How to choose an electric stove

US magnetic therapy refuses to recognize as a healing agent, Russia treats fractures, diseases of the bone, circulatory systems, and tissue damage by refusing to recognize Kashpirovsky. Recognized by the United States. Formed a vicious circle. In parallel with the progress, the house was inhabited by electric stoves and endless disputes about the dangers and benefits of such human health. Progress has brought convenience, the panels are hygienic, ergonomic. There are arguments against, based speculation, facts. Let's try to choose a household electric stove, you will be happy with your purchase.

Surface Views

Difficult to meet a single classification of electric stoves. Try to find the list below the review. Electric stoves are different, the central source is the outlet current. Stock up on powerful wiring at home. The appearance of the electric hotplates of household appliances are:

  1. Cast iron pancakes.
  2. Glass-ceramic top.

It is not difficult to distinguish. In the first group, there are two to six round black disks on top on small elevations, pedestals. The second type of electric stoves is provided with a smooth shiny surface of dark, black, brown colors. Glass-ceramic models are divided into two types of heating type:

  1. With a heating element.
  2. Induction.

Electric stoves with cast iron pancakes belong to the class with a heating element. Such a simple confusion, now the reader will oppose the maze of information with the power of knowledge. A single classification for one attribute forgot to come up. We know now what are electric cookers. Induction features efficiency up to 97%, a record for the industry of kitchen cooktops.

It is clear with glass-ceramic; models with pancakes are equipped with different types of surfaces:

  • enamel;
  • stainless steel.

. Comparison of induction plates.

. Coatings are cleaned with household cleaners, and you will have to work hard. Pancake electric stove heats up, gives off heat to the adjacent enamel, steel. If food runs away, there is a job for the housewife. Why focus attention. Glass ceramics conducts heat well( expert opinion Cheap and cheerful), only the surface under the pan is heated. Therefore, it will be easy to wash. In such electric stoves the boundaries of the burners are delineated so that the cook will notice the line. In other induction models, pans are placed anywhere, dishes will be heated.

It is appropriate to say: household electric induction cookers do not heat themselves, but models with heating elements shock glass ceramics in the region of the burners. Avoid trying tricks with commercials at a party. The girl comes up, sits on the hob, it is assumed: induction cooker. Indeed, the equipment will not harm the person. If ordinary glass heaters are under glass ceramics, the house will be filled with the smell of roast.

In view of the described features, it is easy to wash the glass ceramics( induction and heaters), the food burns a little, it is necessary to clean it carefully. Smooth surface is afraid of abrasives, hide away from the grid for dishes. Enamel, by the way, does not tolerate friction with a steel sponge. Connoisseurs praise electric cookers with pancakes, the surface is made of stainless steel.

When choosing such a durable coating, please note: the pancake has been serving for about two years. Extend the service life if you carefully handle the electric stove. Replacing one pancake comes at the price of 1500 rubles. However, the induction cooker is not repairable. Replacing the surface with tempered glass is problematic.

Cost of work props up the price of equipment. Note: glass ceramics withstands a static pressure of 25 kilograms per square centimeter, is the most durable element of the electric stove. Fears fragile coating of point punches. Advertising girl sits on the surface, not a trick at all. Glass ceramics is durable; foreign glass withstands a pressure of 10 kg per square centimeter.

Damn goes on mode and a half minutes. In the middle there is a red circle - the equipment belongs to the express class. Cast iron pancake is not very different from the counterparts, devoid of tags, a spiral is more powerful. High heating rate is achieved. Due to the inertia of electric stoves with pancakes, they spend energy more than other models.

The heating element under glass-ceramic will take 10 seconds to enter the mode. The surface cools quickly. The area, outlined by the line, is heated, there is no waste of energy. Induction cookers do work directly on the dishes. Put your hand on the surface of the burner - it is impossible to burn yourself( except for a quarter of an hour immediately after cooking).The concept of achieving the mode of induction electric stoves is not. Begin to act instantly.

We'll have to buy special dishes. Must be made of ferromagnetic materials. Reaching tare, experts disagree with statements. It seems to one: any iron utensils will do( attracting magnet), others convince: you will have to buy special kitchen utensils with a thickened bottom. The truth is somewhere near. A conventional steel pan will do, but by purchasing a special one, you will heat faster. Going to the store, do not forget the detergents, accessories. Topical for delicate glass ceramics.

