What is the difference between a multicooker and aerogrill

  • Design Differences
  • Cooking Methods
  • Available Modes and Functions
  • Disadvantages and Benefits of Convection and Multicooker
  • Which device is more convenient and safer?
  • How to make the right choice?

In the modern kitchen there are more and more different devices that facilitate and accelerate the process of cooking. The market offers a huge number of devices designed to solve culinary problems. Therefore, it is important to be able to make the right choice and understand, for example, what better is a multicooker or convection oven suitable for your purposes? We will understand what the differences between these devices and what are their features.

Differences in

designs Convection oven is an updated and modern version of the convection electric furnace. It looks like a glass vessel with a volume of 8-20 liters, placed on a plastic stand. Inside this design is a built-in heating element. On top is a cover with a fan. This device is quite voluminous, which makes it inconvenient for placement and use in small kitchens.

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Multivarka more like an electric pan with a set of different programs. It includes a bowl, an airtight lid and a heating element. The operation of the device is automated and regulated by setting the modes and timer. The slow cooker is much smaller in size and usually weighs no more than 4 kilograms.

Cooking methods

The principle of operation of the multicooker is almost identical to cooking on an electric stove. Only heating parts are located inside the structure itself. And the ingredients for the dish are placed in a bowl. A sealed lid speeds up the cooking process and allows you to cook food that you usually have to cook for several hours in a relatively short time. Plus, you do not need to periodically monitor the process, the device automatically controls it.

The convection oven is different in principle of operation, and more like a fan heater placed in the lid of the pan. Due to the presence of individual sections, you can simultaneously prepare several different dishes. He blows hot air products that are in heat-resistant dishes.

Available modes and functions

Since aerogrill is an analogue of a convection oven, you can cook various dishes with it. It has more than nine modes, including:

  • defrost;
  • drying;
  • cooking;
  • smoking;
  • roasting;
  • grill, etc.

Thanks to the combination of modes, you can cook tasty and juicy food without the fear that it will burn or not to finish.

Multicooker also has more than ten cooking modes, which are marked with the names of dishes, such as:

  • soup;
  • fried foods;
  • yogurt;
  • milk cereals;
  • stews;
  • baking;
  • porridge and cereals, etc.

This separation facilitates the selection of the desired mode. The only inconvenient point is the need to combine cooking methods, if the dish involves pre-frying and then quenching the ingredients. You must independently select the appropriate modes. This process may take more time and will have to monitor the operation of the device.

Disadvantages and advantages of aerogrill and multicooker

To help solve the dilemma and answer the question, which multicooker or aerogril is better, analysis of the pros and cons of each device will help. The main disadvantage of airgrill is its large size. This prevents not only its comfortable placement in a small kitchen, but also further care, even when disassembled, it is difficult to put it in the dishwasher. This unit also has a high power consumption. However, among its merits are the following characteristics:

  • Multifunctional, the appliance replaces a variety of kitchen appliances and dishes, and with it you can cook not only meat or vegetables, but also pastries and other delicious treats.
  • Minimum oil consumption and the possibility of cooking without it. This allows you to cook a diet, but tasty dishes without excess fat and calories.
  • Save time. All processes are automated, so you do not need to monitor the convection oven while the meat is fried or the potatoes are boiled. The presence of compartments makes it possible to simultaneously cook several different products.

The process of cooking in a slow cooker takes longer. In addition, in her bowl at a time you can cook only one dish. Due to the nature of the device, it will be difficult to achieve a crisp on meat or baking. And the relative fragility of the structure requires more careful treatment and care. The advantages of this kitchen assistant include the following features:

  • Versatility, it allows you to solve many culinary problems. And the presence of several modes allows you to vary the diet.
  • The pressure cooker mode allows you to prepare a delicious and healthy dinner for 10-15 minutes.
  • Delayed Start is a function that will provide breakfast even before the moment of awakening.
  • Teflon coating eliminates burning and also reduces the need for oil.
  • Safety at the highest level thanks to an airtight lid.

Which device is more convenient and safer?

If we are talking about compactness, then the multi-cooker or double boiler will win against the convection oven. However, the two devices perform many functions of defrosting, heating and cooking, which is their common advantage. The designs of the units provide a high level of their operation, since they both have an airtight cover that protects against possible burns. Since in both cases an electric heating element is used, the devices are equipped with overheating protection, which makes them fireproof.

How to make the right choice?

If it is decided to buy one of the considered kitchen "helpers", then the choice should be made on the basis of culinary goals, needs and preferences. For a family with young children, a slow cooker will be useful, she prepares porridges and infant formula quickly and safely. And also it will please fans of soups and stewed vegetables, because, according to reviews, this food is especially tasty.

To stop the choice on aerogrill costs to families with already adult family members. In this device, you can cook kebabs and fry meat. And also the possibility of warming up and cooking several dishes at the same time is suitable for working people, as well as in case guests suddenly show up and need to quickly come up with some kind of treat.

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