Which iron with a steam generator is better to choose?

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  • Iron with a steam generator: making the right choice
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Progress does not stand still, and devices and improvements are constantly emerging that are designed to facilitate and extremely simplify our life. So, to replace the familiar irons, come more and more advanced devices - steamers, presses and steam generators. And already before many housewives the question arises - which is better to choose an iron with a steam generator, so that it is reliable, and simple, and functional?

Without a panic, we just got together to talk about how to choose an iron with a steam generator, what characteristics to pay attention to and what determines the effectiveness of this device. In addition, we conducted a small study and prepared for you a traditional rating review of the best models of irons with a steam generator in 2017-2018.

Iron steam generator for the home: what kind of device is it?

Many consider the iron with a steam generator as a kind of “upgrade” of a regular ironing device. This is not entirely fair. The steam iron is nevertheless an ordinary and familiar device with additional features. Such devices have a small water tank, limited capacity and not always high power.

Steam generator for the home will be a much more efficient device for ironing large volumes of things. The iron in this device is lighter, but powerful, and has additional features, such as steam blow and vertical steaming. In addition, it connects with a huge boiler, with a capacity of 1 liter, which makes it possible to iron for about 1-1.5 hours without a break! Most of the things can be ironed for half a minute, not spreading them on the ironing board, but right on the hanger, and this is a serious saving of time and effort. Also, if you regularly iron bedding sets, then it will be easier with the steam generator, because the duvet cover can be folded in half or even fourfold and with the help of continuous steam to iron the entire thickness of the product without even turning the thing on the other side.

The iron is connected to the boiler with a special cord-tube. This is not always convenient, especially if the length of the cord is small. But the power and productivity of the device are more than replace such inconveniences as weight and large dimensions.

And now it is time to talk about how to make the right choice and buy a reliable and productive iron with a steam generator.

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Iron with steam generator: make the right choice

Or went to the selling site. But there are so many models here - how to find out the best? What to look for, if already in the eyes dazzled by the number of models, design, forms, configuration?

There are several basic and a couple of additional parameters that will help you choose the right device and help you decide which one is better.

  1. Power. The choice of an iron with a steam generator should begin with this indicator. The more powerful the device, the more steam it will produce, which means it will be faster to cope with the amount of ironing. The heating temperature of the device also depends on the power, and hence the vapor pressure. Choose models that provide a pressure of at least 4.2 bar. But the electricity of such a steam generator "eat" many times more. If time is a critical indicator, take a powerful device - from 2500 W, if you want to save electricity, then for living conditions it will be enough to have a power of 1500-2000 W.
  2. Also, you should consider the quality of wiring in your home. Some old lines will not be able to withstand excessive loads.
  3. Water tank capacity. It's all simple - the more capacity - the longer you can work. After all, not all steam generators can be refilled during ironing. The main part of the models must be disconnected from the network and wait for them to cool down - only then add water and reheat your iron with a steam generator.
  4. But the larger the water tank - the heavier and voluminous the device. Therefore, if you iron and steam things not regularly and not in large quantities - the need for a spacious boiler is not so important.
  5. Material of the working surface of the device. It is good when the iron easily and quickly slides on the fabric, does not cling, does not scratch and does not burn the product. Well, when in the manufacture of iron-steam generator used lightweight and high-quality materials, well, when they took care of the strength and durability of the sole.

The soles of steam generator irons are most often produced from:

  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel;
  • ceramics.

Aluminum is the lightest and most thermally conductive material. But in its pure form it is practically not used, because it is a soft metal, if it is damaged, then the quality of the sliding of the sole will noticeably deteriorate. Often, developers of household appliances of famous brands cover aluminum surfaces with other metals or coatings - titanium, ceramics, oxide film, steel, Teflon, etc.

Stainless steel. If they carried out the popularity rating of the materials of the soles, then, probably, stainless steel would be the leader in it. The material is also easily and evenly warmed up and slides on any canvas without any problems. In addition, it is a durable and reliable version of the working surface - it is not afraid of scratches, chips or corrosion, it is easy to clean. The only caveat - steel is heavier than aluminum or ceramic, therefore, buying such a steam generator with an iron, be sure to weigh it in your hand.