It has been observed that the pancakes of the hob or the contoured burners are not of the same diameter. Not for nothing. Larger diameter - higher power:

  1. Diameter 145 mm, power 1 kW.
  2. Diameter 180 mm, power 1.5 kW.
  3. Diameter 200 mm, power 2 kW.

Recall that the pancake with a red circle is marked, because it has more power than the others.

Electric stove, hob or oven

Hob and hob are considered words synonymous. Really different things. Hob - stove minus the oven. It turns out compact equipment, put on the table floor. Practically more often they do it differently. The table top is cut by a special hole, the hob is mounted on a special elastic pad.

Electric cooker or hob? Choose according to culinary preferences, the amount of space in the kitchen. It is appropriate to say: ovens are popular electric. Gas stoves often comply with the condition. There are two heating elements: upper, lower. In many ovens grill. The rule is not always observed: the Greta electric stove is supplied with an oven with heating elements, for gas models the cabinet is powered by blue fuel, there is an automatic shutdown system based on the presence of fire.

Cook asks the question radically: choose a gas or electric stove. In practice, the subject of deliberation is purely theoretical interest. Gas costs money, the more painful the question is posed when there are no meters, a monthly fee is charged. The equipment is idle - by destroying bills, in five years we will save an amount equal to the full cost of a small electric-type hob. Makes the owners wonder how to choose a domestic electric stove.

Models with pancakes are cheap. Evi electric stove on four burners used costs 2500 - 3500 rubles. Equipment again will be two to three times more expensive.

The last look of fashion. The advantage of electric stoves we call a tangible level of intelligence. A timer whose installation limits the cooking time in the absence of a cook. After a fixed time after the disappearance of actions by the chef, the equipment will turn off itself( this option is not available in all models).An interesting set of programs will be called appropriate to each case of life. Some plates are approaching multicookers.

It remains to add about the effects on humans. An alternating magnetic field causes a response in the form of an electromagnetic wave. Most will have a negative impact. Therefore, an induction cooker can be dangerous. Nobody really investigated the aspect of the impact on health, skeptics say: the field is localized at a distance of 30 cm from the device. Avoid being closer than half a meter, the intestines will remain intact. The introduction of the therapeutic effect of a magnet was mentioned; however, contraindications were found. The most serious: the presence of a pacemaker. A person equipped with a wonder should not approach the induction cooker.

Like other types of household appliances, panels of various dimensions. Scatter characteristic washing machines, not observed. The average size of the length, width is about half a meter. AEG 47056VS-MN electric stoves show a figure of 60 cm.

Varieties of

electric stoves

First you need to clearly know what electric stoves are. You look - for one such price they tear up, one surprise, put an aluminum saucepan - it does not heat. Then buy electric stoves for the kitchen from a mysterious dealer. Design solutions make it impossible to distinguish between types of devices. You will not look at the type plate - you will not understand a kind of electric stove. The difference is considerable. Which is better to buy an electric stove, if the counters put up a countless choice of household appliances.

Today we distinguish two classes of devices related to the type in question:

  1. With a heating element.
  2. Induction.

Stove with a heating element

Electric stoves with a heating element

The first form a logical continuation of the desktop kitchen tiles, who visited the homes of Soviet citizens. Where is the fundamental difference between these two families. In convenience, cost, with increasing comfort price increases. The first group is further divided, giving rise to two subspecies:

  • pancake;
  • with a smooth hob.

In the first case, cast iron( metal) burners: fixed-size pancakes lying on an enameled table. Coatings are used: tempered glass, steel. TEN leans from the bottom under the pancake, serves as a source of heat. Minus big - pancakes do not heat up soon, as a result of the efficiency of the kitchen stove is small. Much heat is dissipated by infrared radiation.

It’s premature to argue that cookers with a heating element, a smooth table are much better. Just prettier. Rings are outlined with a distinguishable line. Heats the marked area. Please devices where you will find the display( color) degree of heating. Otherwise, you can accidentally touch the burner area, get a strong burn.

