What parts to buy for the gas stove

Review the Consumer Protection Act. Dealers are trying to evade when carrying out repairs, the costs for the parts purchased are blamed on the buyer. It is better to record the occurring events on video, to have testimonies. Often the doors of ovens are beating, from temperature drops. Buy glass on a gas stove is not easy. Good to know: the manufacturer makes an examination if in doubt. Examine the materiel, then buy spare parts.

Gas stoves, manufacturers and a choice of spare parts

On modern gas stoves the manufacturer's logo is affixed. The label is attached to the back, listed:

Nameplate with the manufacturer's logo

  1. GOST products. Look at the possibilities of the cooker on the Internet by the name of the regulatory act.
  2. The heat of combustion is shown below. Gas is different, the equipment is counting on certain conditions. In our case, the specific heat of combustion will be 35570 kJ / cu.m: typical values ​​for a mixture of propane and butane, at the upper limit of natural gas. Information will be needed when it comes time to buy a nozzle for a gas stove. The product is marked with the letter G, followed by the type of fuel mixture. Match the numbers, looking at GOST 27441-87.It will be clear: we are dealing with gas G20.See complete blend features.
  3. The rating plate shows gas pressure figures. Through the fraction of 1300 and 2000 Pa. Mbar - 13 and 20. Typical values. The literature states: pressure depends on the specific heat of combustion, on the type of gas.20 mbar is a typical value, tolerances are provided in each direction. Find out the pressure in the gas service. For natural fuel - 13 mbar, propane-butane gives 20.

Nozzle( injector)

Nozzles needed like G20 / 20 or G20 / 13, sold everywhere. For the cylinder fit nozzle G30 / 30.Russian gas services provide reference information in millimeters of a water column. Approximately transfer to mbar by dividing the number by 10. Recheck the information: in some parts of the city conditions differ from those indicated by the referral service.

Specify the bore diameter, thread pitch. The diameter of the oven often 8 mm, under the burner - 6. The thread pitch 0.8 mm. It is better to measure with a caliper( external, internal dimensions, refer to the directory of engineering graphics).Replace the old parts, send it to the dealer, or take it to the store. Buyers are interested in why the diameter of the holes with the nozzles varies. Power burners are different. It is not enough to know the gas parameters, it is necessary to take into account the position of the burner, the purpose. With the network supply of natural gas we approximately determine the diameter in mm, as the square root of the power in kW.For 2 kW:

D = √ 2 = 1.4 mm.

For liquefied bottled gas, the orifice size is 62% of this value. With increasing pressure, the diameter falls accordingly. Achieved the desired concentration of gas-air mixture. Before you buy a nozzle for gas stoves, check the availability of spare in the kit. Makhina with a label on the back wall is not designed to work with a balloon, do not try to adapt it to liquid gas.

Nozzles for gas stoves

Ordinary citizens can not modify the equipment, change the nozzle. For operations, people are called by phone 04. The nozzle can stand crookedly, poison gas. The result is an explosion.

See the directories, then the process will pass normally. New plates have a passport indicating the required values.

Candles for gas stoves

In a typical electric stove gas stove there are two types of candles:

  • Glow plugs produce a spark to start a fire. For communication, power wires are used, the discharge pierces the metal case of the gas stove.
  • Semiconductor combustion sensors are also decorated in the form of a candle. The wires are thin. The order of voltages is tens of mV.

Details are looking for the manufacturer's code, the old plates of ignition was not. It is enough to type the brand name, add a set of numbers. The gas control valve is also sought.

Device operation and ignition plates

The ignition unit is paired not only with a candle. The magnitude of the spark gap on the body varies. Withstanding the parameters thoroughly, you can put the ignition system of another manufacturer. Starting current voltage is not advertised anywhere. Analyze the circuit diagram of the device. Scanned papers are laid out on the forum. Compare with the model on the market. So pick up the candle block ignition.

The same applies to gas control solenoid valves, thermocouples. The units work in pairs. Put a suitable valve, then pick a candle. Work parameters are not advertised, look for the answer on the forums. Such improvements are not entirely consistent with the law. We do not recommend to invent. Branded accessories for gas stoves are expensive, so we are discussing the issue of spare parts compatibility.

The role played by the distance to the flame. Candles are designed for the heat of burning gas, in practice, some parts fail due to improper installation. Some people design gas stoves themselves, ask for advice.

Glass for gas stoves

Even in gas stoves, where the table is made of steel or ceramics, there are glasses. Sometimes these parts are cheaper to order at the local plants of Moscow. Ask for tempered glass to fit the installation dimensions.

Better to get the original spare parts for the gas stove. At a professional factory, work will be done no worse. The main thing is to choose the maximum temperature, take stock.

The maximum temperature is indicated in the passport of the device. Need appropriate stock. Select the desired thickness of the fragments of the old glass. Replacement is carried out according to the model. In the old gas stoves removed the back of the oven door. Be careful with sealants: not everyone keeps the right temperature and is harmless to food.

Found in the forums a link to a special glue for Dow Coming ovens. There are many types, choose. If you engage in amateur - a chance to poison the wrong sealant. At a temperature it is not known what will stand out on both sides of the oven door.

Accessories for cookers

Buy a baking tray for a gas stove is relatively safe. It is necessary to consider the geometrical dimensions of the product. Do not use aluminum trays. Need steel.

Often there is a problem to buy a gas cylinder for the stove, when at a gas station it is not possible to take the necessary for replacement. Today advertise composite. Advantage: tanks do not explode like ordinary steel cylinders. Fear is the product of combustion: the composite material consists entirely of synthetics.

Less often you have to buy light bulbs, dividers, burner covers. Knowledge of technical is not required, easy to understand.

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