voltage and the parameters set by the manufacturer. At discrepancy of data is necessary to get the stabilizer.

wire arrangement

Cause overheating or spontaneous shutdown may be the oxidation wires that must be cut or replaced. The problem becomes apparent after a complete check of the other parts of the pump

The trip can also occur due to clogging of the blades debris. In this case, we recommend to make a full cleaning procedure, that is, to reveal the body, clean the inner chamber and impeller, check the filter.

If blockages occur quite frequently, read the instructions in the article to clarify the size fractions. Perhaps the pump is designed for pumping liquids with large particles of debris - is suitable for crushing only fecal pump

Breakage # 5 - inclusion pump emboss electrician

When the pump is turned on to the network fly cork or burnt wires. The reason should be sought in the details, are directly responsible for the wiring of electricity - the cable or the stator winding. Serviceability wires can be checked with a tester, when detecting the worn portion to be replaced or the entire cable (if the gap near the end) to shorten it.

Repair of coil - work time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge. Even when carefully carried the secondary winding is not possible short circuit. If you have no time to bother with a burnt piece, take the device to the service center - possibly after diagnosis advise you to buy a new pump.

Burned pump winding

If you yourself have decided to repair the winding, try to take into account all the parameters - the number of turns to the thicknesses and grades of wire

Preventive measures and regular maintenance

As you can see, the reason of wear and tear and may become the inevitable wear and tear, and a violation of the rules of operation of equipment. The machine to last longer, try to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. For example, position the housing so that the suction device is at a certain distance from the bottom of the tank and not captured particles of the coarse fraction.

At least once a year, check that the cable and the internal parts, disassemble the cabinet as possible. Perform preventive cleaning, which will increase the service life of parts several times. Not to be confused with fecal drainage device - it does not have a special shredder and can not cope with the movement of large inclusions.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Videos of craftsmen will help you to organize the dismantling of various brands of pumps and self-troubleshoot.

Overheating of the stator due to a violation of the interval mode of operation:

Features of the pump repair Pedrollo:

How to fix the drain pump Vortex:

Disassembly pump Praktika DNG-400:

Repair drainage pump with your hands is quite possible and desirable, if the repair is sufficient to purge or change spare part. Sophisticated emergency cases - break the shell or the rotating shaft - can not be self-repair. Eliminating serious problems need to professionals, but if replacement is not, then buy a new pump.

If after studying our material have questions, or you are faced with the breakdown of the drain pump, and know how to get out of a situation like this, please post a comment. We are very interested to know your opinion.

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