Electric stove Hephaestus 2140 looks like a vivid example of pancake technology. Circles of different sizes. This means varying power. Big pancakes are more powerful. Some are marked with a red circle. In everyday life dealers called hot burner. Power and a half to two times more than other pancakes.

Let's look at the Electric Dream cooker 441P - the cooking surface of the unit is smooth. From the advertising photo does not appear. The model resembles an electric stove with a heating element, a smooth work desk. Rings here are also found of different diameter, the relationship remains the same: the larger the size, the higher the power. And when it comes to choosing an electric cooker, glass-ceramic is a fairly common coating. Set this characteristic in the parameters of the Yandex-market electronic catalog if you do not believe.

The problem is that among the found there will be many induction electric stoves. Set the Number of induction burners - 0, removing unnecessary. They showed a way to find what you want on the market, determine the price order yourself, you know the limit.

Induction Electric Cookers

These drawbacks are free from induction electric cookers. Works alternating magnetic field. We remember the lectures on the electrodynamics of wave propagation: the two components of the field cannot live separately. Variable electric tension branches generates magnetic. The name of the type of cookers received for the presence inside the coil. In engines, such windings create a rotation of the magnetic field for the movement of the rotor. Induction nicknamed for induced currents. The lion's share of the effect is introduced by the phenomenon of material reversalDo not use copper dishes or aluminum alloys, although the Foucault currents were found( approximately 1825) by the action of an alternating field on non-ferrous metals.

Induction Cooker

Provides two mechanisms for heating:

  1. By changing the direction of the magnetic field, ferrite vessels are re-magnetized. The effect is accompanied by heat.
  2. Foucault currents are induced in the thickness of the metal, additionally heating the dishes.

Pay attention: the cooking dielectric surface is not heated. This is the background of commercials: the marketing manager quietly extends the hand to the work area, it does not burn. But! It is assumed that there is no cooking process in the near future: there was a saucepan, soup was cooked, and meat was fried. The surface of the table is heated by the phenomenon of conductivity. Since the material chosen dielectric, the effect is not strong, enough to burn yourself if careless handling.

To sum up:

  1. An electric stove with a heating element exploits the Joule-Lenz effect, transferring heat to the burner by conduction. An electric current flows along a spiral of nichrome( fehrl).The process of orderly movement of charges is accompanied by the release of heat, the energy goes to the burner. The working surface immediately starts warming after switching on.

    Induction heating surface

  2. Induction cookers work out the law of changes in the electric, magnetic field. These processes take place in the whole space of the burner. Regulations limit the size of the field at a distance of 0.5 meters from the cooker. If you put the pot on a tripod, at a height of 10 cm from the burner, the metal will heat up more weakly. Utensils are absent - heat does not occur. We believe that the electromagnetic field in any case negatively affects the hand of the advertising manager; it will not cause a burn.

The owner must complete induction tiles with special dishes. Suitable steel with ferromagnetic properties: thinner wall, lower thermal effect. Determined by the qualitative composition of the alloy. Avoiding readers to download technical details, we recommend a magnet before buying pans. Sticks - dishes suitable for induction cooker. I would like to note that on the special plate, the bottom is equipped with a thick ferrite disk. The effect is incomparably higher, we see the difference.

Helps to get a greater effect of the induction cooker. Thicker dishes, quicker effect, the heat generator will be metal. It is difficult to estimate the useful power of an induction hob. Too much affects the configuration of the dishes. A curious fact, not so widely known. It is recommended to buy special dishes for induction tiles. And not from the local basement, a good brand. How to assess the reliability of the brand, spoke repeatedly, first read the forums.

Electric stove

The efficiency of an induction cooker is likely to be higher. In practice, conduct special studies, during which, filling the ferromagnetic dish, boil water, calculating the speed. Make alternately on the hotplate, then on the induction. In the course of calculation, the dimensions of power consumption are used. Not specified passport for the burner - pulled out of the socket. You will need an ammeter( current clamp), for the purity of the experiment, measure the voltage, on the periphery of the country the amplitude mercilessly jumps. It is desirable to withstand the same amount of water, enlisting the help of kitchen scales, take the pan to the same temperature before the experiment, the criterion of the result we consider the time during which boiling will begin.