Ceramics and metal ceramics are also popular. Meet in more budget models. They heat quickly, smooth the fabric well, but are very capricious to external influences.

These are the main indicators of choosing a good and reliable iron with a steam generator. But there are additional ones.

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Additional parameters

  1. Device Ergonomics. This includes the weight and dimensions of the steam generator and the iron. With a vertical steam you will keep it on weight, which means you will feel the full gravity of the device. The handle should sit tight in the palm of the hand, left-handers should pay particular attention to the handle.
  2. The cord length should be sufficient for comfortable work and relative mobility.
  3. The operating temperature range - the bigger it is - the wider your possibilities. Of course, the steam generator gently affects any type of fabric, even those things that are “afraid” of ironing. But sometimes you need to “add a pair” to put in order an overdried or tough and rough thing. It is better to have in stock more modes of operation and choose the appropriate mode for each individual case.
  4. Protection mechanisms. The presence of water filters will give you the opportunity to pour tap water into the boiler, and not to stock up with distilled water. The self-cleaning function will make the process of caring for the device more easy and inconspicuous, and also help to extend the life of your steam generator. Autoshutdown will help to avoid fallen things. The stop-drop function will not allow fluid to flow onto the fabric and leave traces there even with a slight heat.
  5. Price. Not always low cost indicates a poor assembly of the device. An iron with a steam generator can have those features that are not useful to you - what's the point of overpaying? In any price segment you can find a decent model that is perfect for your requirements and financial capabilities.

Well, now we are ready to choose the optimally suitable model of iron with a steam generator - consider the rating of devices from the most advertised manufacturers.

Ranking of the best irons with a steam generator in 2017-2018

It is difficult to say which iron is the best, because each of us considers certain indicators to be significant or, on the contrary, insignificant when choosing. For some, high steam pressure is important - under 5-6 bar, and someone pays attention to the iron platform and the number of operating modes.

We analyzed various data and collected the best-selling models, which were preferred by visitors from various online stores. Go through the brands.

The recognized leader is Philips. Most often, representatives of the GC series - the models 8650/80 and 9620 - were bought. You will be pleased with the steel sole coated with metal-ceramic and titanium - T-ionicGlide, the vapor pressure is up to 6.5 bar, the capacity of the water tank is 1.8 liters. These are lightweight, reliable instruments of high-quality plastic with a self-cleaning function of scale, automatic shut-off and water level sensors.

They also often prefer the Tefal brand, the GV series, models 5245, 7760, 8975. This is a metal-ceramic sole, economical power consumption, the ability to add water during operation, various operating modes and additional functions. In general - productive and stylish steam generators, although for some they may seem overly heavy - 5.5 kg.

The next in our rating was Braun Concern and two “neighboring” models - IS 5043 WH and IS 5044 BK.These irons with steam generators have high efficiency indicators( 1.5 liter water tank volume, 6 bar - steam pressure, aluminum sole for ironing even the most delicate and fine fabrics) and wide functionality - vertical steam, automatic temperature control, descaling.

The best iron from the famous brand Kercher - 1801 V. It is a compact and lightweight device made of high-quality and durable materials and equipped with temperature control sensors. It has a long cord( 2.5 m), a liter tank, a stainless work surface and a power of 2000 watts.

A completes our rating - the manufacturer Bosch and the model TDS 2255. The iron-steam generator has a metal-ceramic sole, a 2-meter pipe cord, a 1.3-liter water tank, a stop-drop function, a vertical steam and a steam blow in 5, 5 bar.

We considered the most popular irons with a steam generator: the rating of 2017-2018.Which one do you prefer? What is more important for you - power or economy, operation time or durability of the device? Choose, buy and proceed to a comfortable and fast ironing and steaming.

Now you know which is better to choose an iron with a steam generator and do not lose yourself in the store when buying. Also, you can give valuable advice to friends or relatives who also want to update their equipment. Choose deliberately and iron with pleasure!

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