Valuable simple experience, incomprehensible meaning - write, consider more. With regards to the range, it is difficult to find electric induction cookers of domestic brands. Endever, Kitfort. It is for certain that we do not undertake the ownership of brands, but it is impossible to find an induction type electric ZVI.Wish, try it yourself!

Profitability of electric stoves

Painted to readers the features of electric stoves for a reason. Today, taking into account the efficiency of 97%, it will seem more profitable to the summer resident to take a light Kitfort. Have suitable dishes. It will certainly be more profitable to buy a desktop electric stove to refill a cylinder with liquid gas, to spend time, fuel when traveling to a gas station, to transport heavy equipment. Mentioned Kitfort easily chooses a backpack.

It is easy to calculate by converting liters of gas to calories, joules. Remember: the efficiency of electric cookers is higher, the prices obtained cannot be equal directly: multiply the efficiency factor. There are nuances - the gas in the winter heats the room well. Considering the aspect, efficiency is formed by the factor of cooking, plus the receipt of additional heat that supports the microclimate specified by the standards. The owner of the tile is independent of the vagaries of the supply of electrical energy. A kitchen hood in the winter vents room.

Rumor has it, an electric stove with an oven is preferable to a gas stove. And no one gives any weighty arguments. The authors of the portal VashTehnik noted the presence in the natural fuel of harmful impurities like sulfur. No wonder that last year Europe adopted the concept of a more stringent limitation of the content of impurities in the fuel. Cars drive a propane-butane mixture. The ratio of the norm varies depending on the time of year. Therefore, supporters of electric stoves are right.

Electric cookers: tariffs

See! The electric stove is legally connected to a separate meter, or the user receives a discount, paying the consumed kilowatts in full. Great? Still would! It will not be easy to get a discount to the owner of the cooker, management companies will begin to buy a petitioner to the electricity grid, and return them back. We don’t know positive examples of court decisions today, so think ten times about which electric stove to buy.

This is interesting! The inventor of AC-powered devices, Nikola Tesla, is circled twice around the nose by Edison companies. The total amount is tens of thousands of dollars. The mechanism resembled Russian realities with the HOA: officials drove the inventor in a circle. On the third revolution, Nicola surrendered.

They say, Answers complete bullshit. Do not agree! Check out http: // 83664447 here for more or less qualified information about kilowatt-hours discounts. You will find out that not every homeowner gets the right to use the discount, only living in the house, a project devoid of gas supply. Written in the project documentation developer: type cookers - electric.

Electric kitchen stove

Not for nothing started a conversation. Forums are full of tales of families living in an apartment, the project does not provide gas. The owner found the documentation, the survey did not help. No discounts were received. Answers says: price cuts are achieved by transferring the house entirely to the category, the individual owner will be refused. At the discretion of the company a discount can be made. If the owner is an official, to get a shaggy paw will give. Ordinary residents of Russia have few chances to give. Citizens must: find and go to work, pay taxes, beat their walls with their foreheads if there is no gas stove at home.


  • powerful burner gives 2 kW;
  • ordinary burner - 1-1,5 kW.

Turn on two, we get 3 kW, approaching the limit of traffic jams of the Khrushchev's access panel. It is enough to put the electric kettle in parallel in the evening, the plugs will be knocked out. Before you buy a cheap electric stove, consider whether there is enough power capacity of the local grid. Installation of equipment with high consumption is negotiated. Guess who is easier to get good, the common man or official. No wonder the level of the coefficient of perception of corruption Russia reaches African countries( see Wikipedia), inferior Somalia. Pirates remember?

Electric stove kitchen

Judging by the news information, the prosecutor’s report, there are no problems with this plan, and the average salary in Volgograd is 42 thousand rubles. On corruption, “this is all the yellow press is lying”( Uma Thurman), so we will return to discuss electric cookers. Named the first main criterion. You can not take an electric stove, total capacity overlapping bandwidth panel. There are traffic jams, automatic protection, each device is characterized by a fixed peak power( current).Avoid exceeding the limit before the accident near.

Fans of putting "bugs" will be interesting to know: at the entrance to the entrance are protection machines. There are a lot of "moles" in the house - everyone will be left without light one day. There will be a check, unreliable residents will punish( go away).Privates, not the first among equals. To begin the choice of electric cooker, it is reasonable to visit electricians. Masters are required to know the possibilities of wiring the house. Electric stoves avoid acquiring, residents of old buildings, Khrushchev. The developer decided to save money by replacing the copper ones with aluminum, a separate topic of conversation opened with failed rotten cables.

According to the rules, it is good to order an examination from a professional laboratory, it is not cheap. It can cover the price at which the electric stove Darin or Dream. Problems discussed, let's talk about the benefits.

Choosing a stove

Manufacturers of electric stoves

Before taking a built-in electric stove, you probably want to know whether it will work. The editors are devoid of shamans, fortune-tellers, we can advise. Here there are a number of interesting facts concerning manufacturers of household appliances. Note: China, Poland, Russia are among the suspects:

  1. Origin of the founder of the brand.
  2. Place of manufacture technology.

The article says: residents of Russia, said V. Butusov, “have been taught for so long to love the forbidden fruits & lt; USA & gt;”.Coming from the West is considered the highest class. While one well-known athlete was selling herself to the French in a juicy video, entrepreneurs decided to register domestic brands in the Old World, gaining the right to show off European quality. Quite succeeded. The review gives facts. A vacuum cleaner of a similar firm, bought in the year 2002, collects dust in the nightstand. Used rarely, work works! More than 10 years.

It is impossible to say that “moles” produced bad equipment. Read the review on the link, it says: some brands are a joint brainchild of Russia / China, a good characteristic. The people were taught to find fault with Confucius coming from the homeland, one thinker used to say: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."Domestic added: Avoid spitting the well.

We believe that China has taken the right direction. Otherwise, large companies with rare exceptions would not produce household appliances. Intrigue thought to buy an electric stove Hans. Like the Polish brand, they only hid who heard the words from abroad. Allegedly brand company Amica, since 1957, the commercial release of technology for the USSR.The existing socialist bloc sought to live together. Many still remember the Bulgarian pepper in the banks of 800 grams. Tasty, appetizing, because of tradition we trust the manufacturers of Hansa cookers.

Amica did not try the personal opinion of the authors, in contrast to the technology disguised as Western brands. The manufacturer's website indicates: Hansa employees spent many years studying the preferences of the Russian consumer. In every region of the world there are unique tastes, views, norms of household equipment. In the USA, they deliberately refuse to promote the technology, except as adapted to the needs of the population( mainly local producers).We observe, guided by the example of refrigerators, which are fundamentally contrasted with those presented by the Russian citizen. Britain chooses stoves with two ovens - show the counterpart, laid out by the domestic store.

Cooking Cost

The second tip is obvious. Before buying an electric cooker, specify the origin of the brand. Adherents of "true European quality" will have to sweat, digging into the company's history, in case of confirmation of the fact that the equipment is manufactured by the New World, get ready to lay out more, paying for the labor of workers. China has been chosen as a forge of the world thanks to cheap hands. Add, cookers Hans manages since its inception.1957The first product was the kitchen coal-gas stoves. Those interested are recommended to visit the company's website, inquire.

When hotplates for electric stoves appeared in the design, they displaced combustible fuel; let's say, there is no information. The age of technology implementation indirectly indicates reliability. Feedback from the consumer over the long term was supposed to eliminate the largest defects. Manufacturers like to point out through official websites. Since Year A.C.The experience of the company producing electrical stoves( namely electric) is richer, the products will be of higher qualityWe give advice: read the forums, try to thoroughly study the history of the formation of the brand, following the official website, foreign sources.

A long way, but to buy a ceramic electric stove, you will need some diligence. Would you like some advice? Take the electric stove burning? History teaches: the brand is released by the Slovenian village of Gorenje. To call it in Russian, implying a connection with fire, is wrong. Slavic languages ​​of common roots, the connection is probably traced. Torture philologists. Those who want to buy an electric stove to give, the nuances are hardly interesting. In the search engine, type correctly.

By the way, it will be logical for summer residents to take a small electric stove, for example, an induction stove. It weighs a little. Today they discussed other issues, principles of work, features laid out on the shelves. With regard to brands of electric stoves, there should be those who want to bring a vision of the situation from the forums to the public; the authors are far from the first, given the link above.

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